How to Know if a Boy Likes You Through Signs He Sends Out

Are you are crushing on a guy but have no idea if he likes you or not? Do you find him looking at you secretly? Well, then start scrolling down! We have made a list that will tell you how to know if a boy likes you! Start scrolling down if you want to know if he is crushing on you!

7 ways to tell you how to know if a boy likes you

Here we have made a list of ways that will tell you if he has feelings for you. Check out the following:

His body language

Just by looking at someone’s body language, you can tell a lot about their feelings and thought processes.

There is a thing women do not know that they show several body languages, whereas, in the case of men, it is very less. That means it is a small number of signs where you can be sure if he likes you or not.

For you, it will be very easy to know if he is interested in you just by looking at the key signs.

One of the easiest signs on how to know if a boy likes you in school or anywhere else is that he constantly looks at you.

If you catch him looking at you with his eyebrow raised, it means he has a huge crush on you. Looking at your face and trying to make a lot of eye contact is another sign.

He smiles a lot

Smiling around you a lot is a huge sign that tells when he likes you. Moreover, men are really happy when they are with the woman they like. Hence, when they are around the woman they are interested in, it becomes impossible to hide his smile.

Besides, it is an unintentional reaction. The inner joy that he feels whenever he is around you reflects through his smile. So, if you see him being happy with you all the time, then it’s an indication that he likes you.

Also, see if his hands or legs are pointed towards you. If yes, then it means he is really into you.

He does not use his phone

Most of us remain on our phones all the time these days. But it is a huge sign if he stays off his mobile when he is with you.

Moreover, when he is attracted to someone, he will always pay attention and will avoid checking the phone. So, if you see him ignoring the phone when you are with him, then it is a good sign, he is interested in you.

Listen carefully to what he is talking about

What do most boys do when they are interested in a girl? Well, he will talk more about himself.

That’s because most boys want to prove and show things about themselves to the girl they like. Hence, they will brag about themselves when you are talking.

Additionally, they will also get risky, rowdy, and noisy when they are around you. So, if you see him doing something out of the way, it’s just to get your attention. They will try to flex to impress you. It is a good sign to find out that he likes you.

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Another way to see it is to try talking to him softly. Well, does he come closer to you? Does he lean in to listen to you? Also, does the guy stay close or retreat after you are doing the talking? So, look at him and how he is positioning himself when he is talking to you. It will reveal a lot about him.

How he reacts after a body contact

A great way how to know if a boy likes you is to see the way he reacts after body contact. Hence, see how he is reacting when you touch him or when he touches you.

Some of the signs to look forward are he might hold your hand when while laughing at something or hug you for the slightest reason.

How to Know if a Boy Likes You Through Signs He Sends Out

Accidental touching

Accidental touches are a big sign that indicates he has deep feelings for you. So, next time watch what happens when you accidentally brush your hand against his arm. Does he move away quickly and flinch? Or does he hold your hand? However, some people are shy and introverted in general. If he is like that, he might move away, but that does not mean he does not like you. Keep an eye on him, and you will soon find out the truth.

He will treat you in a different way

When a boy likes you, there is a major chance he will behave differently with you. More specifically, when you guys with your friends.

Also, if he is protective towards you, he will be sitting beside you when you all are hanging out with your friends. You will notice him putting his arm on the back of your chair. If he does that, then it is a major indication he is interested in you.

Besides, he will do things and go out of his way just for you, which normally you won’t see him doing. He is always there for you whenever you need help with something. Also, you will find him in a good mood when you are with him.

When a guy is interested in you a lot, he will do things to impress you and make you realize he is there. He might be helping you with your work or gives you a ride back home; all these are signs he likes you.

How to know if a boy likes you through text

If you have exchanged phone numbers with the boy you like, and you are wondering whether he likes you or not! Start scrolling down! There are several signs that will let you know if a boy likes you or not. So, follow the list below, and you will find out how to know if a boy likes you through text:

He will text back spontaneously

Now, this is a big sign. You are almost 100% sure whether the guy likes you if he responds fast to your messages.

Moreover, reacting instantly means that he honestly wants to have a chat with you to know more about you. Besides, you will see he genuinely wants to keep the discussion going for a long time and also does not want

to bore you. Also, he might be talking to you instead of playing games or watching his favorite series. All these are signs he likes you.

How to Know if a Boy Likes You Through Signs He Sends Out

He wishes to meet instead of only texting

You will notice him not wanting to be your text buddy only. He will give you indications that he wants to meet you. Also, he will mention how all the fun and adventurous things you two can do together.

He might send some types of messages like, ‘ I want to hang out with you’ or ‘if we weren’t busy, we could meet up today.

Talking about all the things you could do together

A lot of times, he will talk about something that you both could do together. Hence it is a clear sign that he wants to be more than being just friends with you.

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Besides, even though he does not want to be together as of right now, he fantasizes and wonders about spending some time just with you and thinking about the future together.

More so, he might be trying to see your reaction and how you respond to his feelings. If you reply favorably, he will be much more excited about expressing all his feelings more.

He will let you know when he cannot text

When a guy likes you, he will never waste your valuable time. However, no matter how much he wants to talk to you or he has other work, he will let you know. So, he won’t let you wait for hours or even sometimes days waiting for a response. Moreover, he might send a text like ‘hey, can’t talk for few days I have an exam’ or ‘can’t talk today need to run errands.’ However, once he is done with his work, he will text you back with ‘hey, I am done with my work. How are you?’ As a result, if he likes you, they will never waste your time and show consideration.

He sometimes uses flirty stickers or emojis

Now, let us first tell you not everyone loves using emojis. However, if he sometimes texts you flirty emojis, then it means he is trying to be flirty and cute with you.

Some of the emojis he might be sending you are the wink emoji, tongue sticking out, one of the heart eye emojis, and more. Hence if you see him using these emojis, chances are he is definitely into you.

He likes to hear your stories

When a boy likes you, then he will always want to know more about you. Besides, he will want you to share everything that is happening or happened in your life.

He will try to ask you different questions whose answers are not one-word replies such as ‘sure’ or ‘alright.’

Besides, he is most probably into you if he is willingly asking you about your life stories. That’s because he is very much interested to know your thoughts and experiences.

He is eager to know more about you

Another way to know ‘how to know if a boy likes you is what he texts you about. Look at what he is texting! Is he asking you about some news, sports, weather, or asking about your day?

If he enquires about your friends, family, and what you do during your free time, he is most probably crushing on you. Similarly, he might ask a follow-up question that you have mentioned in the previous texts.

So, understand, he is paying more attention to know the real you and trying to remember every tiny detail in your life.

He writes long messages to you

Most guys are not into sending long texts. But if he messages you regularly and sends you detailed responses, that means he indeed loves to talk with you.

For example, there might be something funny that happened in his day, and he will most probably tell you every detail about it.

He will message you first

How to know if a boy likes you? Well, do you get a ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ text every day from him? Also, does he message you whenever he is free and not working?

So, if your answer is yes to the above questions, then he is certainly into you.

Moreover, if he is into you, then he will try to be less shy and awkward. He thinks you are someone with whom he wants to talk, even though there is a chance where he might be rejected in the future.

However, do not always text him first because that is not a good sign. Try to see he is just answering your question or trying to keep the discussion going. If the guy starts the conversation and replies instantly, then it means he is romantically interested in you.

He texts you during the day

Are you guys texting throughout the day back and forth? If you are talking about a subject throughout the day, it means he is into you.

Like we said before, most boys do not enjoy texting. Hence if he is texting you the entire day, it means there is a reason. He wants to connect with you. Moreover, he might not want to say something important but wants you to know that he is there for you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the signs of ‘how to know if a boy likes you,’ go ahead and see if your crush is showing the signs.

Try not to get too pushy. And give them time to reciprocate the feelings. Also, if you are brave enough, then go ahead and ask him out directly.

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