Kevin Gates Quotes, Struggles, Knowledge About Life, and More

Looking for some Kevin Gates quotes to read? Do you know who he is? Well, if not, before jumping into the quotes section, let’s look at who Kevin Gates is and why Kevin Gates quotes are worth reading.

Kevin Gates is not the man’s real name; this man changed his moniker like several other personalities. His real name is Kevin Gerome Gilyard.

The man is best identified as an American rapper. But that’s not all!

He was born on February 5, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and later relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana. Since birth, his life story has been less attractive than a thriller movie.

He has been interested in music since he was just a little kid. He has been a rapper since he was just 14. In 2005, he decided to pursue music as his profession.

His first music album ‘Islah’ came out in 2016. Since then, he gained much-needed recognition.

Kevin Gates Quotes, Struggles, Knowledge About Life, and More

Kevin Gates jail time and struggles

Today the world knows Kevin Gates as a rapper, entrepreneur, and singer. But the journey of Kevin Gates has not been smooth!

Kevin Gates jail time began when he was 13 and allegedly stole a car. However, in reality he was only a passenger in the car and didn’t steal it. While he eventually got out from jail, the incident left a bad impression on him and reflected on other aspects of his life.

This is not the only time he got familiar with prison. He became a prisoner many times after this because of several allegations.

If you think this incident made his life horrible, think again. His life has been nothing but struggles from the very beginning. A struggling childhood made him become the tough guy that he is today.

You will understand how he overcame the obstacles of his life when you get familiar with his works. There are so many autobiographical elements in his songs. He decided to make good use of his harsh fate into something creative.

No matter what obstacles life throws at him, he is never afraid to face them with courage. That’s his life philosophy, and he likes to think like that. To him, his music is everything.

He suffered from severe depression, a terrible problem to deal with. According to Kevin Gates, he held onto his music during this particular time. Mainly because of music, he was able to recover completely.

At the moment, Kevin Gates is associated with Bread Winners Association, Dead Game Records, and Atlantic Records. Now he is considered one of the leading singers in America.

That being said, none of these would be possible if Kevin Gates decided to give up at any point in his struggling days. He always thought that he had the power to overcome anything wrong or horrifying.

This is why we all should read the Kevin Gates quotes at least once. Whenever you feel like you lack motivation, read this article full of Kevin Gates quotes. Indeed you will feel a lot better after reading.

Kevin Gates Quotes, Struggles, Knowledge About Life, and More

Kevin Gates quotes

Let’s take a look at some of the best Kevin Gates quotes to find out how deep his thoughts are:

No one can find happiness for himself, along with finding happiness for others.

Kevin Gates doesn’t believe you can help everyone else to be a better version of themselves without losing themselves.

Caring for other people is a good thing. We all should do it whenever we can. But we should not neglect that sometimes too much caring for others could be the downfall of our own lives.

Throughout his life, Kevin Gates experienced that those who consistently help others don’t find anyone when they need help. So he doesn’t think anyone who allows others always finds themselves in deep trouble.

Music is the only way to find solace in whatever I am going through.

Depression is recurrent in the struggling life of Kevin Gates. He had to deal with a particularly challenging phase of his life. There’s not much choice but to deal with whatever he is going through from the inside.

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When you are depressed, very few people seem to understand what it is you are dealing with. Most of the time, nobody wants to hear people whine because everyone has their own share of troubles. After some time, you get too tired to let someone know about your mental situation and vice versa.

That’s why whenever you are dealing with depression, you need to hold on to whatever you love to do. Your passion is the only solution to this particular problem. This is like a gateway that can lead you toward salvation.

According to Kevin Gates quotes, music is his only salvation. No matter his mental state, he never forgets to choose music over anything. When he sings, he seems to forget all about his problems.

Music has been with me since my childhood. I used music as others used a diary. I used music as a medium of expressing myself.

As you read earlier, Kevin Gates has been interested in music since childhood. Poverty is something that was the most challenging throughout the time he was growing up. Several obstacles were blocking his path, no matter wherever he went to find solace.

That being said, music has never failed to disappoint him. Music is something that never left his side while others did. Music is sometimes his only companion when something terrible happens to him.

According to Kevin Gates, he is not good at expressing his opinions. That’s why he uses music as a medium instead of using words. Like most people who keep a diary, he uses music to communicate with others.

Kevin Gates quotes about love

Want to know Kevin Gates’ opinion on the matter of the heart? Then take a look at some of the Kevin Gates quotes about love:

You must get close to an individual to know who they are.

Some suggest not getting attached to someone in case you don’t want to be heartbroken.

But, according to Kevin Gates, the idea of getting close to someone is essential. When it comes to going into a relationship or being friends with an individual, you need to know them first.

If you decide to keep them at arm’s length, you will never know whether the person is genuine or if all of this is just an act. Maybe you don’t have this tendency to let anyone get close. Perhaps you don’t want to get hurt because of this.

However, at some point in life, you must let people in, or else you will be alone. People don’t always reveal who they are when you two just met. You have to get closer to understanding them perfectly.

Singing and getting tattoos I love the most. I will sing even if they don’t pay me at all.

In this quote, Kevin Gates has expressed his love for music and tattoos. These two are two aspects he is extremely passionate about, and he would go to any lengths to have them.

He says that music is his most profound love. He doesn’t create music just because of earning money. Gates writes songs and gives life to those lyrics because he has a deep passion for them.

He claims he would sing even if he had to do it for free. That’s because he loves to sing. It’s the only way he can express himself better.

Listen to what your heart says if you want to be a winner.

Life is not always about calculating every step, no matter wherever you go. Yes, some people like to roll this way as they find it safe and comforting. But, most of the time, calculating every step doesn’t give you the desired result.

That’s why everyone needs to listen to their inner voices. Maybe it doesn’t always make sense whatever you are feeling inside. You just can’t put into words exactly what you’re feeling.

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Thinking logically doesn’t always work out for everyone. You have to take risks sometimes and listen to your heart.

You will never know for sure what happens next. Maybe your heart will lead you to the life you are looking for!

Deep betrayal Kevin Gates quotes

Now read some deep betrayal Kevin Gates quotes because this man has felt that too:

Many people act like they are with you until you find yourself knee-deep in a problem.

Kevin Gates says that you won’t be able to properly know a person unless you go through a challenging period in your life.

Everyone wants to be with you when you are having fun and at the top of your game. You feel like they love you more than anyone. They can do everything to protect you and please you.

Sometimes, all of this is not real. They want to spend time with you to gain something or just because you are famous. They leave you as soon as the tide changes, and you find yourself in a mess.

This could happen when you are in a relationship with someone or friends with someone. These fake companions are not your well-wishers. They want to be in the limelight until because that makes them shine with you. But as soon as you are dull, they will leave.

Betraying a friend is a piece of cake. But betraying someone you don’t know is difficult.

An individual who doesn’t know you won’t trust you in the first place. It won’t easily deceive them, no matter how clever you are.

However, when you are friends with someone, they trust you no matter what. In that case, it’s pretty easy to betray them. That’s why most of the time, it is our friends who hurt us deeply. We don’t care about strangers as much as we care about a friend.

Kevin Gates quotes about life

Kevin Gates quotes about life expresses his experience and journey of life:

If you have any intellect, make sure to change with time. That’s what clever people do.

Changing is important. Switching is as crucial as survival in life. You must change at some point to live in this world.

Some might think that they are just fine wherever they are now. They are perfect, and this is how they roll. But that doesn’t mean their situations are not going to change at any time.

To be rich, you don’t need to have much money. You need to have a beautiful mind.

Just because you have bills in your wallet doesn’t mean you are wealthy. Being wealthy means you have the gut to help others in need.

Rich people don’t always care about others. They only care about gaining more money.

But a good heart can’t be brought. It can only be made or achieved. If you have it, you are the wealthiest person in the world.

You can’t walk the long road playfully. But the road never fails to surprise you.

To Kevin Gates, life is a long journey that everyone must take. Sometimes it is difficult for us to walk the road ahead of us. That’s because everyone’s journey is not the same.

When you are younger, there are a lot of things you plan to do in life. Something like what you are going to become when you get older.

For some people, things work out as they always want. But most of the time, they don’t. You never know what will happen when you hit a bump on the road.

We all know that regardless of what we plan for ourselves, life surprises us with a counter plan. That’s why it’s better to walk the long road in silence. You think you know what’s going to happen next. But in reality, you don’t!

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