Presents for 1 Year Old Girl: Best Gifts for the Festive Season

As per studies, a female child grows quicker compared to a male child. From movements to actions, from understanding to acceptance, it is usually faster for them. Thus, when looking for presents for 1 year old girl, you will have to do a little more thinking.

The gifts we list here are examples of things you can buy for them, considering that they will develop even faster as they turn two. These gifts are not just toys but also interactive means of learning.

Kids love gifts and toys. They might forget the name who gave it to them, but they won’t forget what you gifted them. You may find it challenging to choose the right present for 1 year old girl. The present must be unique as well as safe and should help them in their future development.

Presents for 1 year old girl

A 1 year old girl needs every attention, and in the form of toys, they will be taking their first steps through crawling and walking. Indeed a 1 year old girl will have a desire to explore the whole world sitting in her bed. So, you would want to give her the best present which can provide her utmost activeness.

Whether it’s a birthday or holiday present, you must give a lot of thought to find the best gifts for 1 year old girl. Here are some suggestions for the same:

Mary Meyer Taggies Developmental Baby Doll

Mary Meyer Taggies baby doll is 8 inches soft, tall pink doll. This has multiple options on texture and fabric, which help your baby acquaint with such determinants.

The doll has a beautiful pretty hat, embroidered face, silk feet, and soft body. It’s a perfect present for 1 year old girl.

The washing is effortless and keeps the bright colors intact. The durability is long too. The baby girl will get encouragement to grasp the doll, which will help their finger and hand agility. If the 1 year old baby girl likes to sleep with dolls, this can be a perfect option.

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  • Weighs light so easy to carry
  • Encourage stimulation and agility of the fingers and hands
  • You can wash the doll in the washing machine
  • The quality of the Mary Meyer Taggies baby doll is very high and also safe to use


  • It doesn’t come in different colors, only in pink
  • The doll is moderately small
presents for 1 year old girl
Image Credit: Amazon

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack will not just entertain the baby girl but also play an essential part in their color recognition.

It’s a stack of five different size rings of different colors. The child will have fun grasping the colorful rings. Moreover, there is a yellow post that stacks all the rings.

This toy promotes color recognition, grasp practicing, and stacking. Every ring is of bright color.

The smallest ring contains small beads inside it. The child will have fun while shaking it by its rattling sound.

The baby girl can see the beads also through the reflective surface of the ring. This game promotes the early sitting of the child.

The Fisher-Price develops hand-eye coordination, motor skills, relativity, and recognition of size. The toy’s plastic body is easily washable and won’t harm the child if she is teething. This is an excellent present for 1 year old girl to teach her stacking.


  • The smallest ring has a reflective surface through which the child can see the beads and, while shaking it has fun with its sound
  • It promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Introduction to the recognition of size and relativity
  • It helps to acquaint with gross motor skills


  • The stacking post is not strong enough and comes apart
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack
Image Credit: YouTube

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Musical Mirror

Fisher Price laughs and learning magical musical mirrors can prove to be an excellent present for a 1 year old girl as it helps explore and promotes confidence. This toy engages the baby girl’s explorative mind and develops friendship skills.

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It gives the baby girl the first opportunity to introduce herself with glamming play. She gets to comb her hair, hold lipstick, and other accessories.

The playlist makes her learn to count those accessories. She will develop color and alphabet identification. The differentiation can be more comfortable.

The mirror has 15 songs, phrases, and tunes, which a baby girl learns by singing along. There is also a sense of discipline in this toy as the child would learn to organize the accessories properly.

The quality of it is also outstanding. If the girl likes to imitate people doing makeup, this toy is one of the best presents for 1 year old girl.


  • The baby gets introduction with alphabets, numeric, textures, and colors
  • Safe to play with
  • Promotes friendliness
  • Baby girl and mother grows to bond while have a playtime
  • Introduced to glamming skills


  • The price of the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Musical Mirror is high
presents for 1 year old girl
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Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

It can be one of the intriguing presents for 1 year old girl. It stimulates brain development with entertainment.

The 5-sided cube can engage the baby girl for hours. It can make her learn different alphabets counting abacus. The toy has characteristics of different entertaining gears, roller coasters.

The child learns hand-eye coordination, sensory skills, colors, and numbers. It’s safe and durable for the children. This game is sure to catch the attention of a 1 year old baby girl.

They will get to explore the pathfinders. The wires are also durable, so a child can continuously use it without spoiling it. The shape of it is moderately fair enough to fit into her play rack.


  • No hassles while cleaning
  • High durability
  • Lack of loose parts
  • BPA free and nontoxic


  • It weighs a bit heavy, and the baby will need help using it
presents for 1 year old girl
Image Credit: Sensory Edge

Final thoughts

1 year old is when the child starts to develop their essential learning by touching, watching, hearing, and more.

It’s the parents’ responsibility to facilitate help through different measures, either by giving them exciting toys or, more importantly, time and care.

At this time of changing technology and morale, you always want her to value herself and be ahead of time. So, choose presents that will help her grow and not just play.

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