Wall Painting Designs for Living Room and Tips to Choose

Your living room gives the first impression anyone has about you and your family when entering your house. It reflects the taste, personality, and mindset. So, it would help if you adopted exciting wall painting designs for living room.

If you don’t know where to start, we thought of highlighting our blog on some intriguing and fascinating color schemes. Please scroll down to check out the best wall painting ideas for living room.

Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Your living room is an area that you spend most of your time. Also, it is a space that reflects the mutual taste of your family members. All of you might settle for some bright, vibrant, or neutral colors. And to do that, you do not have to search anymore. This blog will give you the best color for living room walls that suits your taste.

So, the following wall painting designs for living room are:

Mint Green

If you are looking for wall painting ideas for home, then you indeed cannot miss out on the mint green color. It gives your living room a fresh feel. You will get the feeling of rejuvenation once you get into your sitting area. Also, the mint green is so versatile that it can keep changing with how the natural lights touch the wall. It varies from soft sea green to a sharp mint green color. Try pairing up the mint green wall painting with some white furniture to make your living room set look outstanding.

Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Matte White

One can never go wrong with white when looking at the wall painting designs for living room. It is such a color that goes never gets out of fashion. More so, you can do so much with your décor, flooring and furniture when you make your walls white. Whether you are someone who likes a modern, bohemian, or traditional look, white paint is the best color for living room walls.

Royal Blue

The royal blue is such a color that it can effortlessly give you the feel of a vacation. You get the essence of an island by looking out of your living room window. Though the color is bold and vibrant, the royal blue color has a calm and serene feel. Try pairing the color with brown or cream to create your living room a charming space.

Dark Gray

Dark gray gives your living room a sophisticated look. When you look at the wall paint colors catalog, you will notice that dark gray counts among the popular colors used in America. You can try pairing up a linen sofa and place a few natural greens into your living space setting to get a fresh feel. With a pop of red here and there, the area is indeed going to be an intriguing space.

Marine Blue and White

Blue is a natural color that comes in different hues when you look at Mother Nature. So, you can strike a balance of white and marine blue to create a perfect ambiance in your living room. Add in some wooden furniture ad greens to give the space a dramatic look too. When you place all the room elements correctly, it must give you a satisfying and pleasing feel. When shortlisting the wall painting designs for living room, remember to keep other factors in mind.

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Blue and White

Sage Green

Do you love strolling around the forests? Well, then you can indeed bring in the feel of nature with this stunning green color. Decorate the area with some brown and red pops to give the room a perfect sense of nature.

You should set up your living space so that it gives you a refreshing and tranquilizing feel. And to that, use the sage green color and place the elements of the room correctly.


Are you wondering coral is a girl bedroom wall color? Well, not! It is a color that is in trend. So, if you want to give your living walls a bubblegum feel, go for the coral color. Once you enter this room, you will feel cheerful and happy.

Pair up the room with some greens, whites, and light brown in the décor, furniture, and flooring. These colors go well with the coral hues and give them a romantic glow too.


Violet can give your room a dramatic and luxurious look. You’ll see that violet brings about a vibrant yet soothing sensation into the living room. Try incorporating another contrasting color on the ceiling to bring about the best in violet.

You can also try out making a violet accent wall and paint the other walls another contrasting color. Place an antique mirror to bring about a stunning look to your room. You can count violet among the best wall painting designs for living room for this color’s versatility.

Pale Blue

Pale Blue paint is one of the best colors for living room walls. You can try painting the walls pale blue and the ceiling white to create an airy and light feel in the living room. Add in the minimal elements to allow the colors and accessories to blend well into your favorite space.


The cream tone is slightly warmer than the color white, but you can still consider it as a neutral hue. Cream is such a versatile color that allows you so much with it. Try pairing out the cream walls with a velvet sofa, brass ornaments, antique mirrors, and an opalescent rug.

You can also try placing oak furniture here and there to bring about a traditional and sophisticated look. When thinking about the wall painting designs for living room, don’t miss out on cream on the list!

Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Vivid Green

A recent trend nowadays is vivid green. If you can get kitchen sets and cars in the green hue, why can’t your living room walls be green? Green is the color of nature and can give you a pleasing and happy feeling. More so, it a bright and refreshing color that is undoubtedly going to be eye-catching.

Bright Yellow

The living room is the first thing one sees when they enter your house. And there is nothing like a bright, happy, and rejuvenating yellow on the walls. So, you can make an accent wall with bright yellow and paint the ceiling white to give the living room a stunning look. Place some greens and pops of red or dark blue to boost up emotions in the room.

Tips to Choose Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Once you are looking at the house painting designs and colors, you should know how to magnify its looks. So, a few helpful tips will help you give your living room a fantastic look.

Putting together a beautiful and magnificent house can be a little tricky. But the tips below are indeed the best and will help you immensely.

So, let us check out what the tips for selecting wall painting designs for the living room are:

Tip 1: Select your décor and furniture before selecting wall paintings

It is quite natural that you would want to finish off your wall painting, as it is easier done in an empty room. But if you wish to get optimum results, selecting your furniture and décor first is crucial. Once you are done getting your favorite décor and furniture, start checking out the wall painting designs for the living room.

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Tip 2: Go through the recent wall painting designs for living room

It’s best you do a little research and then settle for the best color for living room walls. After you get the furniture of your choice, then see wall painting designs pictures for living room online. Only then get an idea of how you can set up your sitting area.

Tip 3: Try to maintain a balance and neutrality with the wall paints

When thinking of designing your living room, you need to select one place you want to highlight. You can try making an accent wall and place some antique pieces to make it the room’s main focal point.

Once you finish setting the center of focus, start decorating the other walls and sides of the room with subtle elements. Keep the other wall paintings neutral, with minimal components. You will then see the accent wall pop up when you do this, giving the living room a look you’ve been longing for.

Tip 4: Before painting the room, use testers

Before you settle for the choice of your wall paint, try using testers. You can effortlessly get them available and check out the lights reflect at each part of the day.

Once you can ensure this, you can be sure to get the best wall color for living room in your house.

Tip 5: Start testing your choice colors against the drapes and furniture

Besides testing the wall paint choice on the walls, put them against the elements and furniture present in the area.

If you think that the tester is a small piece, you can try painting on a poster board and put it up against fabrics and furniture. And once you see the colors going well with the set-up, start painting the walls.

Tip 6: Select your favorite sheen

Another very crucial tip you need to keep in mind is selecting the perfect sheen. Several companies offer different sheen types like flat matte, satin finish, high gloss, and much more. So, pick the correct sheen that suits your taste, and the living room is essential.

Tip 7: try to understand the undertones

It’s best you test the undertones on the wall. You can try placing a small strip on the wall to avoid making your walls too dark. When you are testing the undertones, select the darkest color to be sure of the tone you are looking for.

Another essential thing you must know when talking about painting your living room is understanding the difference between a calm and warm undertone. Try understanding the effect of the undertone before you settle for the best one.

Tip 8: Keep a color coordination

It is always not good to try experimenting with colors. That is because if you are not sure, the full color coordination can go off.

Also, try maintaining consistency in different room parts to get the perfect color coordination in your living room. All the colors in all your rooms should complement each other.

Tip 9: Try to follow the three-color rule

The wall colour combination for living room should be limit to two and a maximum of three colors. It is an excellent strategy that brightens up any space and gives it a great look. A ratio you can try out is 2:3:6 for dark, medium, and light. This tip will help immensely to bring out an even finish to the walls.

Tip 10: Choose the perfect color palette

You can try buying a color wheel before thinking about painting the walls of your living room. If you look at the red shade in the color wheel, you will find it t gradually move onto the shades of pink and then orange. Similarly, you will see the colors change. So, once you have the color palette at hand, you can select the wall paints accordingly.

Final Thoughts

As we end our blog today, you indeed have some of the best wall painting designs for living to try. All these colors are versatile and can fit in well with various furniture, décor, and flooring. But it’s best you choose the colors to paint your walls after selecting the furniture.

Also, the tips above will help you tremendously to bring out the best in your living room. So, please select the best color for your living room and let us know in the comment section below!

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