Aesthetic Quotes to Make Your Day Brighter and Happier

Sometimes, many of us feel a bit exhausted with what is going on with us or our surroundings. Things feel a bit over the edge at times. Well, at those moments, if someone or something is there to remind you and give a pat on your shoulders and say it’s alright, maintain calm for a while, then that’s a good thing. In those moments, we don’t really have much patience to read whole books of life-changing ideas. So, some aesthetic quotes saved in our phones or pasted in our walls might actually lift our mood for the day.

If you have been searching for some short aesthetic quotes to start your day with, don’t go anywhere else. This is the best place to reward you with some beautiful aesthetic quotes that might cheer you up.

Short aesthetic quotes

These quotes will lift your spirits. If you don’t feel like talking to anybody, share these quotes. In fact, you can also share these quotes with friends and family that you love and care for. They will also feel their need to stay in your life and keep loving you.

Someday you wake up, and you feel like you don’t have any purpose in life anymore. These quotes will help you through those phases:

  1. Don’t worry. Go brush your teeth. Rest will make sense sooner or later.
  2. Cut your clothes according to your coat, no doubt, but start cutting the clothing every day, or else someone will snatch it and fit it in their coat.
  3. Your misery isn’t unique.
  4. Every time failure kicks you hard, be a Gandhi and embrace it even harder.
  5. Life might seem like a never-ending circle, but make sure you are in the center of it, not the circumference.

Well, do you think everyone else’s life was perfect? Remember, even the stars glittering in the sky need the light of the sun. The stars of the earth, the Bollywood stars or sports stars, were all in a phase when they were hidden behind the clouds. Take a chill pill, work hard, and your time too shall come.

  1. Behind everything that seems glittering, there was a phase of intense darkness.
  2. Do you think the world is perfect? Well, it’s not. But it exists because we can try our best to make it perfect.
  3. Every time you open your eyes in this beautiful world, every time a flower blossoms awaiting your touch.
  4. Everything seems perfect in a flower vase, but try observing the flowers when they grow in the garden; it’s strenuous but so beautiful.
  5. The world wouldn’t have been so beautiful if it was not filled with amazing souls like you, me, and us.
  6. We are all performing our duty on this huge theatre stage, be honest because performance is all about honesty.
  7. The brightest days might not last long, but we can try and make every day brighter than the last day.

Aesthetic Quotes

Well, these quotes are about overthinkers. Many relationships, friendships get ruined due to this “over-thinking,” which is eating up our generation. Here is some quote that might actually show you what’s what.

  1. You shouldn’t lose out to pain; rather, pain should repent losing you.
  2. Not everything that’s going around you is about you. There’s nothing to take everything personally.
  3. Challenges aren’t a curse; they are a boon. Try to find new ways to stand them, not demolish them.
  4. If you think it matters really to you, surely you will search and get a way out.
  5. If you deserve a bright sun, remember to get drenched the hardest before that.
  6. Don’t be in a state of denial with your feelings, or else it will engulf you.
  7. Never underestimate the power of wounds that are harder to heal.
  8. Scars remind us that the past was real.
  9. If you hold a lamp in front of your fear, the fear gets away.
  10. Well, you can either be a madman, or you can be a poet
  11. I am just a blind writer without a brail
  12. You should expect nothing but have the will to appreciate
  13. Don’t make your brain a think tank; communicate before everything is lost.
  14. Your friend isn’t a thought reader; express yourself
  15. It might happen that you have lost faith in the human being you wanted to be. Still, some people around you will accept you as you are.
  16. You judge people in aspects you yourself are afraid to get judged.
  17. Do you think you can trust everything that you witness? Well, experience it and then conclude.
  18. True love isn’t really with a person; it’s first with you.
  19. Be the change you want to see around you.
  20. You are actually the maker of your very own fate. Craft it well.
  21. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it.
  22. Be the conqueror of life, don’t let life conquer you.
  23. Acknowledge your privilege and try to stay as happy as you can.
  24. The highest adventure isn’t up the hills; rather, it’s the challenge to craft your life in a way you want to.
  25. Dance liberates the soul. Let life choreograph a beautiful mesmerizing dance for you and liberate you from your shackles.
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Aesthetic quotes about life

Well, life isn’t a bed of roses always. So, your self-worth seems to touch rock bottom as you climb higher the ladder of age. Work, personal life, expectations, everything seems to jumble and overwhelm each other at such times. So, if you have some good quotes by your side, maybe the next few moments might seem to be a little less stressful.

  1. Carpe Diem, seize the day for each day counts. The day you lose can never be relived later.
  2. Life is a boat amidst a turbulent sea. Be shrewd enough to sail across to the shore.
  3. Birth and death are the two most certain things in life. Feel the middle void with work.
  4. Don’t be too insecure about how people will remember you. Your life ends with your death. Focus on your life, not its aftermath.
  5. Count every word before saying. Words once traveled outside your mind cant be retrieved back.
  6. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Get accustomed to it. Your eyes will find the light.
  7. People won’t remember what you did to them, but they will remember how you made them feel.
  8. Heal your wounds first before you take the vow to heal others.
  9. Don’t mess with an already messed up mind. You will regret that.
  10. There is a life outside Netflix and chill. Widen your horizon.
  11. Get out of your comfort zone because success lies across the border of your comfort zone.
  12. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Caress yourself as you would caress a child in distress.
  13. Dreams are not for you to have at sleep; dreams are those which won’t let you sleep.
  14. Learning should be the end goal of your life.
  15. I am not really sure which hurts the most, being too dry about emotions or feeling everything to its core.
  16. Stop molding the person you love according to your pre-set standard. Love a bird that can fly, not a caged bird.
  17. Don’t hurry while deciding for yourself. Watch a spider building its web and learn patience from it.
  18. Sisyphus couldn’t roll the boulder up the hill, but he tried every day.
  19. Don’t make end your goal. Look forward to the journey; the end will come running to you.
  20. The author might be dead, but not the reader. Be a reader in your life, enough of being an author.
  21. Ideas are clever things. They won’t work until they are put to action.
  22. If you find something beautiful, acknowledge it, you don’t have to wait for other people’s opinions.
  23. Don’t think about what other people think. Listen to your heart and do whatever feels right which won’t harm others.
  24. Sometimes come out of four walls and take a trip in nature. The world is much bigger than your 10 by 10 concrete room.
  25. Greet everyone with a smile when you meet them. Your day, as well as theirs, will shine bright.
  26. Be that self always when no one is there to watch you.
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These are some aesthetic quotes about life that might be of help to you in your lowest times.

Aesthetic Quotes

Romantic quotes

It’s time to move a little from yourself and focus on your beloved. Coming Valentine’s day, gift your girl a pack of flowers labeled with one of these quotes. The smile on her face will ease all discomfort in your life.

  1. Be the person who will love her at her worst.
  2. I will stand by you at your high and your low, but before that, let me bow in love before you.
  3. Take my hand, and let’s conquer the world together.
  4. I don’t ask for forever, really; promise me that you will let me know when you stop loving me.
  5. Time is ticking; express if you love someone.
  6. Paint smile on the face of an artist who forgets to paint a smile on her while doing the same for everyone around.
  7. If she is your moon, be her sky.
  8. Hold me tight when other things around fall apart.
  9. Your eyes are a gateway to heaven.
  10. Who says heaven is imaginary? Who cares if it is unattainable. I have seen heaven on this earth when you are around me.
  11. Bed of thorns turns into a bed of roses with you lying by my side.
  12. Share silence with me. That is my greatest intimacy.
  13. Love doesn’t need words. It needs the touch of your soul and action.
  14. Not everything will be easy, but if both of you work together to make something work, that is what matters.
  15. Never can I replace how I feel when you are around.
  16. Let me be your friend if not your lover.
  17. Loving two persons at a time isn’t a sin. It’s praising both lake and the sky for their beauty.
  18. Compatibility is the key to a good relationship.
  19. Best Friends make wise lovers.
  20. Life isn’t long. I want to be yours forever in that short span.
  21. Escape this world whenever you want; I will give you company.
  22. Come to my arms, and the world will shut down around you.
  23. Let me be a planet in your universe.
  24. Love isn’t perfect; that makes it beautiful.

Funny aesthetic quotes

Not everything is so serious about your life. These quotes will make you laugh, rolling on the floor.

  1. Well, life has given me moments when f*ck isn’t the strongest word of all.
  2. I pat the demon on his shoulders.
  3. Want to insult me? First, ensure if I am listening
  4. I am single as a dollar, and I don’t think I am in the mood for change.
  5. In the mood for love is too backward; I am in the mood for dove.
  6. Good things always take time. Thank God I am a late muggle on earth.
  7. Good things don’t drop by, chase, and grab them by their collar as if they were your IT boss.
  8. The condom factory apologized when you were born.
  9. Get accustomed to random cries and noises in the middle of the night because that’s going to be your life once you decide to procreate.

So, this sums up the little world of aesthetic quotes. Try and get out of your shell and give these little aesthetic quotes some attention. Further, they will frolic in your head and never let your spirits spiral down to the deepest pits of hell guarded by Hades.

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