Wall Painting Design for Bedroom: 20 Best Color Schemes

Are you desperately in need of a change in your bedroom? Do you think that changing your bedroom look involves a lot of money? Well, no! You can try revamping your bedroom by changing the wall painting. It does not require you to indulge in buying expensive decorations, furniture, or flooring. All you need to do is select the perfect wall painting design for a bedroom that suits your taste.

If the vast color ranges confuse you, then you are indeed reading the right space. Here we have made a fantastic lineup of colors that will give your bedroom a perfect makeover. So, let’s quickly check out some fabulous bedroom painting ideas right here in this blog!

Wall Painting Design for Bedroom

Are you in search of the best color for bedroom walls? Worry not! The list below has a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Here we have one, two-color combination for bedroom walls and much more!

The following wall painting design for the bedroom are:

Pale Pallet

For a change, you can try a pale pallet and give your room a relaxing feel. By applying a pale gray, you are effortlessly matching up all the furniture and décor that exists in your bedroom. Are you thinking it is going to look boring? Well, not at all. Giving your bedroom this pale grey color can increase the depth without trying out any other color contrasts.

Blue Escape

If you wish to get yourself lost in the feel of mountains and sense the fountain around you- try out the blue escape. It will give your bedroom an airy and light feeling that you want to experience before you sleep. So, give your personal space a crisp and lovely canvas by painting the walls with a bright blue escape.

Dreamy Purple

Another tranquil and serene color you can paint your bedroom with is lavender. It gives the room a lovely sense of peacefulness. You can try placing a diffuser with a lavender aroma and get the feel of sitting in the garden amidst your exotic smell. Apart from using lavender for a master or guest bedroom, you can use this color to paint your child’s nursery too. It is such a versatile color that can be suitable for both kids and adults.

Wall Painting Design for Bedroom

Brilliant Green

Green is in total trendy nowadays. You get green modular kitchens, cars, and so much more. It will give your bedroom a bright and marvelous look that will catch anyone’s eyes who enters the bedroom. Moreover, green has an immense capability to boost up moods and also please everyone seeing it. Be it in gardens or your bedroom. You can try painting your child’s bedroom with this brilliant green color.

Dreamy Cream

If you want to opt for light colors, then the cream is a great choice for wall painting design for bedroom. If your room has all oak furniture, then this color is ideal. Try pairing up a cozy and comfortable bedding along with it to give your bedroom a perfect look.

Also, another place to incorporate this color scheme is in a countryside house. You can try out near a lakeside guest house too. All the colors will merge with nature and give your bedrooms a place to relax.

Bright Yellow

The bright yellow is always an ideal choice for wall painting ideas for living room and bedroom. Yellow can bring a lot of positivity and give you a happy and fresh feeling. It is immensely capable of helping you keep your problems at bay. If you wish to bring that sense of belongingness and positivity, try out the bright yellow wall painting design for the bedroom.

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Pink Ecstasy

You can never go wrong with pink when thinking of wall painting ideas for a girl’s bedroom. It brings in a soft, playful, and yet happy tone for children. The pink color is also a perfect match to the straightforward, playful, and honest mindset of children. Nowadays, several paint companies offer an extraordinary pink palate that gives rooms a modern yet fascinating look.

Wall Painting Design for Bedroom

Yellows and Grays

If you’re looking for a two-color combination for bedroom walls, then try out the yellow and gray paints. It brings together a charming look, and the yellow compliments the gray walls very well. You can try painting your master bedroom with a color theme to bring in a bright yet soothing look.

Cream and White

If you want a two-color combination and yet want it to be calm and soothing, try out the cream and white wall painting. Both these light colors give your room a serene look and allow all the furniture and décor in your bedroom to stand out. This combination is also significant if you wish to bring in some natural light that shines throughout your bedroom. But you must be a little careful in maintaining this light hue, as any dirt will be visible. So, use this color theme in your guest or master bedroom, as it is not ideal for a children’s bedroom.

Teal and Blue

The color blue and teal are a great combination if you want to give your bedroom a vibrant and fun look. It has an amazingly modern look that can outstand any other two-color combination for bedroom walls. Apart from having a dynamic look, you can try out this teal and blue combination for calming and soothing effects too. If you wish to get the feel of two extreme emotions, try out this wall painting design for the bedroom.

blue bedroom walls

Happy Blue with Floral Patterns

You can never go wrong when it comes to floral patterns. They are indeed a perfect choice for giving your bedroom a unique and bright look. You can try out a combination of one color on three walls and try out a floral print on one wall. It brings out a serene yet happening look to your bedroom.

The subdued beige color present in the floral print wallpaper contrasts the solid hues of the other walls. You can try combining some white furniture and fluffy mats to give your bedroom definition. Do try out this wall painting design for the bedroom, and let us know in the comment section how it turned out to be!

Coral and Navy Blue

Are you wondering how navy blue and coral can combine? Well, it makes a striking combination and is capable of giving your bedroom an extraordinary look. It blends well with both traditional and modern furniture. Try popping in a few light yellows and whites through cushions and pillows to give your room a gorgeous look!

Tan Walls

Are you thinking that the tans walls are going to be boring? Well, not at all! The slight gold mix in the color tan gives it a perfect look for bedrooms. You can go for a white ceiling and paint the walls tan. Moreover, it works perfectly for any kind of decoration furniture that suits your taste. Tan can blend in well with any existing furniture you have. So, don’t worry about spending on new furniture when thinking of giving your bedroom a new look.

Mint Green

Apart from experiencing a soothing and serene feel with the mint green, you can get rid of stress and anxiety too. A recent study shares that mint green can quickly boost a person’s mood and improve their mental state. You can try pairing this room with some white décor to make to room look big and airy. Also, some pink pops here and there can enhance the way your bedroom looks. So, if you’re making a list of wall painting ideas, do not miss out on the mint green hue!

Blue and Brown

You can refer to brown as the new black! As you can never go wrong with wearing black in colors, brown is another natural color ideal for home décor. Since it is a neutral color, you can try combining them with any other color. And especially when you are talking about the color of the sky – blue.

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Both these are nature’s colors and probably interact with each other in your bedroom. The combination indeed brings in calmness, which is what you look for as you enter your bedroom.

You can try both these color combinations on the wall or even try incorporating any of the hues through accessories. You can try it if it suits your budget. However, painting your walls with brown and blue will also work flawlessly to enhance your bedroom look.

Sage Green

Do you like strolling around the woods with moss green around? Well, then the sage green hue is a perfect wall painting design for your bedroom. You can get a woodsy, mossy effect into your bedroom if you use this color scheme. It is a modern color choice that pairs well with all wooden furniture giving your bedroom a perfect feel of going around the woods.

Fire Colors

If you want to bring a fiery look to your room, try out a combination of three colors – yellow, orange, and red. It creates a lovely base and brings out a perfect warm feeling. You can go for an accent wall and then try contrasting the other two colors. You can also incorporate these three colors on the wall by making two accent walls and letting the third one contrast the others.

These colors can work flawlessly with wooden or any other furniture. All three colors are fun, stimulating, vibrant, and intriguing. Also, the combination great to motivate your mood and give you a fresh feeling the next morning.

Brick wall painting

This wall painting design for the bedroom is everyone’s favorite nowadays! Brick walls bring in a chic and rustic look, giving your bedroom an excellent décor. It would help if you incorporated a brick wall into your bedroom by making one accent wall with a brick pattern.

These brick wall ideas bring about an earthy feel. It also gives a sense of warmth. You can try adding some antique mirrors or classic paintings to bring out the pop into your bedroom. When you keep the other elements in the room subtle, only then does the brick wall stand out.

The use of natural plants, stone carvings, and metal elements help in giving your brick wall bedroom a lovely look. You can try the brick with different colors or try keeping the natural.

brick wall

Strawberry Cheesecake Color Scheme

Are you wondering how your favorite cake has made it to the list of wall paints? Well, not the cake, but the colors it comes in is indeed one of the best wall painting ideas to try.

You can try mixing some pinks, creams, and browns to create a unique and fascinating color scheme with these hues. It’ll give your bedroom a refreshing and tranquilizing feel once you place these colors correctly in your room. So, if you want to get the feeling of eating a piece of your favorite cheesecake, incorporate this color into your bedroom walls.

Turquoise and Green

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear green? Don’t you think about the trees? And turquoise indeed reminds you about the vast ocean. So, don’t you think it will create magic when you put together these two fantastic colors?

This combination can blend in well with any furniture, décor, or flooring for its versatility. You only need to choose your accent wall and contrast the green wisely in your bedroom. Try incorporating them subtly to bring out the best of both these marvelous colors.

Final Thoughts

As we have a platter of all the bedroom painting ideas, choosing from them shouldn’t be too difficult. Whether you love green, pink, purple, blue, or tan, the list above indeed has a variety of options for you to choose from.

To revamp your bedroom, you don’t need to spend much on your new décor or furniture. Swapping around a few things and trying out your favorite wall painting design for the bedroom will make your makeover fantastic.

So, select the color schemes well and let us know how your new bedroom look turned out to be in the comment section below!

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