Signs He Is Making Love to You and Falling for You

With the increasingly busy city life, we are becoming lonely day by day. With no one else to accompany and spend time intimately, we sit in front of our laptop screens for hours and then come back home to sleep. But what if, in such hectic office hours or at some leisure period, you meet a person who mingles with you differently? How would you know if that person wants to spend some more time with you and craving for your private company? If you are blind to such hints, then here are some tips that will help you notice the signs he is making love to you.

It would be best if you didn’t confuse between having sex and making love. While casual sex or sexual desire is as regular as each of our physical desires, from hunger to the urge to pee, casual sex often lacks the connection. The main motive behind casual sex is that two persons don’t want any relationship.

Signs he is making love to you

However, suppose you and your partner are vibing alright, and both of you are comfortable sharing an intimate space. In that case, you will see the signs he is making love to you and not only enjoying your body, which, however, is normal if done with mutual consent. So, let’s check out if there are signs he is making love to you.

Eye contact

Whenever two persons are comfortable with one another, they can stare at each other’s eyes without blinking. They will try to read each other’s expressions. Making out becomes all the more wholesome if both of you are maintaining eye contact throughout. In this way, both of you will constantly be communicating even when not talking.


Making love is intimately connected with feelings. If your guy is making love to you, then it is certain he has feelings for you. You will understand that when he kisses you, with your consent, when he caresses your entire body as if he was touching and sniffing a flower gently.

He will implant his kisses in your entire body, and with the gentle touch of his lips, you will get to understand one of the prominent signs he is making love to you.

Signs he is making love to you


The entire procedure of making love will not have lust in it if he has feelings for you. Even if lust comes, then it will be mutually decided. But, otherwise, the whole thing will be adorable, warm, and cozy. He will look up to you and will wait for your complete satisfaction. Making love should be mutual, and he will try to give you utmost pleasure.


There was a great scene in one of the most excellent films on earth, “The Great Indian Marriage,” where the husband and wife were just forced into a marriage and didn’t share even an ounce of love for each other. As procreation is conventionally believed to be a significant aspect of the wedding, so the husband indulged in mandatory sexual intercourse without even participating in foreplay. When the wife asks for it, he says on her face, that I don’t love you that much to indulge in that. So, you see? If your partner is interested in foreplay, that is one of the signs he is making love to you. Because sex is not only about intercourse, it is a wholesome activity, and foreplay is the most crucial part.

He takes his own sweet time

Signs he is making love to you involve that the love-making process will not be a speedy one. He will take it slow. Love-making involves exploration. Your partner will take his time to explore each and every bend and corner in your body. Then he will kiss in those places and will enjoy staying in the mood for a long time. It means he enjoys spending time with you and being intimate with you.

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Love-making can be as sensual as intimately winding up your bodies with one another. Or it can be as ordinary yet intimate as reading books while lying on your partner’s lap and cuddling with him now and then.


One of the essential things is mutual consent and respect. If you see signs, he is making love to you, then, without saying, your partner will respect your boundaries. He won’t dominate you. There won’t be any pestering. Instead, he will accompany you in your journey of self-exploration and will stop where you ask him to.


One of the critical things to emotional bond is letting your guards down. So, if you see your man being vulnerable with you and sharing his deep regrets or passions with you, you will know that that is one of the signs he is making love to you. Or, it works the other way round as well. If he loves you, you will see that he encourages you to be vulnerable with him. Maybe he will cuddle you and embrace you after you are done talking. If you see your man doing that, hug him back because people do not care this much in this rude and selfish world.

Signs she is making love to you

Now, love is a complex thing. It isn’t as simple as we see in romantic movies. Also, people love differently. The stimuli and responses to love are different for different individuals. Not to say that there is a gender binary in love-making, but how a woman would make love to you might differ from how a man makes love. So, here are signs she is making love to you.

Being shy and extra jubilant

If you find your girl shying away from you, that is a sure sign that she loves you. Also, in some cases, girls tend to be extra cheerful around the person she loves. She will be in her best mood, and she will crack jokes which will make you laugh. She might also pull your legs. This means she is giving her attention to you. Please don’t lose it.

Signs She Is Making Love to You

Curling up your body

While being intimate, if you find your girl is trying to hold you close to her and allow you to rest your head on her chest, that is the most positive sign she is making love to you.

Kissing gently

If she is in love with you, she will enjoy the attention and try to give you attention. So, if you see that while being intimate, she gently implants a kiss on your body and cares for you, then don’t wait for anything else; she is your girl!

Signs he loves you secretly

Often we are caught in a deadlock when someone feels something for you, something real, but due to their introverted nature, they can’t come with the right way to express it. So, how do you know if someone is in love with you but can’t express it openly? Here are some signs he is falling for you secretly.

Smiles are gateways

If you see that when the guy passes by, he smiles at you awkwardly, it means he wants to communicate and start conversing; he is just facing a shortage of good words.

Your presence seems to work like magic in him. You seem to uplift his mood instantly.

An effort a day opens love’s way

If you notice him making an effort to initiate a conversation or say perhaps he asks you out, then well, you have found a man for yourself. If you are in the right mood to take a plunge into a relationship, then this is your chance!

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Promises aren’t only meant to be given. They are intended to be kept. If you see that the guy is good at keeping the promises that he has made, then understand that he is committed to you and has a genuine feeling towards you.

Three hidden signs a man is falling in love with you

Also, a study says that it takes approximately 3 months and around 4 and half months for a man and woman to utter the four-lettered word that is love. So, these are the ways how you will understand that these are the signs he is slowly falling for you.

The guy will always be in high praise for you. He will have your back and never let you down. You might have differences in opinion, but both of you will settle the disputes through affection and understanding.

Emotional fragility

If you see the person comfortable sharing his most sorry details with you, he is letting his guards down. That is a complete green signal that he loves you and wants to connect with you deeply.


This is one thing you will know that he is not using you as time passes; instead, he wants to be present with you and spend some quality time together. He will invest in you only if he takes an interest in you. Or else, move on; he is not suitable for you and worth your time.

Friend circle

If he is committed to you, then he will try and introduce you to his friend circle. You will feel at home with him around you. Also, he will show some interest in your friend circle and will be highly excited to meet them. In one sentence, he will try and build a home around you, if not with wood and cement, but with warmth, love, and presence. So, these are the signs he is slowly falling for you.

How to tell he loves you by his kiss?

Often, we feel deceived in times of intimacy. Despite being vocal about how we love each other, some touch some glances, and some moves seem to speak otherwise. Kissing seems to be the most revealing of all such actions. So, here are some signs which will help you know how to tell he loves you by his kiss.

French kiss

“Your lips my lips apocalypse” is the best way to describe a French kiss. French kiss is something very profoundly passionate. With tongues colliding with one another, you seem to immerse yourself in the soul and heart, and body of your partner. A particular type of passionate hunger seems to guide both of you. This means he indeed loves you.

Forehead kiss

If you see that your partner embraces you and gently implants a kiss on your forehead, then that means he has a deep love and warmth in store for you.

A neck kiss is also very sensual; a kiss beneath your ears and your shoulder means he loves you in your entirety and caresses your whole body. These are also major turn on-s for many women. So, if you find your man doing this to you, then congratulations have met the right person. Enjoy your time with him.

Signs he wants you badly sexually

Ultimately, we come to the part which nobody can ignore. Sexual attraction and desire are something that we are the least educated about, but most of us feel this urge very strongly. Many asexual persons whose desires and wishes to not indulge in any sexual activity are entirely valid. But for those highly interested in sexual activity here, you have some signs he wants you badly sexually.


If he wants to lease you sexually and has an irresistible desire to indulge in a sexual encounter with you, he will not stick to the ordinary. He will try and find newer details and innovations in sexual intercourse.


As Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the creator of Fleabag said, the hot priest became such a sensation because, unlike others, he listened to Fleabag he observed her. So, if the person pays you the attention and remembers minute details about you, you should understand that he has a deep love interest in you which might lead to an intense, passionate sexual encounter.

Final Thoughts

So, here you have this detailed guide to read signs he is making love to you and then act accordingly. So, why wait any longer. If you think you have found the right person, don’t wait for time to create a gap between you two. Grab the day as long as it is young. Life is too short to hold back feelings and emotions. Carpe Diem!

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