Valentines Day Presents for Him to Buy All Year Round

How do you feel when you suddenly get a call at midnight and open the door to see your boyfriend after ages? Don’t you feel like on cloud nine when he gives you surprise presents and chocolates for no reason at all? Doesn’t that make you feel special? Well, let the roles reverse as you decide to buy him something special. Check out the best Valentines day presents for him to find out how to make him special all year round!

Valentine’s day is the day of love, but do we always have to wait for February 14 to give special gifts? No! Be it a birthday or anniversary, you can always look for presents to give your loved one for special occasions. These will make you choose the ideal options to express your feelings.

The concept of Valentine’s day

Although there is much speculation regarding the history of Valentine’s day, it is an extraordinary day for couples. Two of the most common stories regarding the day are related to the celebrations in the earlier times in Rome and a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine.

In the early Roman Empire, the citizens celebrated the feast of the Lupercalia. From February 13 to February 15, this occasion lasted for three days and consisted of dog and goat sacrifices. After the sacrifice, the skins of these animals were used on women as a whip by men. According to the then prevalent beliefs, these whipping aided in improving women’s fertility and health.

Saint Valentine lived in the 3rd century BC in Rome, under the reign of Emperor Claudius II. It has been said that the Emperor did not allow men in his kingdom to get married. This is because he believed that unmarried men were stronger soldiers than married ones. However, the priest was dead against this. And this is why he secretly married couples in love. Soon after this was revealed, the Emperor had him beheaded.

The beheading took place on February 14, 270 AD. Two centuries later, this day was proclaimed Saint Valentine’s Day. Gradually, the day started getting linked to love. Nowadays, people send written notes, poems, or love letters to their partners as a symbol of admiral.

Well, for such a special day for your special person, you need to arrange for special gifts. Especially when remarkable days like Valentine’s or birthdays are around. Moreover, selecting a Valentines day present for him will make him feel special and express your romantic side. This is why you need to abide by this guide to help you opt for the best gifts out there.

First Valentines day presents for him

The first valentine with your partner is immensely special. It can really help you portray your feelings for your partner. This is why, amongst other things, chocolates are considered as a mandatory present. However, first Valentine’s with your boyfriend deserves more than just chocolates.

Well, be rest assured, we’ve got your back! Here is a list of Valentines day presents for him that he will totally love:

A perfume

For Valentine’s day, you may purchase the perfume he is in love with. Receiving his favorite fragrance from you will definitely bring a big smile to his pretty face. On your part, though, smelling the perfume off of him will blow your mind.

A watch

A watch or especially an inscribed one is a great gift idea. Depending upon his likes and preferences, you may opt for a leather or a metal one. Either way, he will definitely think about you whenever his eyes hit the glass.

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Valentines day presents for him

A wallet

Since wallets are an accessory that men need every day, you can consider gifting your boyfriend one. It will be of immense use for him and make him relive the moment he received it and from whom. It is an accessory that will always be with him.

Photo frame

A photo frame with a picture of you both is one of the most adorable gifts your boyfriend can ever receive. He can keep it by his bedside and wake up to your beautiful face every morning. Such a gift is really thought-provoking and precious.

Cute things to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

There are various adorable things that your man may find stupid. However, this notion is completely irrelevant on special days like his birthday or Valentine’s day. On such days you can buy him anything that he may have called stupid, and yet he’ll feel overjoyed. Such is the power of love.

Nevertheless, there are various cute Valentines day presents for him. Some of these are as follows:

Stuffed toys

No matter how weird he may behave towards stuffed toys, secretly, he loves them too. You can definitely gift him stuffed animals or teddy bears and patiently watch him blush like a baby.

A souvenir from the first date

First dates are always special. A souvenir from the first time you came across one another can only rekindle your love towards each other. Even if you do not possess any such souvenirs from the scenario, you may make something that can always remind him of the first day.

Matching clothes

Twinning is fun, especially with your boyfriend, and so this is one of the most interesting Valentines day presents for him. They need not be an entire outfit. Simple matching socks or hoodies are enough to do the job and make him feel happy.


Plants can always make anyone feel happy. It’s like always having someone to talk about. By gifting your boyfriend a plant, you are adding a source of oxygen to his room. Moreover, whenever a new leaf or flowers emerge from the plant, he is bound to feel excited and tell you all about it. Although your boyfriend possesses it, it will always be a gift that you both share.

Cake and chocolates

Edibles always stay on top of the list when it comes to gifts, especially for Valentine’s day. Make or buy him a chocolate bouquet and celebrate together with his favorite cake. He will be pleased upon receiving so many chocolates and will definitely savor them. Moreover, nothing will make him happier than seeing how much you’re enjoying this special day with him by your side.


Pets are an amazing gift idea as well. The pet will always keep you both connected and on your toes. Pets can add liveliness into your boyfriend’s life alongside aiding in his personal development and growth, which you are definitely interested in.

By learning to take care of the pet, your boyfriend will become more patient, responsible, and even more adorable for you. Beware, you may feel slightly jealous when the animal or bird always takes his side instead of yours!

Viking horn-shaped beer glasses

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend prefers drinking or not; these glasses are so pretty that he’ll definitely start drinking something from them. Because of their peculiar shape, these horn glasses come with a stand that holds the glass. Even if he doesn’t drink from it, he can definitely use it as a flower vase and relish the view day in and day out.

Romantic Valentines day presents for him.

Romance is a very natural feeling that comes along with love. These two are like two buds in a pod. Where there is love, there has to be romance. It is a way in which your body expresses emotions.

You may get tingles when your boyfriend glides his fingertips across your face to remove a hair strand or when he leans in to kiss you. These actions pump excess blood to your heart and make you feel like you skipped a beat. Most often, they are kindled out of love. This is why you feel special when you’re around people who can make you feel this way.

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Valentine’s day is a great time for unleashing the romantic demigod in you. It is the best occasion when you can acquaint your boyfriend with your inner demigod and make him feel absolutely enamored. Here are a few ideas that can help you make your partner feel the romance that you feel. These are as follows:

Candlelight dinner

A candlelit dinner with the love of your life can make you both feel very easy and comfortable. The conversation, the ambiance, the occasion, everything seems to play along and hum the rhythm of love. It can make you bask and glow in each other’s love.

A date night

An outdoor or indoor date night set-up can absolutely steam things up between the two of you.

A care box

Men are slightly lacking in caring for themselves, which is where you can come to the rescue. You can gift your boyfriend a skincare box that may contain products for pedicure, manicure, or beard care. Such gifts can really show how much you care for him. You may also take this a notch higher by personally engaging in his self-care treatment.

A bath bomb

Nothing beats a gift like a bath bomb. Bath bombs are amazing at making you feel at peace. You man cannot immerse himself in the fun and pleasure of it and miss thinking about you.

Valentines day presents for him

Relive the first date

First dates are always special, especially because they embark on your beautiful journey together. Reliving the first day even without the circumstances can make you both feel butterflies in your bellies. It is a beautiful experience that you can both enjoy and cherish on such a wonderful day.

What to do for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Although gifts can help you make your boyfriend feel special, a touch of personalization is absolutely amazing! However, you need not buy things to make him feel smitten. This is why it is important to put yourself out on a special day like Valentine’s to show what you feel and what he deserves. You can make this auspicious day even better by doing the following:

Making him a handmade card

Efforts and expression play a great deal in instilling emotions, which is why, for such a special day, you should make him a card. No, it is not weird, and no, do not feel judged. No matter how imperfect it is, a handmade card can really portray your feelings for your loved one. The content you write in it is also exceptional and personal to the two of you, which helps increase the same essence.

Blindfolded date

On such a special day, kidnap your love, blindfold him and take him away somewhere. Make sure that all arrangements are for your big day. Also, make sure that you tell about this plan to very selective people so that no one can spoil the priceless, surprised look on his face. The entire experience of going out on a date on a blindfold can make him feel exasperated and happy at the same time.

Making him his favorite food

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, so you should definitely cook something for him. No matter how easy or difficult his favorite dish is, the efforts you invest in preparing it to show how much you care. You may spend a ton of money to buy him something that he may or may not need. But that will not make him feel as special as the food you prepare by yourself; nothing beats efforts.

Preparing him a little fun show

A fun show may involve the preparation of little activities that you both heartily enjoy, for example, playing card games or video games. Such arrangements can help both of you feel at ease with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Moreover, games can aid in bringing out the competitive attitude among you both, which laughs and love can then pacify.

Final thoughts

All days are special with the love of our lives. However, some days need us to really put ourselves out and reveal our inner feelings. Your special day may be on Valentine’s day whereas it may also be on any other day of the year. No matter the occasion, the effort you put in to draw a smile from the face you love is what matters.

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