What Are the 7 Continents and Their Countries in the World

We are blessed to live on Earth. It is enormous and exotically beautiful. You will find every nook and corner to possess valuable things. So, today let us give you a brief of all the places the Earth has. Here we will tell you what are the 7 continents and their countries and much more. Start scrolling down to know it all!

What are the 7 continents and their countries

Difference between continents and countries: a country is part of a continent and while a continent is determined by geography. Let us discover what are the 7 continents and their countries.

Asia continent

Asia is a vast continent. So, let us check out the features and everything you must know about it:

  • According to size, Asia is the large 70% of the world’s continent on the Earth. Asia covers almost an area of 44,579,000 square kilometers.
  • Asia continent is the most populous continent. It ranks first when it comes to the number of inhabitants. Its 4.6 billion people constitute roughly 60% of the world’s population.
  • Tokyo in Japan is the world’s largest metropolitan area by population. Many people live in the inner city such as Delhi, Beijing, and Shanghai.
  • In Asia, the largest economies are China, Japan, India, South Korea, Turkey-based on GDP. The tiny nation Qatar is now one of the fast-growing countries. The economic growth of Qatar has been almost exclusively based on petroleum and natural gas industries and mineral-rich nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • More than 4.3 billion people are speaking nearly 2300 living languages across the Asia continent. A tiny group of folks speaks these languages mostly. Fewer than 1000 people communicate in 2000 languages out of 7000 languages present in the world.
  • The official language of China, Mandarin, is spoken by 1.4 billion people. Mandarin has the most indigenous speakers.
  • Asia stretches from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Western Pacific Ocean.
  • Asia covers almost 9% of Earth’s total surface area.
  • The continent has the two most populous countries on its borders: China and India. World’s largest country is Russia, situated in the Asia continent.
  • Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, located in Asia. Its elevation is 8848.86 m.
  • Asia contains the 10 highest summits in the world.
  • The Great Wall of China repeatedly billed as the only human-made object noticeable from infinite space.

Interesting facts about Asia

  • The two most popular civilizations, known as the Harappan civilization and the civilization of the Chinese, were formed in Asia.
  • Asia was the native home of many mainstream religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.
  • It shows a notable diversity of habitats. Asia has a rich reptile fauna such as reticulated pythons, Earless monitor lizards, snakes, and Giant panda, tiger, Indian rhinoceroses can also be found.
  • List of countries by continent of Asia: India, Qatar, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc.

What Are the 7 Continents and Their Countries in the World

List of countries by continent of Asia:

  • India,
  • Qatar,
  • China,
  • Myanmar,
  • Bangladesh,
  • Afghanistan,
  • Kuwait,
  • Syria,
  • Pakistan,
  • Iraq,
  • Israel,
  • Japan,
  • Mongolia,
  • Philippines,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Georgia,
  • Laos,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Iran,
  • North Korea,
  • Cambodia,
  • Oman,
  • Taiwan,
  • Uzbekistan,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Brunei,
  • Armenia,
  • Vietnam,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea,
  • Tajikistan,
  • Jordan,
  • Thailand,
  • East Timor,
  • Turkey,
  • Yemen,
  • Turkmenistan,
  • Russia,
  • The United Arab Emirates,
  • Malaysia,
  • Nepal,
  • Bahrain,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Bhutan,
  • Indonesia,
  • Kazakhstan.

Africa continent

Here were facts that and countries you must know when talking about Africa:

  • Africa is the second-largest continent in the world after Asia.
  • It covers 30,221,532 sq km area. It stretches almost 6% of Earth’s total surface areas and 20% of its land areas. Africa has 54 sovereign states, and it contains about 16% of the human population with 1.3 billion people.
  • Africa, known as the ‘Dark Continent’ as the topography of the continent, remained undiscovered for an extended period of time.
  • The longest river in the world is the Nile River (4157mileslong), located in northeastern Africa. The most famous Sahara Desert is situated in Africa.
  • As Africa mainly lies within the intertropical zone, Africa is the hottest continent on the planet. Ethiopia is the hottest place, located in Africa.
  • The equator runs through the middle of Africa, and it absorbs direct sunlight most of the time in a year.
  • The earliest Homo sapiens fossils are found across Africa. As per fossil evidence, Africa is the cradle of humankind.
  • Africa is a resource-rich continent. You will find Africa to be the largest producer globally for vermiculite, vanadium, platinum, chrome, and manganese. Currently, Africa produces around half of the world’s diamonds, nearly 75% of all diamonds. Around 660,000 kg. Gold derives from the Africa continent.
  • It is best you know that 70% of cocoa beans in the world comes from the African countries present in the West. Some of them are Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory-Coast.
  • The Big Five game animals are African leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African lion, Rhinoceros in the Africa continent. Other animals like zebra, Egyptian mongoose giraffe addax can be found in Africa.
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List of countries by continent of Africa:

There is a total of 54 countries present in Africa. Some of the most popular are:

  • Ethiopia,
  • Ghana,
  • Libya


Oceania /Australia continent

Are you thinking about which continent has only one country? Well, it is Australia. So, let us check out some facts about it below:

  • Australia, officially Commonwealth of Australia, covers approximately 8,525,989 square kilometers.
  • List of countries by continent: Australia continent comprises Australia, Papua New Guinea, and a portion of Indonesia.
  • The smallest continent on the planet is Australia land, also called an “island continent” as the country of Australia is mostly on a single landmass, surrounded by oceans.
  • The Australian continent is also referred to in the technical contexts. It is frequently called Meganesia or Australianea. Both the names are given to differentiate between the continent and the country.
  • The Australian continent is also known as “land down under” because it is below the equator.
  • The name of Australia is derived from the Latin word “austrails,” which means “southern.”
  • Australia is the world’s number one producer of high-quality fine wool.
  • There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus that can be found in Australia.
  • The Desert of Australia covers almost 18% of the mainland.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and stretches for over 2300 kilometers.
  • You can mostly find kangaroo, koala, platypus, and emu in Australia.


Most of you know that it is present at the southernmost part of Earth. But there are more facts that you might not be aware of. Check them out below:

Earth’s southernmost continent Antarctica is about 5.5 million square miles (14.2 million square km) in size. Antarctica has no country, and it consists of an 1106 season population. Mainly scientists and researchers live in Antarctica at the height of summer.

  • Antarctica is the coldest on Earth’s continent; it is also the topmost dried, long-winded, and void place.
  • Antarctica’s sheet contains almost 70% of freshwater and 90% of its ice.
  • Antarctica is known as the frozen continent or the white continent.
  • Antarctica was famous as ‘Terra Australis incognita,’ meaning the unknown southern land in 1840.
  • An aurora can be seen in Antarctica between the months of December to February.
  • Temperatures in Antarctica range on average is 10 degree Celsius on the Antarctica coast -60 degree Celsius.
  • The coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica is 89.6 degrees C.
  • As temperatures vary in Antarctica, the winter is getting bigger than summer by 14.2 million square kilometers.
  • At 1.3 cm long, Antarctica’s only insect Belgica Antarctica is the largest purely terrestrial animal native to the continent.
  • Antarctica is the birthplace of Adelie penguins.

Europe continent

When we talk about what are the 7 continents and their countries, then Europe comes vividly for its early development in sciences and technology.

Europe covers about 10,180,000 square kilometers. The current population of Europe is 74.64 cores.

List of countries by continent of Europe:

It contains 50 countries, namely Greece, Ukraine (Bread basket of the world), (port of five seas), MoscowYugoslavia, Romania, Albania.

  • The Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea segregate Europe from Asia
  • The summit of Europe is Mount Elbrus, and its elevation 5642m
  • Some important mountains in Europe are Dinaric Alps, Cantabrian, and the Apennines, etc
  • The continent is bound by the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, the black sea, and the Mediterranean. The Baltic is entirely within Europe
  • Vatican City is the tiniest country in the world, located in Europe.
  • There are five primary rivers in Europe: The Danube, The Volga (Longest River), The Loire, The Rhine, and The Elbe
  • Finland is called the land of ‘thousand lakes.’
  • Europe is the world’s number one supplier of high-quality seed potatoes, along with Europe produce rice, maize, barley, oil seeds etc.
  • Mostly hedgehog, Roe deer, Blue tit can be found in Europe.

North America

North America’s size is 24,709,000 square kms consisting of 23 countries with a population of app

Europe continent

roximately 579,024,000

There are five-time sectors or zones in North America. This continent has almost every kind of climate. The density of the population is 22.9 per sq kms. It also has the largest lake consisting of freshwater called Lake Superior.

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Here are the countries of North America:

  1. Saint Martin
  2. United States of America
  3. United States Minor Outlying Islands
  4. Greenland
  5. Mexico
  6. Montserrat
  7. Anguilla
  8. Canada
  9. Panama
  10. Jamaica
  11. Cuba
  12. Guatemala
  13. Haiti
  14. Barbados
  15. Costa Rica
  16. Belize
  17. The Bahamas
  18. Puerto Rico
  19. Saint Barthelemy
  20. Cayman Islands
  21. Martinique
  22. Honduras
  23. Dominica
  24. Dominican Republic
  25. Saint Lucia
  26. Nicaragua
  27. Grenada
  28. El Salvador
  29. U.S. Virgin Islands
  30. Guadeloupe
  31. Antigua and Barbuda
  32. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  33. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  34. The British Virgin Islands
  35. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  36. Sint Maarten
  37. Trinidad and Tobago
  38. Aruba
  39. Turks and Caicos Islands
  40. Caribbean Netherlands

South America

South America reaches 17,840,000 square kms consisting of twelve countries with 422,535,000.

There is the largest forest in the world which is South America- the Amazon forest.

Here are the countries of South America

  • Venezuela
  • Suriname
  • Paraguay
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • French Guiana
  • Chile
  • Falkland Islands
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Guyana
  • Uruguay

What Are the 7 Continents and Their Countries in the World

After knowing what are the 7 continents and their countries, let us find some information about 7 Continents and 5 Oceans.

It is vital to everyone to know what are the 7 continents and their countries, especially if you are a student or traveler. Also, we tend to forget many interesting facts about works geography. So, this brief about what are the 7 continents and their countries could be very helpful hopefully.

The 5 oceans of 7 continents:

There were only 4 oceans on Earth before the 21st century. Then, the International Hydrographic organization included the Southern Ocean among the list of total oceans in 2000 on Earth. Many have knowledge about what are the 7 continents and their countries, but there are a lot of people who are not aware of the oceans of those continents

The following five oceans are:

  1. The Indian Ocean
  2. The Arctic Ocean
  3. The Pacific Ocean
  4. The Atlantic Ocean
  5. The Southern Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean’s size is 165,200,000 square kms i.e. 63,784,077 sq miles.

This Ocean extends over Asia and Australia’s East coast and reaches South America and North America’s West Coast.

Portuguese discoverer Magellan found The Pacific Ocean in 1520. He made his way from South America, and then he discovered the Pacific.

The Pacific Ocean is famous for its longest coastline adjoining 135,663 kilometers of coastline consisting of various washed-off shorelines.

The seafloor of the Pacific Ocean has the deepest extremity on Earth. The distance to the bottom reaches 11,000 meters, i.e., 7 miles under sea level.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic covers 106,400,000 square kms, i.e., 41,081,270 square miles being the second largest Ocean in the world after the Pacific Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean stretches from Europe’s Western region to Africa to North America’s Western portion and areas of South America. It almost resembles the Pacific Ocean extending between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Several seas were included in the Atlantic Ocean, like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico sea.

The Atlantic Ocean plays a crucial part in trades globally. Especially Europe explored this sea path for transportation from the time of imperialism.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean extends over 28,400,130 square miles (73,556,000 square Kms), comprising Eastern Australia, the South-Eastern part of Asia, and Africa’s East region.

The Indian Ocean has been playing an essential role in import and export as a transportation path. Thus, there were significant civilizations that grew on the shores of this Ocean.

From the West and East of the world, only Europe, connected with Asian countries and vice versa. There were essential medicine researches that took place by using valuable species of plants and different lives that scientists have found in several countries, the Islands of Indian Ocean.

Europeans have been exploring these remarkable findings for hundreds of years to develop life-saving medicines, preservation techniques, and many more.

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest as well as the shallowest Ocean on Earth. It extends to 5,400,015 square miles area i.e. 13,986,000 square kms.

The Arctic Ocean covers many countries of Europe, North America, and Asia.

Ice covers this Ocean most of the time. This small Ocean consists of Hudson and North Bay seas, the Barents.

Although ice covers the majority area and the temperature is freezing, many civilizations of three continents, especially the northern ones, have grown around this Ocean for many years.

Europeans have been trying to access this Ocean to travel to Asia, but the exploration failed due to the harsh climate.

Southern Ocean

The size of the Southern Ocean extends to 20,327,000 square kms, i.e., 7,848,299 square miles. It is the second last small Ocean, the smallest being the Arctic Ocean, regarding the size.

This Ocean is the most recent addition as an Ocean category. Researchers had earlier called it adjunctions of the Indian Ocean, Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. In this Ocean, waters from the Southern part of those three Ocean meets.

Final Thoughts

You need to not only learn what are the 7 continents and their countries, but also the oceans of which those continents consist of. There are so many amazing facts about world geography, climate, countries in the world.

So now that you know what are the 7 continents and their countries, don’t stop here. Explore more, and you will be in complete amazement.

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