Customer experience as the new social capital

Consider your last experience with a company. Was it good or were the salespeople rude? Did the online business you order from deliver in time? Think about these situations affect your perception of a company. – new social capital

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business is ensuring a good customer experience. Customer experience has become so important that it is often labeled as the new currency in business. Many businesses overlook the fact that every interaction they have with their customers ends up molding their perception of the brand.

Particularly after the pandemic, customers have shown an increasing shift to becoming an experience economy. This means they want to spend their money and time on meaningful experiences that can add value to their lives. To build a good brand experience for your customers, you will need to align each aspect of your business to cater to that goal. This will require you to stay online, analyze trends and competitor strategies, keep your social media accounts up to date and engage the customers. You will need to analyze your internet connection for this and make sure it is reliable. Cox is a popular cable internet that has a wide range of internet plans and packages. Their customers also commend their Cox Servicio al cliente for being prompt and available around the clock.

A good internet will allow you to generate a good customer experience for your clients. After all, customers are loyal to a brand that values them in every step.

What is customer experience- new social capital?

As you must have figured out by now, customer experience describes how your consumers feel about their overall interactions with the brand. These end up building their perception of your brand brick by brick. It covers all points of contact and interaction, from the moment a potential customer first sees your product advertisement to the day they decide to buy again or become a loyal customer.

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If you do not invest in developing a compelling customer experience, you will have to deal with the monetary and other consequences in the end. You must have already seen these first hand, in the form of your peers, friends, or family ranting about a bad experience or seen such instances on social media. If you do not work on customer interaction and give them something good to talk about, then generating sales and retaining customers can get harder.

How can you measure customer experience- new social capital?

  • Customer surveys – new social capital

Once you have determined the main pain points you want to analyze, you can carry out surveys and get customer feedback. This will help you to show customers how important their perception and experience are to you. More than that, it will give you direct insight into how your service or product is performing and where improvements can be made. This is what will differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Interviews

Interviews are the best source of insight, as they are more personal, and allow you to ask follow-up questions. However, they are also labor-intensive and require a proper setup, scheduling availability with interviewees, etc. Despite this, interviews give the most significant information and can allow you to come across new trends or ideas that you may not have considered, but can improve your sales.

  • Analyze analytics

Web analytics is the gathering, measuring, and analysis of data retrieved from websites. This allows you to view overall site activity and evaluate your entire site ecosystem.

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Web analytics does not give feedback from customers; instead, they give you a lot of contextual information. By observing page views, break rates, traffic patterns, and traffic sources in analytics software you can determine how well your products are performing, based on the number of clicks, likes, post engagement, and so on.

Importance of measuring customer experience

Today, customer experience is without a doubt the secret to success. Companies recognize the critical role of customer experience as a competitive edge and therefore spend a good amount of resources on strategy development to improve this. This leads to several benefits such as:

  • Clear answers

The main advantage of this is that it eliminates any guesswork and gives customer insight. With the added help of research, these efforts bring the client’s feedback to you, thereby strengthening the company and customer bond.

  • Inefficiencies identified

There is often a misconception that it will be costly for a company to improve the customer experience. However, very often in the process of experience analysis, you can determine what the company does that is time-consuming or expensive for staff, but does not add any value to customers. Eliminating these shortcomings can save costs and make the customer experience better.

  • Brand value

By identifying customer experience, the business approach in comparison to competitors is identified. This helps to flawlessly execute your customer experience strategy, thereby contributing to brand value.


Customer experience is how you stand out, how you market yourself, and how your business will become a popular destination for your product or service. The stipulation is that this takes time, requires consistency, and requires management approval. Without them, you will have lonely voices that want change but lack the power.

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