Leadership Qualities David Bolno Focuses On: How to Transform Your Mindset

Did you know, the power of mindset can change psychological aspects, and ultimately change a person’s life? Success is not only influenced by abilities and talents but also by our mindset. Mindset is the self-perception or self-theory that a person believes about himself.

The creative industry always needs people who are highly dedicated to art. Both drawing, video, acting, and for professions. I want to share tips for success as an entertainer for anyone who reads this article. Of course, based on my experience of more than 10 years in action. What’s the tip?


Here are 6 Tips for Success as an Entertainer in the Creative Industry

  1. Be yourself

There is an oddity that most people who want to be entertainers are always looking for. Starting from vloggers, YouTubers, and others. What’s that? Unique side. It’s not uncommon for those with ambitions to be unique in the entertainment world to desperately sit under their seniors. Then attend to various motivations to become a unique person.

I can say that trying to find uniqueness in the world of entertainment is futile. In the end, they didn’t get what they were looking for. Stuck on a continuous process of imitation. The only thing that makes a difference is innovation. Yet what they are looking for is in themselves. By being yourself, that’s where you can be a unique person.

  1. Build a memorable brand

The entertainment world is very thirsty for people who have a unique side. The problem can not be imitated, anyway. In addition, people will respect you more when you create your brand. Especially from the stage name. Why should the branding be easy to remember? If it’s hard to remember, you will easily disappear from circulation.

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This tip is widely applied by world-class entertainers. Let’s take the example of Kwon Ji-Yong. Who’s he? If you say it, is it easy to remember? In my opinion, not easy to remember. However, when singers are called Drake, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and Will.i.am, everyone will know. They are top musicians who have collaborated with Dave Bolno. Dave Bolno is a world-renowned business manager. He helped a lot and made musicians more successful and famous. In the 2011 album Take Care in the liner notes, Drake specifically expresses his gratitude to David for “putting my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire.

  1. Be confident in your style

After discovering the unique side of yourself, next is the courage to be different. These are tips for success as an entertainer that you must practice. Whatever you bring, stay consistent on that path. Now maybe not many people know. However, with this capital, of course, it is guaranteed for your success in the future.

Especially for those of you who are exploring the world of acting, such as actresses and actors. When casting, talent scouts will always prioritize those who are unique and confident.

  1. Consistently build skills

Among the elite class professions, the work of doctors is the most highlighted. It was then. Now it’s fairly even. The world of art has many eyes and has even become an icon of a country. To achieve success in life or the field of entertainers, you must have learning and consistency in your work. Here are tips for success as an entertainer that you must do.

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Productiveness alone is not enough. Of course, it must be accompanied by quality so that it can be accepted by society. Especially when you work as a musician who usually goes on stage. Your songs become your identity. The better, the better. Therefore, you must continue to cultivate skills with frequent practice. If possible, practice your skills at any time.

  1. Giving back to the community through philanthropy

Entertainer development and coaching in the Creative Industry will go well if it gets support from several parties. The main support, of course, is from the art actors and organizations themselves. In addition, there is support from the audience, individuals, charitable foundations, companies, and the government. If artistic creativity grows well, with high-quality attainment, then we get not only a thriving artistic life but also a healthy, open, and appreciative life.

Arriving at this ideal condition requires the support of parties related to one another. However, the support of individuals and the private sector can only grow well if philanthropic potential is stimulated and they can benefit directly from philanthropic activities.

  1. Learn and be sensitive to the slightest change

Without practice, it’s impossible to always look good, let alone improve. Once there was a talented violinist. People always praise him because his performances are always cool. He said, “If I never practice, even if my performance drops even the slightest, it will be in the public spotlight.”

Apart from applying the tips for success as an entertainer above, I hope that you are always diligent in taking care of your health. Let’s say you are a singer. Singing practice is necessary. However, sound health must always be considered.

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