Freaky Things to Do to Your Boyfriend to Keep Up the Spark

Often, you do not know what freaky things to do to your boyfriend, and it can be frustrating. People in relationships always want to keep their love life fun and exciting. So, if you think your love life is turning out to be boring, its time you read our blog!

We will speak about some freaky things to do to your boyfriend and some other tricks to keep the spark of your relationship glowing! Read ahead and bring back the love into your relationship in no time!

11 freaky things to do to your boyfriend

Check out the following:

#1 Tantric Breathing

It is an excellent way to connect with your boyfriend. Here you need to sync your breathing and gaze at each other. Once you do this, you will fill the energy in both of you.

Moreover, the proper way to do this breathing is first to face each other. Now place your hand and place it on your boyfriend’s heart and take his hand and place it over yours. The freehand can be easily kept on the thighs of each other.

Now you have to stare at each other and breathe deeply. Encourage him as well to sync his breathing with yours and stay at the same place.

#2 Dress-up

Role-playing is very popular among couples. There are various kinds of role-paying you can do. For example, you can wear a nurse outfit or a police uniform. There are a lot of options. However, it will only work if your boyfriend is also into role-playing.

Let’s say your partner loves cheerleaders. Then you can wear a cheerleader outfit. Make sure you do it when he is not at home. Once he comes in, make sure the first thing he sees is you.

Another way you can do it where you both pretend to be strangers. You both can go to a club and start talking as if you do not know each other. Also, you can discuss the freaky things you both like. This will turn him, and he will eventually get the old feeling back. Be sure that this meeting is going to turn him on.

#3 Give Him a Massage

One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to give him a sexy and sensual massage. Many people think only women like to get massages, but men love it as much as a woman does. Moreover, you can invest in some scented candles and good body oil.

Now ask him to lie down and start massaging his body. You can either sit beside him or sit on his belly.

#4 Send Your Partner a Sexy Message

Men love it when their girl tells them how much they love and want them. Most men think it is very sexy when you send a sensual text.

Furthermore, the best time to send any sexy text is when you both are apart. So, please send him a text when he is at work or when he goes out to run some errands. This will make him eager to get back to you as this will create a lot of sexual tension between you two.

You can tell him how good he looked when he left for work or how hot he is generally. Texts like these will turn your man immensely.

#5 Play Footsie

Most men think their partner will not do something like footsie. This is because you do it when you are in public. Moreover, you can do it when you are having lunch with your friends or family, or you can do it when you two are on a dinner date.

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First, you need to run your foot slowly up and down his lower leg. Start from the outward section and then go to the inner area of his calf. Furthermore, make sure you keep eye contact with him and try to make it as slow as possible. This will drive him crazy, and he will want to be alone with you as soon as he feels the sensual feeling in him.

#6 Whisper Game

One of the dirty and freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to play the whisper game. The game is about whispering sensual and sexy things in your boyfriend’s ear and at the same time playing with his ear.

Moreover, you can say many things such as you good he looks right now, how much he means to you, or how sexy he looks when he wears a particular piece of cloth. You can flick his ear with the tongue when you are saying these things, and then you can gently bite on his earlobe.

Furthermore, this action with your words will bring a shiver down your man’s spine and make him speechless. You can do this at home when you two are alone, or if you are brave enough, then you can do this in a public place as well.

#7 Little Friction

This is something you can do in a public place, mainly in a club where both of you are dancing. You can choose which part of your body you want to rub against his. Moreover, you have to do it like it was an accident and not on purpose.

Furthermore, you can brush your hand against his thigh and then pretend you do not know what you did. It is an excellent and intelligent way to turn your man on or give him signals you come close to you.

#8 Experiment with Temperature

A very sensual and freaky thing to do to your boyfriend is to play with the temperature. You can drink a hot cup of coffee or iced tea; the choice is yours. Now you can kiss his hand, his wrist, or his neck. Furthermore, the veins are all close on this area; hence it will make him crave more.

Also, the temperature difference will stimulate all his sensitive nerves. You can do this when you both out for an ice cream date, and after eating the ice cream, you can kiss him in any one of those spots. Not only will he be surprised, but it will also blow his mind. Ready, aren’t you?

#9 Lip Tease

Slow or light kissing can be fun and sexy. First, you can kiss him slowly, and then you pull away for few seconds. And this will make him want more. Kiss him again but this time do it more passionately. Do this 2 – 3 times, and be sure it will blow his mind.

To try out something different, you can even do this in a public place!

#10 Be Spontaneous and Adventurous

Being spontaneous might be very interesting and fun. One of the things you can do is when you are in a restaurant you can tell him how hot he is looking or that you want him right now. Also, you might suggest that you want to be freaky with him in the restroom. Many people like the thrill where they might get caught. Are you one of them? If you are, this one is a must-try!

#11 Sit on His Lap

What about a lap dance? A lot of girls sit on their boyfriend’s lap when they start dating. However, over time when the relationship becomes dull and you stop doing such things. So, if you want to spice up your relationship, then sit on his lap and caught him off guard.

You can whisper sensual and freaky things in his ear to set the mood. Once you are comfortable, you can even give him a lap dance; this will surely drive him crazy.

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Freaky Things to Do to Your Boyfriend to Keep Up the Spark

5 things with your mouth that will blow his mind

Check out the following:

#1 Pay Attention to the Ears

Sexologists said that playing with one’s ear makes them go crazy. But it would help if you are slow so that the ear can get all the delicate sensations.

First, you need to place your lips a little bit further than his ear and then sign slowly. Now you can take his earlobe between your teeth or lips and tug it gently. This will stimulate the ending nerve inside his ear and make him go crazy for you.

#2 Do not Forget His Hand and Fingers

Generally, a woman kissing their man’s hand is not that common, but it is very sensual and will blow his mind. What you can do is to keep the tip of the tongue on the webbed area of his fingers, and then you can slowly slide your tongue up and down.

This will make a shiver run down his spine as it has the same effect when you play with his earlobe. If you want to make it more sensual, then you can gently bite on his fingertips.

#3 Ask What He Will Like or What He Want you to do

What can be better than a sensual questionnaire? Asking questions is very sexy, and the answers might be better. You will never know what and how he will answer you, so it makes everything more sensual. Furthermore, you can ask him if he wants to do something or if he likes to try something in the future.

Also, tell him what you want, and we are sure he will be thrilled to please you.

#4 Find His Sensitive Spots

One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to find his sensitive spots. Many people have their sensitivity at the back of their ear, jawline, or a spot in their neck.

A lot of men are embarrassed to say about their sensitive spots and think it’s mainly women who like it, but secretly they love it when you give attention to the areas.

So don’t miss out flickering the sweet spots with your tongue. But be sure to be gentle at first, and then you can be a little rougher once it turns him on!

#5 Experiment with Different Parts of His Body

Other than the neck, jawline, stomach, etc., other parts of his body can make him feel good. One of the spots might be his clavicle, his toes, or his elbows. However, every man is different, so you need to find out which specific part turns him on. So, it is worth trying new different spots.

20 Things to Say to Turn Him On

You know all the freaky things to do to your boyfriend, but there are a lot of things that you can say to him to turn him on and spice things up. So, if you are confused about what to say to your partner, read on! We will suggest some phrases you can use to turn your BF on. Check out the following:

  1. I cannot control myself when we are alone together.
  2. Today I was thinking about you a lot.
  3. You look so hot without your shirt on.
  4. Does it feel nice when I touch your neck or thigh?
  5. I need you right now.
  6. Looking in your eyes can me feel so hot and bothered.
  7. I get shivers whenever you touch my neck or lips.
  8. Your abs or six-packs turn me on so much.
  9. I just woke up, and the thing I want to do is kiss you for a long time.
  10. You really have no idea how much I want you right at this moment?
  11. I am visualizing what it would feel like if we were together right now.
  12. I generally do not say it out loud, but you are so attractive.
  13. Baby, you are getting hotter every day.
  14. I have been thinking hard about what I should do when I see you next time.
  15. Are you free after work? I want you so much as soon as possible.
  16. You are mine. I can never imagine you with someone else.
  17. You are so freaking sexy.
  18. Are you hungry for this night?
  19. I know we haven’t seen each other for weeks now. But I still remember how your hands/lips/body is like it was yesterday.
  20. I am addicted to you so much after yesterday night.

The Final Word

Now, don’t you have a plethora of freaky things to do to your boyfriend? Well, try them out, and we’re sure you will thank us later! All these are things that can turn your BF on and you as well! So, what are you waiting for? Try these out, and be ready to bring back the spark into your relationship!

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