Why Do I Keep Thinking About Someone

Why do I keep thinking about someone all through the day? You will find your answers soon! There is a delicate line between admiring someone and moving on. It is typical healthy behavior, unlike having an obsession with them.

When you’ve taken your marriage vows or are in a new relationship, it’s natural to think about your lover. Likewise, long after a disastrous relationship has ended, it’s common to still think about and remember significant loved ones in your life.

What is abnormal is when you begin to ruminate and become obsessed with the subject of your affection. It can rapidly become an issue if you realize that you’re continuously thinking about someone for long enough to check in on your everyday life and thoughts of someone else taking over.

So, the question of why do I keep thinking about someone has several answers listed below.

Why do I keep thinking about someone

If you are confused about why you can’t stop thinking about someone, these facts may help you. These reasons will provide some clarity so that you can deal with your emotions:

Keeping yourself in mind at the moment

You may worry more about yourself than your ex, and you may have enjoyed the person you were during your previous relationship. However, as experts believe, it’s crucial to remember that you can always revert to your former self, whether alone or in a new relationship.


Loneliness is another factor contributing to your constant thoughts about others. The person you spent all your time with is no longer in your life, and you can’t stop thinking about them. The best suggestion is to reach out to long-lost friends and family members rather than dwelling on the past all the time and feeling lonely. It is also preferable to make new connections with old friends and family than to be preoccupied with the wrong individual.

Mixed feelings

Why do I keep thinking about someone, especially an ex? It cannot be easy because it arouses a variety of emotions. According to experts, for instance, maybe the period they were in your life was very joyful, and as a result, you can’t stop thinking of them. Moreover, nostalgia for your past relationship may be etched deep in your heart.

When a person is no longer in your life, you lose what they meant to you at the time. Furthermore, remembering them and trying to relive some of the happiness you experienced with them can help.


It may sound apparent, but if a relationship ends in rejection, it’s important to remember how difficult it is to move someone from your mind. There may still be sadness over the loss, and a persistent want to have them back in your life.

The more significant the loss, the more you will ruminate over them. So, that’s one of the answers to why can’t I stop thinking about someone. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend the gravity of the loss, whether it be a friendship or connection, and how it makes you feel about yourself.

why do i keep thinking about someone

Unanswered questions

According to some therapists, another reason why do I keep thinking about someone from my past is that you can carry unresolved difficulties into your next relationship. Before moving on, you may need time to recover and deal with your split. Therefore, it is ideal to consult a therapist or other mental health expert to accomplish this.

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We are human beings

As human beings, all of us enjoy connections. Moreover, experts, psychological consultants and several psychiatrists believe it is essential to connect with people for their overall well-being oneself emotionally.

On the other hand, some experts believe that our central nervous system is programmed with this urge for connection. It’s primal and intuitive, not intellectual or logical. Additionally, the number and type of emotional ties are related to self-esteem. Globally, psychiatrists assert that we can feel secure and valuable because of our human connections.

They claim that when things are lovely, they “fill us up,” but when things are bad, they “deplete us.” Therefore, it’s very typical for us to constantly think about someone meaning they have become an essential part of our life.

Your attention is on possibilities.

Not only does ruminate about prior relationships occur. Think about how often you get crushes on someone. Thinking constantly about a new person may be because you are fixated on their potential.

On the other hand, it may be the fantasy of what you may have had with someone else. Moreover, it can be about what possibilities you are considering or what you feel is lacking in your life. Besides, you believe that this new person offers you the chance to relive your previous connection with someone else.

How to stop thinking about someone you can’t have

You find yourself in a scenario where you can’t stop thinking about someone. You find yourself thinking about the person 100 times a day. It may be someone you have never dated and had a crush on. Moreover, it may also be a person who has somehow hurt your feelings. If the concern is how to stop thinking about someone you can t have, the most straightforward answer is to focus on yourself.

Usually, a split with a significant other is one of the leading causes of persistently thinking about someone. Most people have at least once in their adult lives gone through the stress of a relationship ending.

You can do several things to begin focusing on yourself and getting that person off your mind. It can be regardless of whether there was a breakup, a lingering crush, or any other reason.

Here is a list of reasons that will help you not think about a person constantly:

Allow yourself to experience the pain

When someone is injured, they frequently try to hide or find a way to stuff it. Allow yourself to experience the pain instead, and sit with it. It will make it easier for you to overcome the damage and move on.

Avoid making contact

After a breakup, many people wish to stay friends without any boundaries. Unfortunately, it causes more heartache and cuts short the healing process. People need room to take care of themselves when they are mending. When you interact with someone, you start to care more about what they think than about what you need for yourself.

Create a career plan

Which objectives do you have for the future? Perhaps you have put off returning to school or applying for the desired position. It would be wise to review your objectives and existing situation right now. Once those have been determined, identify where the action is required, then do it.

Determine the areas where you want to improve

Each one of you wishes they could make some changes to themselves. It will be wise to begin planning your changes right now. Are you lacking in assertiveness or time management? Now is the time to support your growth as you desire.

Give up checking their social media

Visiting their social media profile will keep the lingering emotions alive. Unfortunately, your mental health may go for a toss by browsing their posts on social media. Your upset feelings will only intensify as you witness them moving on or publishing anything unpleasant about you on social media. Therefore, it’s advisable to remove them from your social media accounts.

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Invest in a cause other than yourself

Spend some time and effort on others. An excellent time to volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or other organizations that interest you is right now. By doing so, you’ll have more time for yourself, spend less time worrying about other people, and be able to serve others.

Putting self-acceptance first

Utilize this opportunity to examine yourself and develop. Instead of obtaining value from another person’s approval, discover your worth. As a result, you can increase your self-esteem and develop a more loving relationship with yourself by emphasizing your value.

Recognize that you are going through a difficult time

You can assist yourself forget by acknowledging that your thoughts will inevitably turn to that person. When you think about that individual, acknowledge the thought and go on to something else.

Respect yourself

The same affection that you will show to anyone else is what you deserve too. So now is the time to start loving yourself if you struggle with it. Making affirmations for oneself is one approach to getting things going. Taking care of yourself is another way you may love yourself.

Understand that you don’t need them

Wanting to be with the other person rather than needing to be with them is the foundation of a healthy relationship. So, first, determine what needs they meet for you if you feel the need for them. Then, ask how you can meet that need yourself after you’ve determined what need they satisfied.

why do i keep thinking about someone

Utilize your support network

Your loved ones will check on you throughout this time to ensure everything is alright. Let them support you by talking to them about how you feel. They will pay attention to what you have to say, understand it, and possibly offer some helpful advice on how to end the relationship.

Spend time on your hobbies

Spend some time rediscovering your passions. You can also spend time doing whatever makes you happy, whether reading a book, surfing the web, going on a long trek, sitting in the mall, and people-watching.

Practicing meditation can help you get over someone

Rumination is an undesirable pattern of behavior in which we obsess about a prior event to the point where it has a detrimental impact on our health and well-being.

At some point in your life, you may have encountered this harmful behavior—worrying excessively or becoming caught in a cycle of thoughts that negatively impacts everyone and everything around you.

Here are some helpful strategies to stop these tendencies, the most powerful of which are mindful thought exercises, meditation, and self-compassion.

You can refer to concentration and focus as two of the most critical abilities. Once you’ve mastered them, you can actively choose where to focus your attention to take a break from the barrage of distressing thoughts. Try one of these quick meditations for 5 to 10 minutes twice daily.

why do i keep thinking about someone

Quick meditation techniques for a better mind and body balance

You are not the only one unsure how to proceed from a split. Although recovering from loss is a necessary part of life, when relationships fail, the pain that follows might seem more like a permanent state than a temporary stage.

After a breakup, we frequently replay the breakup scene and rewrite the script to fuel our negative emotions. We waver between taking responsibility and demonizing our ex. To briefly relieve our anguish, we may overeat, binge drink, or engage in mindless sexual activity.

Using guided meditation will help you manage the emotional agony following a breakup by separating your ideas and cognition from your bodily experience. For example, sometimes, there is a feeling about why do I keep thinking about someone I barely know. The answer is in mindfulness and meditation.

Here are two of the easiest meditation techniques that may help you get over someone quickly:

Counting Meditation

Begin counting backward from ten with each exhalation. Recount your way up to ten after you get to one. Retry if you lose track of your number or become distracted.

Meditation With A Personal Mantra

Pay close attention to only your exhales. Say a calming word or phrase to yourself in silence every time you exhale. Anything that feels good to you, such as “Peace,” “I Am Healed,” “Let go, let God,” or similar expressions.

Just start over each time your eyes glaze over or your thoughts stray. Then, by pressing the play button below, try the focus meditation for yourself. Finally, to save the guided meditation, press the down arrow button.

Final thoughts

It can be challenging to understand why do I keep thinking about someone. However, with the proper techniques, you can. Moreover, these ways will help if you take the time to develop yourself and make sure you are progressing. As you develop, you’ll discover new pursuits and interests to occupy your time and redirect your attention.

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