Thinking of selling your IPv4 address space? Now’s the time

The IPv4 shortage has been an issue for years now, meaning more and more businesses are running into the problems as a consequence of this depletion. Despite IPv6 gaining ground, the need for IPv4 is far from over. In fact, the price of a single IPv4 address has never been this high. However, many business owners or curators that manage processes such as business bankruptcy don’t know the value of the freed IPv4 address space and throw away value.

Heated market

As with any scarce good, IPv4 addresses are good for a heated transfer market. Parties with surplus IPv4 blocks offer their available addresses for high prices and the shortage is forcing up prices even more. By now, a single IPv4 address equals as much as nearly $50. Multiply this by the total number of addresses in your block and see that the value of your surplus IP addresses is thousands of dollars. So if you were still doubting whether to sell or weren’t even aware of the value you had hidden in your surplus IPv4 addresses, now’s the time to sell!

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How to sell?

Whenever you decide to sell IPv4 address space, make sure to not enter the market unprepared. The transfer of ownership is a complex process that relies on strict rules and regulations opted by the RIR. Moreover, negotiations on price and other terms are part of the process and require thorough knowledge of the matters discussed. It’s therefore advised to partner with a specialized IP broker to help you navigate this process.

The added value of an IP broker is rooted in more than one thing. Because the IPv4 sell price is attractive at this point, an increasing number of parties is willing to offer their surplus IP space for acquisition. To be able to compete with this market and get the best offer on your IPv4 block, an IP broker is able to connect you to the right buyer. Their network and valuable insights make for great benefits upon entering the IP market. Moreover, the rules and regulations of IP brokering are complex and tend to take significant time. Placing this responsibility in the hands of an IP broker frees you of any burden regarding this tedious process.

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An IPv4 address is a scarce good and can thus be sold against attractive rates. In addition, as with any commodity, it’s possible to negotiate on price, terms and conditions. Make sure to do research on current rates and check what factors determine this price. When you’ve found a buying party, this research will help you land on the best price for your surplus IPv4 address space.

Sell or rent out?

When selling is not your strategy of choice but you do want to turn your IPv4 space into added value, choose to rent out your available IP space. An increasing number of businesses is looking for temporary IPv4 space to, for example, realize the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. They don’t want to sell yet do need IP space as soon as possible. Leasing will grant you a fixed income and the security of a contract with the lease.

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