Five Tips and Tricks to Successful NYC Advertising

New York City. The big apple. The town in which dreams come true. New York City has a lot of pet names born in affection. No matter who you are or where you live, it seems that New York has an influence on nearly everyone. It is more than a city or a town. It’s more than a collection of boroughs. In a lot of ways, New York City acts as a metaphor for the entire United States of America. From the always-on-the-go hustle and bustle to the wonderful and unlimited amount of diversity, to the sheer size of the population – New York City is just a very special and very unique city.

Acting as the home to around 8,336,817 people, New York represents one of the largest geographical markets in the entire world. As such, creating a successful and effective marketing campaign in New York City is both extremely difficult, and wonderfully rewarding. Not only do marketers have to figure out how to navigate the ‘I’m tougher than you’ New Yorkian attitude, but they also have to prove to New Yorkians that their advertisement is worth that person’s time, and they have to do all of this while simultaneously competing in one of the most hyper saturated markets that exists.

Keeping all of that in mind, these are a few tips and tricks to designing and executing a successful and effective marketing plan in New York City.

Utilizing Hyperlocalization Tactics

Hyperlocalization has become somewhat of a critical aspect in the design and execution of marketing campaigns. While hyperlocalization isn’t necessarily anything new, the insights and approach to this tactic have come a long way, especially in the last few years.

Hyperlocalization breaks geographical regions down into more digestible and targetable subsections. For instance, a city like New York would first be divided into its already existent boroughs. However, marketing professionals that really want to connect with their target audience will take this a step or two further.

After breaking down New York City into boroughs, marketing professionals can be even more granular, and start breaking down the boroughs into individualized neighborhoods. From here, a deep dive into the consumer data generated from that specific neighborhood can influence the direction, design, and execution of marketing tactics in that hyper-specific area.

When you’re working with marketing campaigns in a city the size of New York, you need to have a good grip on hyper localization strategies because it’s very unlikely that all 8 million+ residents of New York all fall into your target audience.

Making Mobile Friendly a Priority

The digital era is certainly upon us. This has been the case for at least a pair of decades at this point. However, our society is taking leaps and bounds in technological advancement each and every year. The result is a population of digital natives who are extremely comfortable utilizing smart-technology in all its formats.

The introduction of the smartphone fundamentally changed the way that consumers socialize, interact, and even shop. In turn, brands and organizations that fail to meet the needs of mobile-users will quickly fall to the wayside. This is especially the case in cities like New York where technological prowess is highly admired.

Don’t Take Social Media for Granted

In the same vein as going mobile friendly in order to meet the modern consumer where they are, organizations also need to make use of social media. While social media sometimes isn’t taken that seriously, there are a few reasons that social media marketing is so important, especially in a region like New York.

For starters, utilizing social media properly will help extend a brand’s hyperlocalization efforts through the use of hashtags and location tags which can all bolster things like localized Google search results. Not only that, but social media is an extremely powerful tool that grants organizations direct access to billions of users.

Billboards and Other OOH Media

If there’s anywhere on earth that billboards and OOH media (out of home) are an absolute must-have in marketing plans, it is the city of New York.

New York City offers a plethora of marketing opportunities across a wide variety of consumer markets and target audiences. Whether you’re raising your billboard in Time Square, or you find a furniture marketing opportunity in Central Park, New York City is one of the best places to roll out billboards and other OOH media marketing campaigns.

One of the Most Diverse Places on Earth

One of the reasons that New York is such a special place is because it is also one of the most diverse places on earth. This means that there’s a target audience and consumer for just about every brand or organization on the market. In New York, though, your marketing has to outshine everyone else’s.

Wrapping up on Marketing in NYC

NYC billboards are an icon of Times Square and the whole city, really. By rolling out billboards or other OOH marketing campaigns in New York, your brand will have the chance to make millions upon millions of impressions, in turn greatly expanding brand awareness among one of the strongest consumer markets in the world.

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