What Does Dreaming About Poop Mean?

Dreaming about poop can be pretty sh*tty, but what if there are deeper meanings to it? Having a one-time dream after going overboard on dinner isn’t what I am talking about here. Poop dreams bothering you repeatedly can have meanings. No matter how weird they seem, you can’t ignore them.

We all poop every day or at least every alternate day. There is no question of the poop dream not coming true! Just kidding. There is no black-and-white meaning to this dream.

Poop dreams have various meanings. If you go by science, the fluid in your spine cleanses the brain every night. So dreams are just the visual representation of your mind. So, you could say that your brain is unloading its poop in your dreams.

Dreaming about poop has various things to convey. Some say that may bring you good fortune, while some say it may bring you financial loss or loss in personal life.

Sometimes it’s even embarrassing to share poop dreams. Not being able to share with someone makes it even more difficult to interpret the dream.

This article will show you the different meanings of dreaming about poop, whether it has any spiritual existence, types of poop dreams, and much more. By the end of this article, you will have a better knowledge of these poop dreams and decode the message it has for you.

Spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream

If you dream about poop, spiritually speaking, it indicates your personality and character. So, let’s see what dreaming about poop means from a spiritual angle:

Presence of energy

One of the most common spiritual meanings of having this dream is that some negative energy is surrounding you, and it needs to be addressed.

Negativity in life causes a lot of distress and loss of confidence. It may even play with your emotions and mental health. Hence, you must try to eliminate this energy as soon as possible.

Now the dream also plays an important part in understanding the message of the dream. For example, if your dream is a happy poop with a sparkling clean toilet, you are surrounded with good energy, and life is good. But if you are having a constipated poop and the toilets look dirty, then there are many negativities that need your attention.


Now, dreaming about poop could also mean enlightenment. When you have been manifesting something in your life, and you see a happy poop dream, your manifestation is finally going to work. It shows you are about to achieve your goals.

Relationship issues

When you see a dream about poop and a dirty bathroom along with it, it could mean that you are or will be going through relationship issues. It could be a breakup with your partner or a fight between people around you. Hence, if you had an argument recently and a vision of the same sort, do not encourage the quarrels.

dreaming about poop

Dreaming about poop

When you talk about poop, you think it’s all about your body’s waste. But little did you know that poop dreams have so much to tell than just waste.

It also depends on your emotional balance, life, and how you interpret things. As you know, there could be different meanings to poop dreams. Let’s find out the meaning of your poop dream:

Absence of spirituality

It is important that you are spiritually connected because, without spirituality, life becomes difficult. If you have been dreaming about poop that involves constipation or diarrhea, it indicates that you have started getting spiritual. There is too much negativity within you that attracts these dreams. Hence, to detox yourself, you must start getting spiritual.

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Emotional strength

Feces are stinky, but it is a natural biological process of life. Not doing it isn’t an option. Hence when you see poop dreams, it may also indicate that whatever path you are on, you must follow, and success will come eventually.

The road that you have chosen may be challenging, but it is fruitful. Imagine the satisfaction you get after a good poop with all the stink. Same way, success will gradually come once you cross the hurdles. Hence, the poop dream is here to support your current ongoings.

Financial growth

If you have been getting poop dreams like cleaning it, it mostly means you are a hard worker. Soon, your hard work is going to pay off. So, it’s time to enjoy and wait for your upcoming success. It could be a promotion, a better job, or a pay rise. Anyway, you are going to get money! Keep the hustle on and enjoy your poop dreams.

Mental health when dreaming about poop

Apart from the other meanings of dreaming about poop, there could be something that should be taken care of. The most important thing in your life is your mental health.

It is the foremost thing you must pay attention to and should be prioritized. Dreaming about poop may also indicate that you are going through something that you cannot reciprocate.

A feeling of disgust, embarrassment, or even sorrow. Research indicates that dreaming about poop is mostly because of your mental health, which is jeopardized.

dreaming about poop

Along with poop dreams, if you have been going through the below conditions, there is something you must pay attention to:


Are you having a feeling of guilt, anxiety, vulnerability, and insecurity, and along with this, you have seen poop dreams? If yes, then it is time you consult a doctor.

Most of the time, you have been going through depression which needs attention. You must never ignore these signs because it can take a toss on your mental health. Your mental health is equally important to sustain a healthy life for yourself and for people around you.


Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for you to take decisions. You get worried over tiny things. For example, everything seems difficult when choosing clothes or picking a shoe with your outfit. Dreaming about pooping with indecisiveness makes it clearer that you must work on your mental health.


If you have been feeling stressed lately due to work pressure or relationship issues, you must find ways to destress yourself. There is no point in getting stressed and ending up having poopy dreams. There will always be reasons to get stressed, but you need to find your way out of it.

Types of poop dreams

The dreams are not constant. There could be different variations to it. There are no such specific dreams that you will see on a regular basis. Find the list of the most common poop dreams:

Cleaning poop

What does it mean to clean poop in a dream? If you dream about cleaning the toilet, remember this dream indicates that you should never repeat your mistakes and start taking life seriously.

Clean your life, meaning replace all the negative factors with your positive nature. Try to build pleasant relationships and people who are mean to you and pay no heed to your life; you need to get rid of them. Metaphorically speaking, cleaning the toilet is just like cleaning the soul. Hence whenever you get such dreams, you know what to do.

Dreaming about a toilet overflowing with poop

Are you seeing dreams about poop everywhere? This is probably the most disgusting dream of all. Nobody likes an overflowing toilet. I’m sure with the thought of it, you might feel puckish. However, this, so not a dreamy dream, indicates you will be rich.

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Isn’t that something you would want to become? Wouldn’t you like to be rich, with overflowing money? However, you must work on your finances and try to get the utmost profit from available sources.

Dreaming of dog poop

Do you have a dog? If yes, then probably you must be getting these kinds of dreams quite often. But do you think dreaming of dog poop means money? Well no.

Are you aware that a dog is the wisest friend for a human being? It does not matter if you have one or not. But dreaming of dog poop means you should get along with people who can help you grow in life along with emotional support.

dreaming about poop

Why is it good to see poop dreams?

As you have come to the final part of this article, what have you learned so far? Why are you getting these dreams? What could be the reason? What are the indications? Are they right? Well, right or wrong, getting these poopy dreams has some benefits. Find the below list, and you will be amazed:

  • You can happily get rid of infections if you have any. Because if you get poop dreams, it strongly suggests that you need to check your health condition and prevent infections.
  • No more relationship issues. Poopy dreams are also a great alert for you to take important decisions when it comes to relationships. Is there something wrong that you have been feeling in your relationship, and you get a poop dream? It’s time for you to call it off!
  • Poopy Dreams are great supporters. Have you been struggling with something, in work or in life? Poop dreams are an indication that your struggles are soon going to end

Reasons why you are dreaming about poop

Poop dreams are often associated with different meanings. But one of the most important facts that you forget is to understand why you are getting these dreams. Have you ever thought, why have you been getting dreams about poop?

Health issues

If you have been facing health issues like a bacterial infection or something, then these dreams may occur quite often. You need to make sure that you keep yourself checked so you don’t get any kind of prolonged disease. Isn’t it awesome? That you can save yourself from infections by just following your dream?


Have you been cheating on someone? It could be relationships, business, or even yourself. Having poop dreams indicates that you have been unfaithful in life. Hence, if you don’t want poop dreams, it is time you change yourself and try being a better person to people around you.


Has it happened to you that you feel extremely nervous when you are asked to do important work or make a decision? Feeling vulnerable in life could be one of the reasons for your poop dreams.

You must understand that the feeling of vulnerability isn’t healthy, and you must work on gaining more confidence. As and when you think that you are not capable of doing something, trust yourself. Don’t get worried, it is just in your head!


Being greedy isn’t a great thing. It is one of the human natures which should not be encouraged. When you become greedy, you dwell all kinds of negative energy for yourself. The negative energy travels to your dream and hence poopy dreams. Do you know there is only one supreme power above us, and you can’t deny that? Hence, why be greedy?

Final Thoughts

So now you know why it is ok to see poop dream once in a while? Aren’t these some great reasons for you to wish someone goodnight with poop dreams instead of sweet dreams? However, whatever you see in your dreams, are still dreams. Do not get overboard with dreams.

Please do what you have to do and use them as a suggestion. I hope after reading this article, you will now be able to interpret more clearly about your poop dream.

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