What to Talk to a Girl About When Trying to Initiate a Conversation

Talking to a girl can be a little awkward and embarrassing when it is the first time. However, this article will give you topics and tips on how and what to talk to a girl.

Moreover, it is important to know how to hold a full conversation with a girl and things to talk about. It is a crucial skill that a guy needs to learn mainly if he wants her to be his girlfriend.

Also, it takes a lot of practice to have a smooth conversation with a girl. Finding topics to talk about can be difficult, but we will make it simple for you.

How to start a conversation with a girl

If you have no idea what to talk about with a girl and cannot come up with any topic, then here are few things that you can say.

Also, you must start the conversation on a positive note if you want her to be attracted to you.

Here are 3 techniques if you have no idea on how to start a conversation with a girl:

Method 1

You can say or comment on something she is wearing or holding. Moreover, it can be a question or a statement; it does not matter. For instance, if she is eating ice cream, you can ask her what flavors she likes or if she can make ice creams.

Another example, pay attention to her clothes and other things. You can tell her about her bag or shoes and how unique it is. Then proceed to ask her from where she got it.

Method 2

You can talk about stuff that is happening around you at that moment. For instance, if you are in a movie theater, you can talk about a particular scene. Or if you are both at a club and if there is a group playing music, you can talk about the band or what songs she likes.

Method 3

You can give her a cute compliment. It is direct, but it is an incredible way to start a conversation. Moreover, it is best if you can be unique with your compliments.

For instance, if she has a lot of piercings, then do not say, “oh you have a lot of piercing that’s cool.” The is because many people probably have talked about her piercing a lot of times, so it is not unique.

However, what you can do is talk about the earring that she is wearing. Tell her how pretty that earring looks on her. Try to give her compliments that are not common.

As you can see, all these techniques include something personal to her. Hence it will be much easier to connect with her.

5 things if you don’t know what to talk to a girl

Not knowing what to talk to a girl can ruin your chance to be with the dream person. Here are five things you can talk about and can have a full conversation with a girl.

#1 Talking about Her

It would help if you told her to talk about things she likes and dislikes. When you show interest in getting to know her, she will feel a lot more comfortable with you and open up.

Moreover, if she talks about herself, you can ask her questions about that stuff, and in this way, the conversation will flow naturally.

#2 Talking About Yourself

This is another topic that you can talk about. However, make sure you do not talk about yourself the whole time.

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But if there is nothing to talk about, you can talk about something you enjoy, such as your hobbies, interests, etc., since you already know about yourself, it should not be difficult to talk about it.

Make sure you listen to her when she wants to say something about one of your hobbies or interest. Do not be conceit and have a healthy conversation.

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#3 Goals and Ambitions

Another thing you can talk about when you do not know what to talk to a girl. When you are talking about goals, you will also get an idea if both of your plans are similar or not.

Furthermore, when you ask about her goals and future plans, make it fun and not like a question in job interviews. You are trying to know her as a person, so be as casual as you can.

#4 Family

Family is a great topic, and you can have a full conversation with a girl about it. Every family is different and has some unique and fun stories that you both can share. Also, it will help you to learn a lot about her and who she is as a person.

So, ask her about her siblings or parents and how she gets along with them. If her family leaves in another city, ask her how often she visits them.

#5 Your surroundings

Often, you do not know what to talk to a girl; hence at those moments, look at your surroundings for some inspiration. For instance, you can talk about the weather but not in a boring, monotonous way like most of the time.

Maybe tell her the weather is very calming, and then tell her that you went on a vacation where the weather is just as relaxing as that day. If you are lucky enough, maybe she even went on the same vacation in the past. Hence you can have a nice conversation about it.

Interesting topics to talk with a girl

#1 The Food or Drinks

This is an obvious topic to talk about when you do not know how to start a conversation with a girl. If you are going to meet up with a girl, then there is a high chance you will be at a restaurant at some point.

Hence, you can ask her if she liked the food, ordered her favorite food, or tried some new dishes.

You never know she might want you to try her food which is a huge plus point when you are out on a date.

#2 Movies

Talking about movies is one of the interesting topics to talk about with a girl. You can know what kind of genre she likes and what is her favorite movies. From movies, the conversation can lead towards which actors she likes or her favorite director.

Also, do not forget to ask her what movie she wants to see next and remember it. Maybe on your next date, you can take her to the theatre to see that movie.

#3 Hobbies

Most people love to talk about their hobbies. Let her talk about her hobbies and show genuine interest. You will see that the chat will follow naturally.

Moreover, if you find a common topic you both like, then nothing like it.

#4 Work

It is a tricky topic, and maybe avoid it on the first date, but it will come up at one point.

Ask about her job but remember it might be a sensitive subject for her. Moreover, if you have a good job, do not brag about it as it will make you look egotistic and arrogant.

Likewise, don’t be too down if your job is not very impressive. Be honest and tell her what you do for a living and then ask her about her work.

#5 TV or Web Series

Another topic on what to talk to a girl is to talk about what you like to watch on TV. However, do not talk like you are an expert though. It makes you look very conceited. Also, ask her about her favorite shows.

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Moreover, remember it is not a competition so don’t test her about a particular show. Also, judging someone based on what they have watched is not cool either.

You need to have patience and have a healthy discussion if you disagree about anything.

#6 Music

Music is also a similar topic to tv shows or movies. While chatting about music, do not overwhelm her by talking about your best 100 albums or songs. A lot of people do that. However, it is not a good conversation.

Furthermore, ask her what she likes. There might be a chance she loves something that you completely hate. But do not get angry or tell her that her music taste is bad.

Things like favorite celebrity, music, movie, or tv shows are a very personal choice, so choofse your words wisely.

How to talk to a girl online

Talking to a girl online, whether by texting or calling, can be a lot easier for many people. Since you do not face to face, it can save you from embarrassing moments.

Here is the list of topics that you can talk about through texting and calling.

Here is the list of questions that you can ask her while texting. All these questions will lead to a full conversation with a girl.

#1 Favourite Place

Ask her about her favorite place in the city and why she likes it. When you meet her next time, meet at her favorite place.

#2 What she does on weekends

Knowing about her weekend plans will give you enough time to make plans with her on the weekends.

For instance, if she likes to read books on weekends, you can plan a cute library date with her.

#3 How she was like a kid

This question will lead you to know whether she was sporty as a kid or if she was more into arts.

For instance, if she says she used to do ice skating but somehow, she does not have the time to do so. Then you can take her to an ice-skating rink. It will be a big surprise to her, and she will know that you are attracted to her.

#4 Ask her to you about something you didn’t know

Now with this question, it is up to her what she will say. She can be casual about it or tell you some secret about her.

If she is hesitating to answer this, it can mean she is probably uninterested.

#5 Do you prefer to go out or stay indoors in your free time

A lot of date ideas you can get depending on her answer. If she says she likes to go out, then there are millions of great options.

However, if she says she likes to stay indoors, there are fewer date options than outdoor, but there are few things you can do.

For instance, you can visit her house and have a meal together. Also, you can go for a movie marathon.

What to Talk to a Girl About When Trying to Initiate a Conversation

Things to talk about with a girl on the phone call

When you are talking on the phone, you need to be spontaneous. If you have no idea what to talk to a girl about on a phone call, then here are some topics that you can talk about.

#1 Start with what interests her. If you are already talking on the phone, then you probably know a little bit about her. So maybe start with her hobbies.

#2 Ask about both her personal and professional goals. Also, if you want to have an idea about her plans, this is a good question to ask.

#3 You can ask her about what surprised people when they know something about her.

#4 One of the things to talk about with a girl on the phone call is family. Ask her if she is more like her mother or father.

#5 There are some deep topics that you can talk about. For instance, ask her what she does when she needs to clear her mind.

#6 You can play games as well. For instance, you can ask each other “what if” questions to get to know each other more.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article is helpful and now you know how and what to talk to a girl when you are on a date. There are hundreds of topics but do not stress over them too much. Moreover, one topic can lead to a completely different topic that you probably didn’t think of.

It would help if you were confident, witty, and honest so that you can have a smooth conversation for hours.

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