Open When You Miss Me Letter for Partner and Best Friend

Are you looking for the proper sentences to express your care to your loved ones? If you are searching for this, then this is the right article for you. Whether your boyfriend is heading out on a long trip or in a long-distance relationship to set your professional career, you need to write an open when you miss me letter.

Distance can’t make a barrier in your love. The recent technology helps you to minimize the gap and make your bond stronger. But if you want to send them a special reminder to share your love, then an “open when letter” could be a solution for you.

However, these pre-delivered series of letters enable you to be there for them when they are in trouble. Here in this content, we are moving to share the beautifully written romantic “Miss you” letters that are enough to melt someone’s heart.

Do you love that vintage kind of relationship where the couples talk and share their feelings through love letters? There were no Facebook & SnapChats where you could talk to each other. So, if you want to get back the feeling right now, you can write the series of open when you letter.

open when you miss me

Do you know the rules of open when letters?

Wait before moving forward first; you and your love have to understand the open when letter rules. There is a series of ‘open when’ letters, like open when you need a smile, open when sad, and many more. In these letters, you can express the ultimate love to your partner and friend. It sounds interesting and also needs a minimum effort. In this world of sending text messages, you can try something that gives a feeling of vintage. Once you learn these rules, you can make this more creative.

Have some patience

To feel the significance of this letter, you have to be patient. You should be patient and wait for the right time to open when letter. Opening the card early will spoil the surprise, and later, you will regret it.

Only open when needed

Don’t open all the letters when you feel bored and have nothing to do. Open the letters when you need them badly. In this way, you can maintain the suspense.

Don’t show the letters to others

Someone writes these letters for you especially, right? So, why will you share those with someone else? Keep some privacy and enjoy your day with the memories of your close ones.

Try not to open more than one letter in a week

When you have plans to stay away from your closed ones for a long time, you need these letters. So, don’t open more than one letter in a week. It will be fun to open each letter once a week. Well, if you are feeling low and need the letter badly, then you can open it.

Save the letters

Don’t trash the letter after you read this. You might need that letter back after some days or months, years. You can also save this as a memory, so make sure to bring them back in the box after reading.

Rules to write an open when letter to your boyfriend

A long-distance relationship sounds tough. Yes, it isn’t easy to live away from someone you need badly each morning and every night. But to set your future, you need to experience this struggle. But there is a way to make them feel close to each other, which is open when letters. A box of open-to-when letters can make them feel safe and secure on their most challenging days. They feel extra connected to you and love you more.

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To write an open when letter first, you should know the type of trip the person is going. Decide how many letters you have to write according to the days of the trip. Make sure about what you should include in this and the tone of letters. If your partner is going for the deployment, you should write the letters in a light tone. In case if you are leaving them alone to go for a trip, you can write larger notes with small gifts. To write those, you can also take references from the love quotes for boyfriend or partner.

open when you miss me

How to write an open when letter for a best friend?

If your best friend is planning to move to another city or country for work, a trip or for further study, then you will surely miss them. To write them a letter first you have to imagine when they might need you. However by sending them a jar of open when letter series can make them more confident and lovable.

You can write letters resembling each scenario. You can include some fun tones, sticklers, and jokes too. Inside that box, you can put some chocos and key chains too. Last but not least, don’t forget to remind them how much you miss them and remind them of all the special memories you have shared before when you are together.

Steps to writing an open when you miss me letter

It’s really hard to make a person feel special and lovable. It’s hard to care for someone who is not physically with you. To make your virtual relationship stronger, you need to put in some extra effort. This is the most creative way to share your feelings, and for that, you have to follow some rules.

Here are the rules to write an open when you miss me letter:

Include this in your open when letter series

First, you have to add an open when you miss me letter in the bunch of open when letter series. You can send this to your friend, family members, and partner. It is much fun and creates interest among the receiver to open a letter from the bunch. This is the special need letter if someone is leaving you for some time.

Include the words for reassurance

When a person misses their close ones, they also look at whether they miss them. Whether the receiver is your friend, partner, or family member, you can reassure them. It would help if you wrote the words that reflect that you miss them a lot.

Share a special memory

While writing an open when you miss me letter, then don’t forget to add a little story or memory that you have shared before. While writing, people always use flowery language that sounds like a generic card. So, to add a little charm to that letters, you need to add cherished memories.

For example, you can remind them about when you both were apart from each other and how much you enjoyed your reunion. You can also remind them of some happy memories. Assure them that you will be soon there to cherish those memories again.

List the reasons to miss

To assure the recipient that you also miss them, you need to list some qualities or reasons. Be loyal & true while counting those qualities. Always write what you have in your heart rather than copying from any other sources. Be specific as much as you can. Like you can write that “I miss the way you pack my bag for the office.”

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Include something special

You can make your note extra special by adding a small gift to this. Like you can add the unseen picture of both of you, a poem to dedicate them, keyrings & chocolates. You can also include the lyrics of some music if it sounds significant to your situation. You can wrap the gift inside the envelop and jar.

Remind them that you are with them

While writing letters, you can remind them that you are just a phone call away. Make them realize that you are available to talk with them anytime, whenever they need.

Use some emotional phrases

To make the letter meaningful, you can add some phrases to it. You should write a letter mixed with full of emotions. If you can’t say much in front of them, then you can share your feelings and gratitude through the words. When you are going to write an open when you miss me letter, then it should have something filled with emotions and feelings. This is the time to write some personal & private stuff that you shared before together. Assure them that you will meet soon and the distance is nothing compared to your love and care. As long as you are each other, you both can fight with anything.

Tell them to contact once they finish

You can also add some interesting and powerful quotes. Ensure them that you are always for them. Write that “I feel exactly the same as you do.” You should also add that once they complete that letter, they should call you.

Besides that, you can also try to add some more creativity if you can. If you are new to this, then here we suggest some best examples that will melt the heart of your partner.

Open when you miss me letter to your partner/best friend

Examples that show you care for them

Hey, darling! I know you miss me a lot and me too. Being apart from each other is tough, but we can do this. We both have trusted each other, and this is what makes us stronger. We are here today by facing many problems and barriers, and I know we will be together forever. To spend our future in a better way, we need to struggle today. This time shall pass soon. Be strong, my dear, and confident about what you are doing. I am there for you always.

Examples when they miss being at home with you

I know you may be missing home and the deserts that I made for you. But you are there apart from me for few days. You will be here with me within months, and I will treat you with your every favorite dessert you love, baby. I am so proud of my dear munchkin because you do every possible thing for our better future. You are the one whom I wish from god. Do you remember that day when we were sitting together and shared our deepest secret? I want to get back those days. Just complete your work and reach home soon. I am waiting for you with so many desserts and ice-creams!

Do you miss me, panda? Haha! Me too, baby, and that’s why writing this letter to you. I know you can’t spend your days without talking to me. I know you miss my non-stop baseless jokes, my midnight Maggy, and our secret imaginary stories. Come soon, baby, without you; I feel alone. You can’t notice how much I miss you, dear. Just end your woks soon and come to me, baby!

Examples of letters when you can read their minds

Hello baby, how are you? I know you are thinking about me, and look what, I am also missing you like hell. We both miss the days when we share our popcorns in the same bowl, the days when we perform with each other to win the race. Do you miss our Saturday pancakes and movies? I will be there for you, baby, whenever you need me. Come soon.

If you opened this letter, that means you are missing me like hell. I can experience the blush on your face. You are probably now on your bed, which is messed with the clean and dirty clothes, right? Who knows you better than me? I know you feel alone, even I am too, but you are there to achieve something right. So, keep focusing on that and call me whenever you are free.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for some heart-melting letters, examples, or quotes to make your partner and friend smile? If yes, then here this is. This article has everything that you are looking for. You can take reference from this to write a perfect open when you miss me letter.

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