Toys for One Year Old: Best Gifts for Growing Kids

Buying gifts for anyone takes a lot of thought on the person who gives the gift. No matter how old they are, buying someone a gift is a difficult job. You have to think about their choice and their need before the purchase. If it is for a one year old baby, it is way more complicated. That is true, because, first, you do not know what they like. And second, they do not know what they want. So, it is a real pickle. However, if you are buying something for a one year old baby, you can go for a toy. There are many appropriate toys for one year old boys and girls in the market. It would help if you kept in mind some things before buying any suitable toys for a one year old.

What should you keep in mind while buying toys for one year old?

Young brains learn fast. One year old children are as curious as a meerkat. They want to see, they want to hear, they want to taste. The first thing you need to care about is that the toys should not be sharp or heavy. Sharp toys can prick the baby in the eyes, and babies can drop heavy metallic toys on their feet and get hurt. Secondly, you should not buy any toy that has small parts in it. As you know, one year old babies tend to swallow anything that can fit into their mouth. So, small pieces of a toy could be a choking hazard.

And the most important thing you should remember is that the toys must be educational. At the age of one, babies are at a stage of motor learning. The toys they play with can be something that facilitates their cognitive development as well. These are the unique facts that might help you while buying toys for one year old Mr. Chubby cheeks and Miss Cutie pie. Now, here comes a list of toys that you can purchase and gift those little ones.

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Baby balance bike

If you have seen a one year old, you know how barely they can walk. There is no way one of those messy walkers can ride a bike. But, this baby balance bike is a beautiful toy for your one year old. This bike helps the baby to gain a sense of physical balance. Your baby can ride it both in the house and outside the house. The toy is straightforward to build. You can buy it and bring it home and assemble it on your own. These bikes are of very sturdy quality. This is one of the most suitable toys for a one year old.

Inflatable ducky bathtub

This is one of the safest toys for babies. Inflatable bathtubs do not pose a danger to your baby’s skin. It is soft but textured. So, there is no way your baby would slip in it. These tubs come with an in-built drain system. So, after using it, you can drain the water and deflate the duck and fold it. These tubs are very easy to carry. You can bathe your child in your home in this tub. Or you can carry it to a summer picnic for your baby. This will keep your baby busy in this tub for a half an hour. Bathing your child will be more fun with this cute ducky tub.

ducky bathtub

Animal books

Talking about educational toys for one year old babies, animal books can be good choice. This is nothing but simply books depicting pictures of animals with their names. In some books, the calls of different animals are written beside the animal. So, the baby can identify the animals with their names and learn their calls. These books often come with various nursery rhymes, lower numerical tables, names of different colors, etc. So, this kind of book encourages the infant to memorize multiple things. This is a unique gift for your one year old.

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Developmental Bumpy ball

These balls are also very useful tool in the cognitive development of your one year old pumpkin. There are various textures, colours and shapes of these balls. The babies can grab the balls, chase after it and learn a lot of things at the same time. This is a unique gift for your one year old boy or girl, as it engages multiple senses and triggers development. The balls are soft and devoid of any small part. So, this is never a physical threat to your sweet cheek.

Pounding toys with music

Musical pounding toys are one of the educational toys for one year old babies. There is an instrument on which the baby can pound with hands, creating music. This toy makes the baby understand the relation of cause and its effect.

Geometrical dice games

You can give a one year old baby these amazing dice game. This game makes that innocent one aware of the various shapes of things. This set of shapes can be made of wood. But for a one year child, you must buy the soft ones without any hard or sharp edges. The pack contains a sphere, a triangle, a square, a cylinder, and so on. The best option will be if the shapes are made of foams and cotton. Then this would be one of the safest toys for babies.

Geometrical dice games

Musical rhyming book

This is a book with a button on its side. Once the baby presses the button, the book produces music with numbers and alphabets in it. So, the baby will learn the number and alphabets in a fun way. Each page of this book is full of bright, colorful images of comical figures. Your baby will be pleased to turn the pages and learn exciting things. When was learning this fun?

So, these are the most suitable toys for a one year old. The next time you are at a loss while buying toys for one year old, this article would be helpful.

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