Types of Christmas Trees: 16 Best Real Christmas Trees

Are you planning to get yourself a real tree for Christmas this year? Well, then the list below will help you pick the suitable one. You need to choose the correct scent, color, and shape of your Christmas tree that is apt for your house. But with so many types of Christmas trees, it might be baffling. So, it becomes essential for you to see and know everything about the tree. And only then settle for the one you like. Let’s not waste any more time to know some of the best real Christmas trees available in the market!

16 Types of Christmas Trees

The list below has the mention of all the characteristics and qualities of Christmas trees. So, go through them in detail to see which one you like the best.

Make this festive season exceptional by choosing from all the different types of Christmas trees. Here are the following:

Fir Christmas Trees

The fir Christmas tree comes in different kinds. They are coniferous trees that are evergreen. Some of the types of fir Christmas trees are balsam fir, noble fir, and Fraser fir.

Here is a list that tells you in details about each of these fir Christmas trees:

Balsam Fir

The balsam fir is dense and comes in a conical shape. You will find the leaves of the Balsam fir to be needle-like and flat.

You will notice the leaves of this kind of tree to have traces of shiny silverish white tint. Mostly, you will see these tree leaves to be present in Christmas bouquets and wreaths.

You can get several sizes of the balsam fir. It usually varies from being small to medium. But it does grow up to be almost sixty-six feet in height. It has a spicy scent that makes it an ideal real Christmas tree choice.

Types of Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir is another type of Fir trees. It has a pleasing aroma, and the branches come in a yellowish-green color. It has a conical shape, as the branches of the Fraser tree moves upwards. Since this kind of fir tree is sturdy, you can choose it for placing weighty ornaments, holiday décor, and Christmas garlands.

But the leaves of this tree are needle-like and spirals all along the trunk. Usually, the Fraser fir tree can grow tall up to fifty feet.

Canaan Fir

The Canaan fir tree is the hybrid of the balsam and Fraser fir. It grows to a medium size and has very good needle retention as the Fraser. More so, the leaves are needle-like, flat, and comes in a beautiful green hue.

You will find the Canaan fir to be natives of the West Virginia mountains. However, you should know that this kind of fir tree is an absolute newcomer in the market of Christmas trees.

Douglas Fir

Among all the different types of Christmas trees, the Douglas fir can make your house look stand out. It has a pyramid-like shape with dark green and blue leaves. Also, it comes with one of the most soothing and elegant aromas in comparison to other Christmas trees.

The leaves of the Douglas fir are soft and flat that grows in the form of bunches. If you are looking for one of the tallest and best real Christmas trees, then indeed, Douglas can be a great choice. That is because it can grow up to three hundred and thirty feet.

Interestingly, the Douglas firs make up more than half of the Christmas trees that grow in America.

Grand Fir

You can compare the tree to its name. It is grand and huge. The Grand fir is usually a native tree to Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. You will find the tree to grow up to two hundred and thirty feet tall.

The leaves of trees are bicolored and come in a yellowish-green hue with one strip below the needle-like leaves. You will find the tree to have thick foliage and give a spicy aroma that can please anyone around the tree.

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Types of Christmas Trees

Noble Fir

The noble fir is among the types of Christmas trees that grow to two-thirty feet. You will see the branches to be dense and spaced-out evenly right till the trunk of the tree.

The noble fir can grow well in the Pacific Northwest and has needle-like leaves. More so, the tree leaves tend to curve towards the top and can be a great choice for all the heavy Christmas decorations.

Concolor Fir

White fir is another name of the Concolor fir. It has needle-like flat leaves that are pointy towards the tip. You will find the Concolor fir to have a blue-green hue at its young age. But when the Concolor grows old, they get into a green tint that is duller. These trees tend to grow up to one hundred and nine-five feet only.

Pine Christmas tree

You can get several artificial trees, but the look, feel, and aroma of real trees are extraordinary.

The pines are also the evergreen coniferous trees that fall under the Pinus genus. You will find the pine trees to be the most commonly grown types of Christmas trees in the world.

The pine trees grow naturally and love to belong there, but it can be an apt choice for Christmas trees.

The different types of pine Christmas trees are as follows:

White Pine

You will find the white pine to grow in bundles or fascicles. It has a greenish-blue color, and the tips are pointed.

You will notice the branches of the white pine trees to be flexible. But it does not have any fragrance.

If you love to decorate your Christmas tree with heavy ornaments, then white pine not the ideal choice for you. That is because the branches of the white pine are not so strong and can break.

In the United States, the biggest pine tree grown is the white pine. You will find that the white pine can live for more than 400 years. And the tree can grow to a maximum height of two hundred and thirty feet.

Christmas Trees

Scotch Pine

You can call the scotch pine, scots pine too. It comes in a dark green color with thick and strong branches. So, you can choose this tree to decorate it with heavy ornaments and lights. The height of the scotch pine has a maximum of 115 feet.

The color of the scotch pine ranges from being blueish green to a dark shade of green. You will find the trees to grow darker during the winters and form fascicles of two. The leaves of the scotch pine are needle-like. They have less retention that intends you to have less work after the decorations come off. You will find these trees to grow in Scotland and is considered their national tree.

Virginia Pine

You can identify the Virginia pine easily for its twisted and short pair-like needles. The Virginia pine tree has small branches with densely-packed leaves. You can consider this kind of pine tree to range from being small to medium size. It can grow up to seventy feet.

Spruce Christmas Tree

The spruce Christmas tree falls under the Picea genus and comes in more than thirty-five species. You will find the spruce trees to grow in the cold weather and is one of the best choices for the festive season.

So, if you want the best real Christmas tree, choose the spruce. Here are the following types of spruce Christmas trees you can consider:

Blue Spruce

You can call the blue spruce Colorado blue spruce too. It comes in blue-gray needle-like waxy leaves that are pointed. You will find the needles to be a little curved and moves towards the top of the tree.

The blue spruce is a native to the Rocky Mountains present in the United States of America. You will find the blue spruce to have dense foliage and tends to grow into a conical shape. The height of the blue spruce can go to a maximum of seventy-five feet.

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Several people say that the blue spruce has got the perfect shape of a Christmas tree. Also, another fact about the blue spruce is that it is Colorado’s state tree.

Norway Spruce

One of the most fast-growing coniferous evergreen trees is the Norway spruce. It can have a maximum height of one-eighty feet. The leaves of the Norway spruce come in a very dark green color. You find the leave shape to be pointed and have needle-like tips.

Even though the Norway spruce is commonly found in the United States, they happen to be Europe’s native.

It would help if you kept in mind that the Norway spruce is a terrible water retention power. So, you need to take good care of the Norway spruce. Also, remember to keep a watch on how you water the tree.

White Spruce

The white spruce Christmas tree is called several names. Some of the commonly known names of the white spruce are the western white spruce, skunk spruce, and the Canadian spruce.

You will see these trees grow huge and can have a maximum height of one hundred and thirty feet.

The leaves of the white spruce are also needle-like, but they are sturdy and short. You will find the color of the white spruce to be blueish green. So, you can easily place all heavy lights and ornaments on the white spruce.

Cypress Christmas Trees

You will find the Cypress Christmas tree to be tall and comes in a narrow shape. Usually, these types of Christmas trees are used as privacy and shrubbery trees. So, if you want a unique look this Christmas, try to get a cypress tree.

Some of the kinds of Cypress Christmas trees you can consider buying are:

Arizona Cypress

As the name suggests, the Arizona cypress tree is natively found in the Southwestern part of the United States. It is a kind of evergreen that comes in a medium size. The maximum height of the Arizona tree can be sixty feet. You will find the leaves of the Arizona tree to come in grayish blue color. And you will see the branches to grow into a conical shape.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland cypress tree leaves have a feathery look. You will find the color to vary from a grayish-green to a darker hue of green.

The leaves move upwards, giving the tree a pyramid-like shape. But you should know that you will get no fragrance from the Leyland cypress tree. If you like your Christmas tree to have a soothing and pleasing smell, this might not be an ideal choice for you.

But if you are allergic to the aroma, then you can choose the Leyland cypress. You will find the Leyland cypress to have a maximum of seventy feet.

Cedar Christmas Tree

You will see that the cedar coniferous evergreen tree to come in several kinds. But they are mostly seen lined-up on the parks and streets. You will also see that the cedar tree to be used in landscaping.

If you want a different look for Christmas in 2020, you can go for the red cedar tree.

Let us check in detail everything about how the red cedar tree looks:

Red Cedar

You can call the red cedar aromatic cedar, the Eastern red cedar, or pencil cedar.

You will find the branches of the red cedar tree to be pyramid-like. It comes in a dense form and comes in a shiny and dark green color.

You will notice that the red cedar tends to move upwards. But the Eastern red cedars are slow-growing. So, you will find the maximum height of the red cedar to be forty feet.

People in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri usually use the Eastern red cedar as their option for real Christmas trees.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your Christmas tree is not just a task, but it comes with a different emotion. Once you put up your Christmas tree, you are sure to get the vibe of the festive season.

And to do that, you can choose from all the different types of Christmas trees mentioned above. You can get different types of artificial Christmas trees that replicate the look of the real ones. But decorating and putting up a real one altogether brings a different feel. So, do choose the best real Christmas tree you like the best. And don’t forget to send us a picture in the comment section below! We wish you a Merry Christmas, you and your family!

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