How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Through Social Media?

With the introduction of social media, the feel of being in a tangible society has evaporated. It is as if the entire physical world has magically transformed into this virtual thing and whooshed through the screen. Instagram feed is our new living room, WhatsApp group our residential complex’s friends’ circle, and chats our private bedrooms. In this scenario, the question of how to start a conversation with a girl, that too on social media, is something that all wannabe boys poke their head around. But you won’t have to search anymore, because the solution is here.

How to start a conversation with a girl?

The online social world has made us more comfortable inside our homes. Hence, in face conversations have grown more difficult than ever. Even when sitting in a restaurant or roaming in a mall, this thing that is how to start a conversation with a girl pokes your head incessantly. At least, virtually, awkwardness is to their own. But, here you should face it. But, here is a solution box for you.

Compliment shows the day

These days, when everyone feels inferior, someone giving a true compliment means a lot. Start from there.

After meeting the girl, study her characters for a while and then gently compliment her. Also, be honest in that. Women detect lies faster than lie detector machines. If she ever catches you lying, then all your efforts will go down the vain.

You can either compliment her beauty or her skill. You should understand which goddess gets happy with which flower. Accordingly, play your card. This is a good start.

Give a nice introduction of yourself to her

The girl you are dating should be interested in you and should definitely see some spark in your being. So, introduce yourself calmly.

Have a good composure. No matter what is going on in your head, don’t let that reflect in your face.

Tell your name, hobbies, and passion. Also, why you started to talk to her might make her feel important. Your job there is then done.

Find out the missing link

The saying goes, opposites attract. Well, this doesn’t seem right anymore.

With growing complications in our daily life, we are not really able to accommodate behavioral differences. Hence, find out the missing link that links you two. Maybe start with familiarity with some person or an intense liking for some movie.

In this way, you will know this person also. But never ask personal questions. That imbibes a feeling of infringement. Keep to the superficial level on your first date. The rest will be taken care of automatically.

Make her feel important to you

A thing that never fails to work is asking that person’s help and guidance over some issue. Maybe if your workplace is the same, start by seeking her help with something troubling you. This might help you do away with your awkwardness regarding how to start a conversation with a girl.

Ask her how was her day

First-time dates might even kick off with you simply asking a girl how she had spent her day. This shows that you are keen to get to understand her.

If you see that she is a bit down, talk to her in such a way that gets cheered up. Use your sense of humor here.

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Humor is a great way to get a girl, and what is the most suitable place to use that strategy if not the mundane goal-oriented workplace!

These five tips might really help you with the question of how to start a conversation with a girl. Brace yourself, and a great journey is ahead.

How to start a conversation with a girl online?

Now, the real game begins as we enter the virtual junction. Over here, it doesn’t matter whether you are a shy person or an introvert.

The right choice of words can guarantee you a long chat with your girl.

Sense of humor 101

Well, amidst the vast pool of guys floating randomly in social media, how do you assure that she will choose to talk to you? Sense of humor is the key. This helps you get fixed in her eyes.

However, don’t send any offensive jokes. That way, you will lose your only chance. Send some light message which will help you get a good impression at the very beginning.

Her profile is your jackpot

Study her profile. See what her likes and dislikes are. Get the hang of her last read books, last watched movies. Weave your conversations according to that information.

Mutual friend

You can actually start your conversation by mentioning the mutual friend of you two. Find a base by speaking about that person. Also, you can come up with some memories that you have of that person.

Talk about her posts

Online connections can kick start with you talking about the posts that she shares on her wall. Suppose she shared some dog video, then you can begin talking about your own dog, their habits, how you adore them. That way, the girl will feel genuinely connected and attracted to you.


The keyword in starting any online, offline communication of any type is consent. This measures your decency.

Knowing whether she is at all in a mood space to talk to you at that time makes you a good understanding friend at first.

Oftentimes girls get frustrated with boys asking them out without asking if she wants to, or even insisting even after she denies it.

If you maintain that boundary and respect for the girl you intend to talk to, half your work is done.

If you get the hang of the things mentioned in these steps, then you can very well engage in a full conversation with a girl.

Keep your spirit of enthusiasm high throughout. You can actually ask her questions but ensure that you will pay absolute attention while listening.

In the beginning, you can actually start with some pick-up lines. Normally, nerdy ones work better in many places.

But, at places, even the clichéd romantic ones are also your best card.

Whatever you do, if you want to enjoy a full conversation with a girl, don’t go over the top at the very start. Go slow, go steady.

How to start a conversation with a girl texting example

Imagine you bump into a girl of your dreams. You spend a flirty day. Somehow, she gives you her number.

Do you think you have managed to get her heart? No, you haven’t. Basically, the tricky parts start after she gives you her number. ‘

Many times we make a mistake in the very first text. If you want to avoid a horrendously bad impression, avoid texts like, ‘do you remember me?’, ‘nice meeting you, how are you doing?’. These make that person feel that you are trying to rebuild the connection.

So, remind her that you had a gala time together. Well, over here, correct grammar is something that you cannot omit from your head.

Keep in mind that the tone and attitude when you met physically should have a semblance in the online texting world. Otherwise, the girl might feel completely blank while talking to you.

Also, if you haven’t met a girl personally but want to text her virtually for the first time, use the best time-tested opening lines.

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Quickly jump to an analysis of her feature or her post, which should be unique. This will show that you have time for her where you actually attempted to read and observe her. ‘

How to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp?

Getting stuck in online conversations might be very irritating. Most importantly, if you have sent a quiet, vulnerable message to your girl and she leaves it on blue tick, then the game gets a bit tricky.

The best way out from here is to switch off your blue tick. That way, you don’t see if others have read your texts and vice versa.

Also, you can actually switch off your last seen. The girl you are chatting with can’t see you are last seen either, can you? This keeps your anxiety at bay.

If you are very confident with your skills, you can tempt your girl into talking to you.

Stay online, and then don’t really text her. In that way, she will think that you are not giving her importance. She will then long for your text.

Thus, you see the tactics for conversing with a girl in front of her is different than these.

To start a conversation with a girl on social media and start a conversation with a girl on chat can be hard to crack if you don’t follow those steps.

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl on Whatsapp

How to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram

Conversing on Instagram can be a bit tricky as well as easy. Instagram is a vibrant zone. Use your tricks to get going with a nice girl on Instagram. Here is how you can begin.

One among many ways to get her attention is to comment on the pictures of hers. You can weave questions around them.

Comment on posts

Say, for example, if she someday posts a portrait along the seaside. Ask if that is from the last summer. Comment on her cute siblings. This will make her feel familiar with you.

Interact over posts

Another way to start a conversation is obviously by replying to the story she shared. This way, you can bump into interesting topics to chat on. Maybe if she posts any picture of a food that he cooked, ask her about the recipe. Tell her about your cooking interests and share some funny cooking incidents.

Slide into the DM

You can directly message her by texting your name. Your communication should be light. This way, it won’t pressure her, also your earnestness to talk won’t be revealed.

Sent memes

Memes are great saviors. Share a meme with her. Laughs are the gateway to romance. However, this will work if she herself is a meme lover. That is something that you will have to gauge from her Instagram account. Send the popular Instagram memes to get her attention to you.

Boost her campaigns

If she curates a page of her own, that’s great. Show her that you really are a consistent follower of her content. Study them in detail. Pick some interesting aspects of any post.

You can actually go a bit farther and make a critique of something. However, that should be soft. Otherwise, it may lead to disaster. But if you really can manage that well, she will know that you paid attention to her work.

Send her selfies

If you are a bit confident about yourself, you can actually risk-taking a selfie and sending it to her. Sometimes it doesn’t, but sometimes it works very well.

It establishes a certain closeness and comfort between you two. You can actually try captions such as I might actually delete this later but felt cute for the moment hence shared.

Make her want to reply

Another way to get her attention is to post something that you know for sure to reply to. Sometimes the girl even understands the trick. This, in fact, furthers the compatibility between you two.

But for that, you will have to have a genuine interest in her. You will have to study her profile and see her hobbies, where she likes to invest her time and other stuff.

Share your number

You may also try giving her your phone number. Well, for that, you have to understand her type. If she is shy, then this might encroach on her private space. But if she is more comfortable being an extrovert, this might show her that you are interested in her.

Final thoughts

So, study the girl, observe her, and get her mood and converse. How to start a conversation with a girl won’t be as hard as a maths problem then.

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