Snus is an oral tabacco that is smokeless and finely ground. It is usually sold n pouch form and the consumers place the tobacco in pouch form underneath their top lip. Snus consists of water, aircured tobacco and salt and they come in various types and even flavors. Snus began as a dark loose substance about 200 years ago and today it is packaged as a round box.

Swedish snus comes in all kinds of portions and strengths, and you can choose strength from a scale of 1-4 according to what you prefer. Snus is considered to be either Portion or Loose and swedish snus can be found as fine, medium and coarse grind. Snus can be viewed in terms of strength, format, taste or snus but we would like to focus on the different types of snus.

Loose snus has the same look about 200 years ago as it does today. It is the oldest kind of snus being the foundation of snus tradition, and it comes in different coarseness. Coarseness usually refers to the number of cuts made within the tobacco leaf. Loose snus is made of salt, water and tobacco.

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Users of loose snus often from a portion of the snus using their hands and place it into a preferred shape and size. Once placed under the lip it releases an immediate intense flavor. Loose snus has three varieties; fine grind, medium and course.

  • Portion Snus

This Snus comes originally in dark bags and moist surface. This ready-packed portions began in the 1970s and became widespread leading to development of the Original Portion. The tobacco is packed into pouches and moistened during manufacturing. The original portions deliver instant flavor and a release of nicotine when placed under the lip, similar to loose snus.

  • White Portion

The White Portion snus was launched in 1998 by the Swedish Match. During manufacturing the pouch has no moisture hence it gives less drip. The portions are made of tobacco but the surface is dry for less salivation and long lasting flavor release and nicotine. When compared with other regular portions, white portion tend to last longer.

  • All White Portion

All white portion comprises of cellulose and very low tobacco proportions ground together. The proportions of tobacco are much lower as compared to traditional snus. The all-white pouch and low quantities of tobacco helps in making the portions whiter than normal white portion. The all white portion is very dry and this means that it takes some few seconds to feel the nicotine effect and taste.

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The best experience from using swedish snus is the flavor that comes from the portions. There is always a taste of tobacco in all snus except all white snus. The tobacco in the snus could come with bergamont, licorice, mint, whiskey etc. flavours and you can pick accoding to your preference. All white suns have flavours such as blueberry, aple, melon and lime but there is no limitations and they come in multiple flavors. This means suns is a good experience other than smoking and it should be easier to know what works for you.

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