Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife to Make Her Feel Special

A couple who reaches to complete 365 marriage days is a milestone day indeed. Just as the first year, every year is exceptional together in anyone’s life. So, if your Anniversary is approaching anytime soon and you also want to wish your wife, start scrolling down! We have given you a larger platter of wedding anniversary wishes for wife to choose from! So, start shortlisting the ones you like best to make make your wife feel special!

Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Invariably, the first year marriage anniversary celebration is great. However, every year of the Anniversary is exceptional for the couple and their relatives. It is a fantastic occasion that makes you and your wife extremely happy. You must have in your mind how to wish and make your wife special on the first and many more anniversaries.

Each day is a new chance to express how much you love your wife. And an anniversary is definitely the most memorable time of the year between a wife and a husband. However, sometimes men find it very difficult to write some sweet and lovely wishes to the women of their life. So, to make your work easy, go through the lists, and you will surely find a few you like best. Check out the wedding anniversary wishes for wife below:

It is a wonderful time to celebrate the special day. The marriage is all the more special because you are the most extraordinary and romantic life partner anyone can get. And, of course, you are truly an admirable person. Happy Wedding 1st Anniversary!

You can wish your wife in few words and show her how much you love her. And if you want to make your wife feel special on your 1st anniversary day, this is the quote to choose.

I am nothing without you and simply cannot live without your true love, just the way a flower will not be able to bloom until the brightness of the sun. Wishing you, my dear wife, a very Happy Anniversary!

This is one of the good wishes that you can do on your 1st or even 50th Anniversary. And it is sure to make your wife will feel special.

Wedding anniversary wishes to wife on Facebook

Check out some wonderful wishes you can put up as your Facebook status:

Beautifully we have spent together a whole year of togetherness. I pray and hope that we will be able to spend many years together. Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

This is one of the ideal wishes. Marriage makes two souls one, and it is a momentous occasion to celebrate. So, tell her you are admiring her and see the smile on her face.

Our relationship is a fantastic one. The first day of our meeting each other till marriage day and even today, I am a true admirer of you. I am immensely happy to see how understanding and a heart of gold my wife you have. Happy Anniversary!

You will be able to see a never-ending smile on your wife’s face when she sees this.

Both of us have not become old in a relationship through our one year of togetherness. It implies that our relationship has grown stronger by a year. Happy Anniversary my lovely wife!

This is one of the great wishes for the wedding anniversary. You are proudly telling your wife how your relationship with her is becoming stronger each year and what it means to you.

I am wishing us another happy year ahead. May we remain together for the rest of our lives as both of us promised to stay with each other no matter what happens. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to see my beautiful wife with me all the time. Happy Anniversary!

In a few words, you are letting your wife know that you are happy. Moreover, you are also telling her that you want to stay together with her for the rest of your life.

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Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife

There are numerous wishes for your 1st wedding anniversary. Here are a few more for you to choose from:

I appreciate you and extremely glad that you tolerate me for an entire year. Happy first wedding anniversary, wifey!

You can thank your wife for tolerating you for a year. Since no one is perfect and must have some flaws in you too, why don’t you tell your wife this and see the smile on her face?

You can take my hand and never leave it. I promise that my love will remain the same for you from the wedding day to every day as we go forward. Even during my hard times every moment, I will cherish you. Happy Anniversary darling!

This is one of the best wishes to choose for your wife on the anniversary day. You can promise your love for her throughout life and relive the vows together.

Our Anniversary can mark this special day, but you are the love of my life, and you deserve to get my love every day of your life. May God bless us eternally!

You can tell your wife how special she is and not only on this special anniversary day, but also, she deserves your love every moment.

Some more 1st anniversary wishes for wife

Check out some more 1st anniversary wishes for wife:

I get to call you my wife every day of my life, and for this, I feel extremely lucky. Happy Anniversary wife!

Show your wife that you are happy and how lucky you feel you are, for she is your wife. And you are sure to make your bond grow stronger.

Happy Anniversary to my most beautiful wife. When I see your beautiful face still, I get goosebumps. This feeling will not erase even with the passing years. Happy Anniversary Princess!

Your wife will be glad to hear this wish on your special day.

I can’t express my exact love for you through ordinary words. Words, as I love you, seem never enough. You have the best smile, and your beautiful smile lights up the entire room. Happy Anniversary love!

Tell your wife you are grateful for her presence in your life.

Happy Anniversary to my soulmate. You are a very special person in my life, my beloved wife and my best friend. Happy Anniversary!

This wish can make your wife understand that she is your special one and also a best friend.

You bring happiness into my life, and your presence makes my life colorful. My boring life turns into a happy and interesting one. I am thankful to God for bringing you into my life. You are the person who completes me every way. Happy Anniversary baby!

One of the best wishes you can say to your wife. Say this if your life has changed a lot after her entry.

2nd wedding anniversary wishes for wife:

You can wish your wife by several ways in the 2nd wedding anniversary, and they are as follows:

  • After two years of our marriage but it feels like the same as we just started dating. I love you, my Princess. Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  • As I take a look back at two years of our togetherness, the happy memories in my mind begin to play in the screens of LCD. Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  • I will love you till the very last day of my life, and you are my better half who is everlasting. Happy 2nd Marriage Anniversary!
  • Every day when I wake up by your side, I feel loved and safe. I am fortunate to have you in my life. I genuinely value my wife’s presence in my life. Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  • I wish you a very happy anniversary for gifting quarrel month, a war week, a suffering day, and a loving moment. Even after all of these things, you are my best friend and always special to me. Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  • I cannot think of even a single day of my life without you, as birds without wings cannot fly. Happy 2nd Anniversary, love!
  • I am the brave knight, and you are my most beautiful queen. I will definitely protect you from all the tears and sorrows. Madly in love with you. Happy Anniversary queen!
  • In this world, the best anniversary gift is your love for me. I cannot compare anything in this world with your love. Happy Anniversary angel!
  • I love you, and I am going to tell you a secret that you are my secret of happiness and you are my dreams come true. Happy Anniversary dear!
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1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Favorite Couple

Interesting ways to express your love

There are more wedding anniversary wishes for wife. And they are as follows:

  • The first time when I proposed to you, I gifted you a ring; after that, when you said yes—you gifted wings to my life. Happy Anniversary, my sunshine!
  • My life is simply useless without your presence in it, just like a keyless lock. Happy Anniversary, my Princess!
  • Our house turns into a home for you. I turned into a better person and experienced love because of you. Happy Anniversary!
  • A perfectly happy marriage is a bonding between two people who understand the meaning of forgiveness, commitment, sacrifice, trust, honesty. And all these belong to us! Happy Anniversary sweetheart!
  • I can tell that my everything is one same woman. I am the luckiest person in the world that my girlfriend, wife, and best friend lie in one person – YOU. Happy Anniversary darling!
  • If you really love someone making sacrifices for that person from within will actually make you happy. Happy Anniversary honey!
  • We may argue, but that does not matter. What actually matters is even more than the differences; we truly love each other. Thanks for supporting me. Happy Anniversary dear!
  • You are someone who tolerates me, my mood understander, mind reader, and my eccentricity bearer. I love your presence in my life. Happy Anniversary love!
  • All my worries go away when you hold me or hug me. I love you darling, Happy Anniversary!
  • I searched the dictionary to find out life’s actual meaning, but I got nothing. After I looked at your eyes and got married to you, I understood the importance of life. Happy Anniversary baby!

Romantic anniversary wishes for wife:

There are lots of romantic wishes for wife, and they are as follows:

  • May our love grow more than the Everest and more powerful than the diamond. I wish that our love for each other will not stop. Happy Anniversary!
  • You are the most precious and best gift of God to me. Happy Anniversary my sweetheart!
  • Getting wedlock honey with you is one of the great decisions of my life. Happy Anniversary!
  • I never guessed before that I would marry a Disney princess when I grow up. Princess, a very happy anniversary to you!
  • Dear wife, you create a rainbow in my heart with your true heavenly love. In the same way, like this, keep always loving me. Happy Anniversary beautiful!
  • You are my dream full of color, morning sunshine, and you are the moonlight. You are my only river shore and my forever love. Happy Anniversary!
  • Time is relative. Finally, after our marriage, I am trying to understand the meaning of Einstein’s relativity theory. I will never get enough time to spend with you, love. I guess about it. Happy Anniversary sweetheart!
  • I can discover in this one year that you are the best wife in the world. As you deserve, I will try to become the best husband. Happy Anniversary love!
  • I desire to go on the horizon with you, my dear wife, as an eternal companion. A very special day is today for us. Happy Anniversary wife!
  • We did not even know each other much when we started our life, but now the most important part of my life is you. Hold my hand like this way forever. Happy Anniversary honey!
  • Your true selfless love teaches me to love more genuinely you. Happy Anniversary!

Final Thoughts

Wedding anniversary wishes for wife are always special. So choose a nice and sweet one which can bring a smile to your wife’s face on this special day. We have given you a bunch of anniversary wishes in this article; we hope you like one.


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