Pain Quotes Naruto That Makes the Anime Relatable

Pain quotes Naruto is very popular amongst anime watchers. Many people love the hit animated series Naruto which aired from 2007 to 2017.

Pain quotes Naruto are lines from the Naruto series. The animated series was based on a manga that ran from 1999 to 2014. Masashi Kishimoto was the writer of the manga.

Pain is a character from the Naruto series and is an important figure in the plot. Pain quotes Naruto is famous because they resonate with many viewers.

The exciting thing about Naruto is its many developing themes and complicated stories surrounding certain principles.

Namely friendship, honor, family ties, and a sense of duty and responsibility towards one’s home.

Most importantly, the juncture where Pain comes in is the extent to which you are willing to go to pursue your goal of achieving peace in your world.

That is why Pain quotes Naruto is so popular. One example of Pain quotes Naruto is:

“All the pain forced me to grow up.”

Here, you can see why people gravitate towards Pain, or Nagato as people formerly called him.

Pain wanted to bring ultimate peace to the Ninja world and sought to do it by bringing suffering and pain.

Pain Quotes Naruto

Nagato Quotes

Pain is an interesting character to study, and that is why Pain quotes Naruto is so interesting. He is a character who has gone through many ordeals.

In his pursuit of gaining knowledge that could help him save the world, he changes. His past and his urgency to do the right thing pushes him toward the path of Akatsuki.

It was an outcasted shinobi group operating on morally grey to questionable grounds. Pain quotes Naruto became famous as the story slowly revealed Pain to the audience.

The Nagato quotes gained so much popularity partially due to the character design and his motivations. One of the famous Nagato quotes is:

“How can you say that you’ll never change?”

This quote reflects the point of view of Pain. He has confronted many harsh realities regarding the nature of war and peace.

He has seen the shinobi’s corruption, indifference, and ignorance.

Also, he has understood that change is the only constant thing, and most of it happens due to pain and suffering. The entire Nagato quotes are:

“How can you say that you’ll never change? That you won’t change, regardless of the pain you face?”

This reflects his philosophy. The Konoha War, or the Shinobi War, had broken his psyche.

The trauma he faced due to the war has changed him from Nagato to Pain. These Nagato quotes show that.

Pain Akatsuki Quotes

Pain Akatsuki quotes refer to things. He said these things in the series. Although what Pain does throughout the series can’t be excused, his philosophy in certain aspects holds.

Pain is a complicated character. That is why understanding why people are so fascinated with Pain quotes Naruto is interesting.

Many people like Nagato or Pain for different reasons. But there is no doubt that some of the things Pain said are insightful and helpful in some ways.

One of the famous Pain Akatsuki quotes is:

“Embrace the Fear.”

It is instinctual to be afraid. Fear is something that has helped people survive for ages. The driving force helps them hone their skills and develop new skills.

Fear also helps a person to either run away or to stand there and face it head-on. Fear is instinctive, and it is this innateness that Pain tries to explain.

He believes pain and fear are essential to growing more robust and expressive.

Pain Quotes Naruto

Nagato Uzumaki Quotes

Nagato Uzumaki quotes are interesting because it is revealed throughout the story that Naruto Uzumaki is related to Nagato Uzumaki.

The Nagato Uzumaki quotes are shown during the plot when Nagato is pursuing Naruto due to the sealed beast or Jinchuriki inside him.

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He comes across his former mentor Jiraiya whom he slays. It is revealed here how he was a war orphan, and the trauma he faced led him down this path.

“We are just ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice.”

This Nagato Uzumaki quotes show the extent of Pain’s suffering. He has a remarkable insight into his actions and knows, at some level, the wrongness of his actions.

And yet he doesn’t stop and pursues his goal at the cost of everyone else. He knows how unfair the world is. He has experienced the cruelty and indifference of the world himself.

And he knows how rage blinds people and incapacitates their ability to reason. Still, he won’t stop until he has succeeded in waging a war that would end all wars.

Nagato Uzumaki quotes are very trendy amongst manga and anime fans alike. Most of the Pain Quotes Naruto is very popular since Kishimoto makes his character layered.

Pain Lines Naruto

Looking for Pain lines Naruto is not troublesome. You can quite easily find the Pain lines Naruto on the internet. The Naruto fanbase truly loves Pain and understands his motivations.

Though he does reprehensible things, you can still empathize with his reasonings. That is why Pain is one of the most thought-out villains in Naruto. Pain lines Naruto include:

“Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.”

This is again reflective of his life. He wants people to feel pain, the magnitude of devastation war causes, so that no one can ever think of going to fight again.

Pain wants to inflict such suffering on people that they recoil from the thought of causing pain to others. He knows how difficult attaining peace is.

He has been on the same journey for so long, and the pain he has suffered has taught him many things.

So, he wants to cause pain and mayhem not because he likes it but because he knows it is essential. His reasonings are skewed, but he wants the best for everyone.

He doesn’t want any other child growing up in war. He doesn’t want anyone else losing their lives to the chaos.

The character of Pain

When Pain is introduced to the audience, he is known as the leader of Akatsuki. He plans to capture all the sealed beasts to use them in his plan.

These sealed beasts were enclosed inside certain people in the shinobi world. Pain engages in a battle with Jiraiya, who tries to buy Naruto sometime to escape. A famous Pain quotes Naruto is:

“All is meaningless before overwhelming power. You great Nations have proved that over the years. You all think of yourselves as the main forces of this world and push death out of your thoughts. Lawed by peace, you have become shallow. If you kill, you shall be killed…Hatred is what connects this cause and effect.”

Pain defeats him, and slowly the audience comes to know about Pain’s past and who he was. Kishimoto wrote Pain in a way that would help him explore the trauma and pain that war causes.

He wanted to explore how Pain’s motivations could be noble, but how he went about it was wrong.

Pain was lost to madness and grief, and it is for this reason he adopts pain as his dogma. He is revealed to be Nagato Uzumaki.

Pain was not the actual leader of Akatsuki but the second-in-command. The leader was Tobi.

Naruto series in brief

The Naruto series ran for many years and is one of the anime classics. Many people enjoyed watching or reading Naruto. You have heard of the name, even if you didn’t see it yourself.

The story that Naruto tells is genuinely touching. You have many characters with different motivations and drives. They all have their individual stories.

Most of the characters from Naruto are pretty famous. The lines they said in the manga, or the anime are also very favorite.

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Some favorite characters are Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Neiji.

They aren’t the only characters, but many other characters are prevalent. It is interesting that in Naruto, not just the main characters are famous.

The supporting characters and villain characters are favorites too. The shounen manga genre flourished during the Naruto period. Naruto will inspire many later shounen manga series and animes.

It would set the trend in genre writing and tropes and be a defining moment in anime history. When it was at its peak, Naruto was amongst the best animes.

Naruto quotes

Who doesn’t like good quotes? Quotes help people expertly communicate a feeling, experience, or thought. Quotes are usually taken from a book, a film, a song, or a series.

People expect you to recognize the section when they say it. There is a sense of camaraderie and community feeling when that happens.

People are quoting their favorite cartoon, series, books, or something else. Naruto quotes are also significant.

The Naruto fandom was once thriving.

Nowadays, the hype has died down though there still are fans of the show. But they have largely moved on or grown up. Regardless, they certainly have a sweet spot for their favorite animated series.

So, that is why things like Pain quotes Naruto, Nagato quotes and Pain lines Naruto are so popular. People want to read and quote these lines.

Since Pain as a character had many elements that the show’s fans could relate to. They popularised these quotes.

The Pain quotes Naruto serve as a gentle reminder of the glory and excitement of their favorite anime. Naruto is very nostalgic for some people.

The characters, dynamics, stories, and personalities are very dear to some people.

Best Pain Quotes Naruto

Pain quotes Naruto are many. People have their favorites. Here is one example:

“We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be ‘justice’. But when we call our vengeance ‘justice,’ it only breeds more revenge. Forging the first link in the chains of hatred.”

This quote shows how introspective Pain is. He knows about the nature of revenge and vengeance. He also knows how easy it is to mix the two.

His words serve as a caution. Though he is walking a path of chaos and devastation, he knows how thin the line is. He wants to save the shinobi world but doom it first.

His actions and philosophy are twisted and contradictory. But that is what makes him so fascinating.

“We are Pain; we are God.”

This quote happens when the audience is first introduced to Pain. He is a formidable character and very powerful.

He has acquired godly strengths and power and uses them to accomplish his goals. The character is distantly related to Naruto since he is from the Uzumaki Clan.

Through this quote, it becomes clear what he is and what he wants. His character is overpowered, and the heroes will have to sacrifice something to score a victory.

Pain Quotes Naruto

Final Thoughts

Finally, the Pain quotes Naruto is interesting to go through. You can look up their quotes if you feel nostalgic or want to remember a character. The most popular Pain quotes Naruto is:

“I want you to feel pain, to about pain, to accept pain, to know pain.”

This is perhaps the most iconic of Pain quotes Naruto. Even if people don’t know the series, they must have seen it on memes.

The Nagato quotes are famous and well-liked. You have seen and read some of them here. But there are many more lines. You can even read the manga of Naruto.

The manga was one of the best-written stories, and Naruto is one of the best shounen protagonists.

You are returning to your childhood or teenage years; whenever you first encounter Naruto is sweet. Animes like Naruto, One Piece and Inuyasha have introduced many to Japanese culture and media.

That is why these animes hold such an exciting place for people. The Pain lines Naruto are readily available online, and you can find them easily.

Reading them will take you back to those days when you watched anime on television.

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