15 Tyler the Creator Quotes That Teach Us About Life

If you follow American rap, you will notice that it isn’t always about money, cars, and all things men want to flaunt. Some meaningful musicians make us search for terms like ‘best Tyler the creator lyrics’ as they add value to our lives. Today, I will share and discuss Tyler the Creator quotes that reflect what the rapper wanted to express through his work.

Who is Tyler the Creator?

Tyler the Creator is famous for his honest lyrics and unexpected humor. He has his heart on his sleeves and always pops out what he thinks.

If you scroll through some of Tyler the Creator funny quotes, you will realize that creativity oozes out in multiple ways.

Tyler rose to fame in the 2010s after Goblin, his controversial debut music album, went viral. The album that followed next was Wolf, which brought him more recognition and ranked third on Billboard 200.

Many consider Tyler’s music dark because he covered subjects that most musicians don’t. From talking about illnesses, drugs, suicides, and some borderline offensive statements, the Creator has done it all.

Tyler the Creator quotes

Check out Tyler the Creator lyric quotes to know what the rapper wanted to explain through his music:

Tyler the Creator Quotes

Youth is the most precious period of your life. You should work and live as much as possible in your golden period.

Do not waste this vital time because you will never have the same energy again. Once you lose your youth, you will never get it back.

Tyler tries to explain how taking youth for granted can be detrimental. To have a happy life, one must utilize their youth optimally.

It is the time to build, work hard, and achieve the goals that will make your future bright and beautiful.

Many obstacles will come your way, but you should focus on the things that provide you happiness and satisfaction and help you fulfill your dreams.

You should give importance to the time of your life. Be positive and enjoy it without any worry. Always keep a smile on your face. A positive attitude towards your life will bring good vibes. Believe in yourself that all your wishes will come true with your hard work and dedication.

Tyler the Creator Quotes

You should try to be a leader and inspire others while doing your own thing. You must speak your thoughts without any fear of criticism. It may get you criticized for sharing your thoughts. But you should not care about what others think about your thoughts. Free up your mind to share everything you want without hesitation and fear.

Leadership comes when people can take a team ahead, keeping everyone’s well-being in mind. A true leader does not only look into their gains but also ways to generate growth for others.

If people around you are unhappy, looming negativity makes the environment sad. Happiness is contagious. It spreads from one person to another.

If the person needs your help to get rid of his sadness, you should help him overcome it and live a happy life.

Enjoy your life fullest and stay away from sadness and depression by keeping others around you joyful. Life is short, and you must stay happy and make others happy.

You must give importance to the things you like. Do not care about what others think about it. If you do something passionately, you will be content.

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People may only appreciate your creation sometimes, as different opinions make us unique. Your preference may not match with the others. Do not worry about others opinions. Move forward with your creativity and innovation.

Be focused on your work, believe in yourself, and think positively. Do something to accomplish your passion. Your true passion and dedication to work will help you succeed. Do not listen to others’ criticism if it makes you fall back.

The will to earn enough meets no end. If you can earn a lot of money, you can help your family and friends live well. When responsible, you need money to look after the people around you. Your family will be free from the worries that come with the shortage of money.

Money is necessary for survival. The more you earn money, the more you can live without worrying. You should always help others with your money. You will get happiness by sharing your fortune with others.

Funny Tyler the Creator quotes

Here are some Tyler the Creator funny quotes to make you chuckle. Use these if you find them funny and valuable:

Life is not complicated, but people make it so. Try to think simply, and you will know why. You will find that even the most complicated things become simple if you start acting on what you think. Inculcate positive thinking to get a positive outcome in your life.

Enjoy your short life as much as you can. You have to make your life simple to slide through the hardships. Also, you should know how to make your life simple and enjoy it fully.

You should always try to stay happy in your life. Think about the things which will make you happy. Life is short. Therefore, happiness is essential for you. Stay away from the thoughts that make you unhappy. Do not entertain the things that will make you sad.

You have to think positively about the things that make your life beautiful. You will find happiness if you have a positive approach. Keep smiling and improve your thoughts.

Tyler the Creator funny Quotes

Your aim should be more than just surviving. You must try to do valuable work in your life. Apply your humor, compassion, passion and style in your work to achieve success. You must be hard-working, dedicated and determined in your life. You may get obstacles in the path of your success, but you have to believe in yourself and move forward with confidence.

Your inner qualities will help you to fulfill your ultimate mission in life. Keep a high aim and try to reach there with your patience and dedication.

You should avoid both drinking and smoking to keep yourself healthy. These two are detrimental to your health and can shorten your lifespan.

You must leave the habits like drinking, smoking, etc., for your good. These habits may cause various health issues in your life.

You must always think positively about life. Optimistic thoughts will attract positivity. Firstly, you have to imagine something great. Set a big goal and try to fulfill it.

You need to dream big and work hard for it with dedication. Avoid thinking negatively about life.

Best Tyler the Creator quotes

The best Tyler the Creator quotes are the ones you will root for the most:

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I try to tell all the – not even the kids, even people older than me – to just be themselves. Don’t wear what I wear cause I wear it; wear what you like.

You should have a unique taste. You must choose something that you like and go for it. If you do your favorite things, then you will be able to finish successfully. You do not have to worry about what others think and tell you. You may have to face criticism from others for choosing what you like. Some people try to follow others’ wishes. But you should prioritize your preferences over others.

Do not try to change yourself by following others. Be yourself and only do the things which you like. The things you have a true passion for will make you successful in life.

All people are different by nature. Everyone has some positive traits. You must believe that all people are fantastic in their own way. No matter how you are, you should try to be cool. This behavior will help you move forward through various obstacles and criticisms.

Try to remain cool and awesome under all circumstances in your life. If you are going through a challenging period, staying cool will help you overcome the problem quickly.

You should remain happy and enjoy your life. You must try to keep laughing to stay healthy. Life is short, so try to have fun throughout your life.

Positive-minded people around you who can make your life beautiful. These people will encourage you in everything. Happiness is necessary for your health. So, select people who make you happy and have fun with them.

Be happy and make others happy. A smile plays a vital role in your life. Laugh often to get a healthy body and mind. Having a group of happy and positive-minded people makes your life better.

Well, this is not entirely true. While Tyler the Creator quotes taught us many things, one fact about the rapper is that he indeed is also a successful fashion designer. He started his clothing line, Odd Future in 2011. The rapper has a knack for clothing and he also has investments in several other businesses. He also directed music videos, created animation, and participated in everything that led to his massive success.

It is interesting to note that the rap industry is obsessed with shoes. Most rappers are sneakheads, by Tyler says he wears the same shoes. While he is flamboyant with his clothing choices but he still gives people a lesson. He tries to explain that it is okay to wear same things while liking design and fashion.

Best Tyler the creator quotes

It is an emotion we all resonate with. Our lives make us grow through an unimaginable amount of responsibilities and work. Sometimes we feel that it was better to never grow up. While other times we keep the child within us alive.

Not wanting to grow up should not mean not taking responsibilities or consequences of actions. It simply means we should keep our innocence and try to keep ourselves content like we did as kids.

Final thoughts

Tyler the Creator quotes gives us a fresh perspective in life. It makes us realize that the best part about life is being happy and finding ways to keep others happy. It explains how important money is but keeping the kid in us alive is even more important.

You can download quote images from this page and use them to keep yourself motivated. Remember the rapper’s words to go through life.

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