Simda Dating App Mod Download, Usage, and What to Expect

Do you want to know what is Simda dating app? Well, here we come up with all the details you wish to know about the dating app. So, read on below, and you will have all the information you would need to know about this application!

Simda dating app is an application where one can find their true love and have many adventurous dates. This app is inspired by the app called “Tinder,” which is another dating app.

You can make characters fall in love with each other. On the phone, under “Phone Social Menu,” you can find the “Simda dating app menu.” Also, on PC and tablet, there is a chatroom section. Here you can chat with different Sims. Well, that is not all! There is a lot more to it! Please scroll down to know it all!

Different types of relationship on Simda Dating App

Here is a list of different types of relationships you can go on through the Simda dating application:

Blind dates or specific dates

Both of these dates are almost the same, except in blind dates, the Sims won’t know who will be their date. Once the date is fixed, you need to select the location where the Sims will meet. It can be at any public spot such as restaurants, parks, etc.

Now depending on the Sims, the date can go good, bad, and awesome. If the Sims have had an awesome date, then there will be special events where the Sims need to stay together till the event is complete. This will make the relationship even stronger. However, if one of the Sims leaves, then these extra points won’t be added to the relationship status.

One night stand

If you want your Sims not to have a proper relationship, then “one night stand” is the best option. For this, you have to select a Sim who will come to the house a lot. Here you won’t have a relationship or friendship.

There are some options in the game that you can choose, such as bed, bush, hot tub, telescope, tent, stream room, lighthouse, rocketship, and coffin (vampire edition).

Hook Up Calls from NPCs

If the “Hook-Up Call” is enabled, then there is a chance that the Sim will get a call from the NPC. However, if the Sim will go or not, that depends on you. If you accept the invitation, then the Sim will go to the “rabbit hole” mode for 2 – 3 hours.

About addons

All ages and non-single Sims are allowed to go on blind dates in the main mod. However, if you want a blind date of the same age and only single Sims where all NPCs are single, you need some addons.

Addons on pregnancy chances:

You can change whether you want your Sims to get pregnant on hook-up calls or one-night stands. Most people set it at 5%. However, you can increase it on addons, or you can disable it completely. Here are the following percentages:

Zero percent

This means pregnancy is disabled for all ages. Also, this is the same when the Sims will be on their menstrual period or are already pregnant.

From 5 – 90 percent

Here the Sims might get pregnant. The more the percentage is Sims has more chance to get pregnant.

100 percent

The Sims will get pregnant for sure when it is set at 100.


Here you can block all teen pregnancies on your Sims. But this will not affect pregnancy chances in young adults.

Other addons:

Same age on blind dates

The Sims that will be available for blind dates will be the same age as your Sim.

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Singles only

NPCs who are not in a relationship will be available in this mod.

Holiday Tradition Goals

This is a seasonal addon. All the dates such as one night stand, blind or specific date will do one holiday-related task when this addon is enabled.

Aspiration Goals

This is the “serial romantic: mod where the Sims will go on two dates and will earn gold on the 3rd date. They will be labeled as “soulmates.”

No F world

When this is on, the Sims won’t be using the F word used primarily on the “hook up call.” You have to put this addon on the same file as the main mod. Make sure you do not delete the “!” which will be there at the beginning.

Compatible addons

Wicked Whims (WW) Addon

The Sims will not get rejected after they are asked for a “one night stand” even after saying “hi” once. Moreover, they will get a WW Trait which will be added via addon using the WW website. This trait gives the Sims a big boost; hence they will not get rejected by most Sims when this is on.

How to install ‘SimDa’ dating app mod?

One of the most popular modders is LittleMsSam, which provides the Simda dating app. It also gives you more options for dating, which is quite the same as the matchmaker in Sims 2. You can choose the cute stranger that walked past you or a random dude in a coffee shop. The options are limitless. It is exactly like how Tinder works in the real world.

Furthermore, you try out different types of relationships such as long-term relation, blind dates, hook-ups, or just a one-night stand. You can even create multiple Sims and give them different kinds of relationships.

How to install the Mod version of the app?

Step 1

First, you need to visit the website of LittleMsSam. You can also find the link to the app on their Tumblr.

Step 2

Tap on “download.” It is best if you click on “dropbox.”

So that whenever the mod gets updated, you will get notified on the app. Also, you need to reinstall this mod from time to time to get the latest version.

Step 3

Tap on the “click download.” It will appear on the right side. However, if it asks you to sign in, you need to exit the website and visit the website again. Open the download folder.

Step 4

Unzip and use 7-Zip. You need to right-click on the folder and move all the files from this folder to the mods folder. The mods folder will be at: documents – electronic arts – Sims 4 – mods – Simda dating app.

Furthermore, do not move the previous folder to the mods folder, then the app will not work. Now open any folders which are inside the zipped folder, then move all the files.

Step 5

You can now play the game. Make sure script mods and mods are all enabled in the game.

Simda Dating App Mod – Teen pregnancy- Reddit

Sometimes the teen Sims can get pregnant even if the chances of pregnancy are as low as 20 – 25%. Once a teen is pregnant, you will get a notification that she is eating for two people now.

However, you might not see any bump or pregnant mood on. Also, you cannot age her up once she is pregnant.

However, you can age her up once she gives birth. If you have extra MCCC, you can even speed up the pregnancy process, and she can go to labor within a few hours.

The Sims 4 dating app mod

Simda dating app is for Sims 4, where you can find the perfect partner for the Sim. If you want your Sim to have a partner, then go to every public place in the game 3 – 4 times a day. This dating mod is available from all devices. So you already have 4 choices for your Sim: specific dates, blind dates, one-night stand, and hook-up calls from NPCs.

Furthermore, you have to click on Sim’s mobile then access the Simda tab. Now select any option and then select a Sim. However, for a blind date, you cannot choose the Sim you want your Sim to go on a date with. A chatroom is there where your Sim can flirt with other Sims. But chatroom is not available on the phone only on tablets and PC.

What type of Sims is on Simda?

All the Sims will appear in the default settings whether they are single, or has a partner, or married. Also, all age groups will appear. But if you want a specific feature that is only single Sims or a particular age group, you need to download some add-ons.

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Simda Dating App Mod

Relationship Cheats on Sims 4

Many players use cheats to build any relation between 2 Sims as the traditional way takes a lot of time to become friends or be in a relationship. Since most of the tasks are very similar and you will get the same results, most players use relationship cheats. Here are some things you need to know about cheats on Sims 4:

How can the cheat help the players on the Sims 4?

Cheats will give the Sims best results in friendships and relationships between 2 Sims in the game, depending on what you chose in the game.

Due to this cheat, you can make the different types of storylines between these 2 Sims. For example, you can make the 2 Sims be in love with each other and in a matter of seconds, you can make them hate each other.

You need to enable cheats in the game if you want to use the relationship cheats for your Sims.

How to enable relationship cheats in the game?

It is one of the easiest processes to enable relationship cheats in Sims 4. Moreover, you need to do only a few steps before you can activate any cheat that you would like.

Firstly, you need to do is open the cheat box or the command console in Sims 4. You can get the cheat box when you do a combo of Control + Shift + C on the keyboard. For mac users, you have to use the command button instead of shift.

Furthermore, if you are using Xbox or PS4 for the Sims 4, then you need to hold down the 4 keys on the controller. After this, you need to write “testing cheats true” on the cheat box that will appear and then press enter key.

The default characteristic of the game is not to let the players do any cheats in the game. But “testing cheats” does remove all the difficulties, and you can access all types of cheats after doing this. Hence just use “testing cheats true” before you do any cheats, and it will work perfectly.

How to use the relationship cheat in the Sims 4?

There is a relation cheat on sims which has 4 parts. If you want this cheat to work, they need to be in the correct order. The cheat is:

Modify relationship – (then put the first name of sim 1) (last name of the sim 1) (first name of the sim 2) (last name of the sim 2) (# the strength of the relationship) (the type of relationship you want).

This might be kind of confusing, especially for beginners. Hence below there are few things to explain:

Step 1

Modify relationships will stay the same always.

Step 2

The 2nd part is the “then put the first name of sim 1,” “the last name of the sim 1,” “the first name of the sim 2,” “last name of the sim 2”. Here you need to put the name of any 2 Sims that you want them to date.

For example, one of the Sim’s names is Ruth Paul and another’s name Steve William. Then you need to put Ruth or Steve’s name on the “then put the first name of sim 1…”. Moreover, it does not matter whose name you put first. Also, make sure you double-check the spelling.

Step 3

Here you need to put the” strength of the relationship.” This means how strong the relationship you want between the 2 Sims to be. Of course, the most powerful couple is if you put the strength to 100. So just put a number from zero to a hundred, which is the relationship’s strength.

However, you can put negative numbers as well, such as -100. This means the two characters hate each other. Anything at minus means it is a bad relationship. Hence if you want that for the Sims, then you have to do that.

Furthermore, if you want to change the Sims’ relationship status, you need to double the number at” strength of the relationship.” For example, if 2 Sims relationship -100, which means they hate each other, but if you want to change it, then put 200. This will make them fall in love with each other in the Simda dating app.

Step 4

The last one is relationship type; this means what kind of relationship you would like to have between these 2 Sims. The three types are:

  1. LTR Friendship Main

This means only friendship between these two Sims.

  1. LTR Romance Main

This means romance between these two Sims.

  1. LTR SimtoPet Friendship Main

This also means friendship and has an additional pet.

Now combine all of them into an example, the cheat will look like this:

Modify relationship Ruth Paul Steve William 100 LTR Romance Main.

This way, both the Sims will have the best romance in Sims 4 because of the relationship cheat.

Final Thoughts

Simda dating app is a great addition to the Sims 4. Not only it has some great options to play around with, but you can also use a lot of cheats to speed up the process.

Now you can do a lot of things which makes the Sims 4 a great game to pass your time without feeling bored.

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