14 Best Wednesday Meme to Wash Away Your Midweek Blues

Here are plenty of new perspectives on hump day (which of course is Wednesday), because it is the midweek time we all hate. If you are tired like me and don’t know how to slog through the week, I have a collect of Wednesday meme to cheer you up. Memes often reflect current events and trends. If you are pro memer or want to become one, here is a collect you will want to have.

In the United States, the term ‘Hump Day’ is used more frequently to ironically acknowledge the challenges of a Wednesday. In this article, you are about to read such ironical quotes as memes.

How Wednesday memes keeps you up and going

Whether you work from home or work from office, there is constant stress and anxiety. On a weekend, you get a chance to relax and do whatever you want. However, the scenario changes dramatically when you have to go through another work week.

Monday is often stressful but we are usually pumped up after the weekend relaxation. Wednesdays make us cranky because we don’t have the Monday energy and Friday is two days to go.

Now, no matter what kind of day you’re having, a funny meme can make your day better. Wednesdays are difficult for sure, but relatable memes make us chuckle during mundane times.

Sharing a funny Wednesday meme can make your colleagues share the same emotions you are feeling. So, stick with us till the end, and you will find the motivation to get through the hump day.

The best Wednesday meme list

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Not sure if it’s Wednesday or I just need coffee!

Of course, you want one or multiple cups of coffee to get through Wednesday. If it’s not for the coffee, you won’t survive, right? After all, we are not as strong as Monday and can’t hit the bed like its Friday!

The irony behind this meme is a delusional person who isn’t sure if they are just a caffeine addict or struggling because it is a Wednesday. Relatable much?

Credit: liveabout.com

I’m once again asking Wednesday to be Friday.

What happens when you can no longer put up with a Wednesday? Of course, you want to scream with all your might so that the world hears you. You only ask one thing; you want a miracle to change Wednesday to Friday. After all, Fridays are always fun days. You don’t need to think about work for the next two days.

The picture you see below is an old man who became a meme because of his rant. His own words, “I am once again asking…” soon took the spot in the world of memes.

So, we thought why not use it for a Wednesday meme too? Share this one with your colleagues to see hilarious reactions!

wednesday meme

I don’t like hump day. Camels are just fat horses.

The statement suggests a dislike of Wednesdays and then makes a comparison between camels and horses.

Camels and horses are two different species of animals, but they have similarities as well. One main difference is that the camels have a hump on their back, while the horses don’t. The hump is where they store fat to use when food and water are unavailable.

So, the statement is not entirely wrong. Horses are known for their speed and agility, while camels are known for their endurance and to cover a long distance. This statement is a funny expression that uses a playful comparison between camels and horses.

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wednesday meme

Happy Wednesday meme

One happy Wednesday meme is enough to boost your spirit and get you back to work. If you feel grumpy, here are some memes to cheer you up.

Have a good Wednesday, you hear?

For some people, Wednesdays are not good at all. They just want it to be over as soon as possible.

However, you can only wish them good. There’s no way that they are going to get through without a well-wisher. Send this message to whoever needs it the most.

The baby boy in the meme gives a stern look just to emote how you’d want your friend to feel good on this day. While he might look grumpy too, this is just to share a laugh or two.

Credit: Twitter

Wednesday! This week is now half over.

Once Wednesday is over, there are only two days left until the weekend comes. People feel relief as they approach the end of the week.

Wednesday is an important day of the week, and it signifies that you have made progress. Now you are rolling towards the end of the week.

wednesday meme

When you’re struggling through Wednesday but you remember there’s wine waiting for you at home.

This humorous line suggests that you are having a difficult time getting through the middle of a week. However, you do have something to look forward to at the end of the day. In this case, that ‘something’ is a bottle of wine waiting for you at home!

The wait to enjoy a glass of wine provides you relief from the challenges you’re having through the day. It’s also a fun way of acknowledging the ups and downs of daily life. So, have some wine to unwind!

Wednesday work meme

A Wednesday work meme is a type of meme related to the midweek work madness. These memes often describe your life story. They also provide you with a break during a busy Wednesday.

When you’re in the middle of the week, all you need is to take a meme break. It might not reduce stress by it will give you humor that makes everything bearable.

Some call Wednesday hump day. I call it false advertising.

The phrase ‘Hump Day’ is a commonly used phrase that refers directly to Wednesday.

The speaker in this statement is saying that they do not see Wednesday as challenging or difficult. So the term is a form of false advertising.

They are implying that their work is not difficult enough to require extra effort on these days.

They don’t simply buy the idea that Wednesdays are especially challenging. Is that the same for you?

wednesday meme

Wednesday: halfway to the weekend, halfway to hell.

This Wednesday meme suggests that this day gives us lots of mixed feelings. On the other hand, it marks the halfway point of the work week as well. This means that the weekend is getting closer and closer.

However, it also suggests that there are still a few more days of work to be done before Saturday arrives. Now, some people might not like this idea at all. The word ‘hell’ suggests that the work week is going to be a difficult time.

Some people might use this meme as a way of expressing their frustrations about their job. Also, this quote is a funny way of acknowledging the ups and downs of the weekdays.

Wednesday meme funny

Wednesday memes are a popular form of humour spreading through the internet. It often depicts the struggle of getting through the middle of work or school. Getting through this day means that you’re one step closer towards an amazing weekend.

Wednesday meme funny quotes often refers to popular culture, movie quotes, or tv show quotes to add an extra bit of humor.

Today is Wednesday which means tomorrow is pre Friday which means the next day is Friday, so it’s basically Friday.

We have to endure Wednesday even if all we want is a Friday. However, you need to create a new and funny perspective just like this Wednesday meme here.

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This quote is telling you that even though today is technically Wednesday, tomorrow is pre Friday which is almost Friday. So, today is basically Friday (well mentally).

This is a funny way of acknowledging that people often get excited for the weekend and start to view Wednesday as a gateway to Friday!

It’s only Wednesday, and I’m having an early weekend.

Even though it’s only Wednesday, you could decide to start your weekend early! Take some time off work and other responsibilities before the actual weekend. It’s not a crime to take a break from your regular routine earlier than normal.

It could be your way of saying that you’re looking for a relaxation period. You are taking steps to make it happen.

This meme serves as a reminder to find happiness in your life journey, rather than just the destination.

It’s Wednesday meme

No matter how difficult your day is going, these memes will cheer you up in no time:

On Wednesdays, I wish I could fast-forward to the weekend, but then I remember that life is short, and I should enjoy every day!

This particular meme expresses the desire to skip the Wednesdays and jump right into the weekend. We all look forward to idle time and relaxation for the matter. However, we sometimes forget that life is fleeting and finite.

You need to recognise the importance of living in the present and not taking any moment for granted. While it’s natural to anticipate the future, it’s also essential to find joy and meaning in the present. Even during the saddest moments of life, you need to focus on the present.

Wednesday is a great way for thinking about the mistakes you made on Monday and Tuesday, and the mistakes you’re going to make on Thursday and Friday.

This Wednesday meme implies that Wednesday is a great day for reflection and introspection.

On Monday and Tuesday, you might have made mistakes that you didn’t realize or address. But on a Wednesday you can take some time to reflect on what went wrong. You also can think about what you could have done differently.

You do that, and it will help you learn from your mistakes. So, you won’t be repeating them in the future.

wednesday meme

On Wednesdays, we wear pink!

This one is a popular quote from the 2004 comedy movie ‘Mean Girls’. This line was told by the character Karen Smith who is a popular high school girl.

In the movie, Regina declares that on Wednesdays, the members of her team ‘The Plastics’ wear pink as their dress code. This becomes a joke throughout the entire movie, and the other charayalso make fun of it.

Since then, this phrase has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Wednesday is like a speed bump on the road to the weekend.

This meme signifies that Wednesdays are like hurdles and obstacles in the middle of the week. It’s not the beginning of the week for sure, but it’s also not close enough to Friday. So, Wednesday sometimes might feel like a speed bump that slows down the momentum.

However, once you get over this speed bump, you will get on the right track. Even though Wednesday can sometimes be a challenge, it’s also a sign that you are closer to the weekend as well.

wednesday meme

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a Wednesday meme provides a light-hearted way to cope with the difficult mid week feelings. Thus, it is a great way to inflict some fun and humour into a stressful day. Go through these whenever you need a laugh.

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