Pastor David E Wilson Controversy Is Not the First One of Its Kind

It was October 16, 2019, when a video of Pastor David E Wilson went viral and caused massive controversy. The man from Texarkana, Texas, was by then in service for the past 40 years already. Pastor Wilson was part of sexual activity with an unknown woman whose identity is unclear to date in the video. However, after the controversy began, his family was always in denial of the act. According to them, the video was completely fake. Besides, the family members claimed that the person who was trying to spread the footage was aiming for more. According to them, the person conspiring to gain popularity by spreading such rumors about Pastor David E Wilson.

According to a public online account, David Wilson works in the Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. as a senior pastor. Despite the media’s relentless attempts, none of the two organizations were available for any comments on the controversy. Moreover, all their contact numbers were unavailable evidently to keep away from the chaos. In the same profile, Wilson wrote that he was part of the Southwest Bible College and Seminary in his bio.

According to Wilson’s statement in 2013, he was a minister for over three decades and a pastor for over two. He claims to be a religious motivator in the same statement. Wilson speaks about his love for God and how he likes witnessing people transform when they realize God’s glory. After the sex tape went viral, Pastor David E Wilson faced a massive backlash. On the other hand, his son was also a victim of the backlash, and people threw comments at him on his Facebook page.

Pastor David E Wilson was the chief of Texarkana’s Black Chamber of Commerce.

The LinkedIn page of David E Wilson shows that he is the administrator and operator of a Texarkana consulting firm. It is a border city of Arkansas and Texas where the population is relatively low. Besides, Texarkana is not very far from the borders of Louisiana. The reviews of his church were looking pretty good before the controversy took a toll on his reputation. A Google user review says that Wilson’s church is one of the best for searching for spiritual uplifting.

On the other hand, Pastor David E Wilson led the Texarkana chapter of the Black Chamber of Commerce. He even spoke about his designation and experience at the same during an interview with Plainview Daily Herald. Moreover, during the same interview, Wilson said about his life in Texarkana and how he is proceeding with more significant projects. Plus, he spoke about his excitement to be part of the business then.

During the sex tape controversy, another David E. Wilson’s daughter came into the limelight. All she was doing on social media was to clarify that her father was not the Texarkana pastor. The woman explains that they were from Dallas and that her father was a respectable doctor apart from being a pastor. In this context, she said that people unconsciously share names with other people. However, that does not mean their mission or life is the same. Therefore, she requests people to take care of the fact that her father does not deserve any disrespect due to a stranger only because they share the same name.

Pastor David E Wilson was not the only victim of a sex scandal in 2019

2019 was not a good year for another pastor other than David Wilson. Well, we are trying to remind everyone of the sex scandal whose victim was Pastor Joshua Holmes. Moreover, there is another common factor between the two incidents apart from the year. Both of the scandal victims belong to Texas. While Wilson was from Texarkana, Pastor Holmes was from Kennedale. In February 2019, the Christian Post revealed a very obscene video of Pastor Joshua Holmes. In it, he was engaging in sexual activities with multiple women.

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This scandal’s eruption took place when RJ Larry Reid revealed that he got a copy of the sex tape. Moreover, during his broadcast show, Reid confirmed that someone captured the act on the phone. In his personal life, Joshua Holmes was married and was the father of three children. However, his character was in question even before the 2019 controversy. Earlier, his flock member Yasir Wright hurled accusations at him regarding infidelity.

Looking back at the record of similar scandals

Let us go further back and look at an incident that took place in 2017. Well, if you were the thing that Pastor David E Wilson was the first man to engage in such scandals, then you’re mistaken. Earlier in 2017, pastor Lawrence Peterson encouraged Rev. John Wilson to carry out sexual assault on female parishioners. After the incident’s revelation, both the pastor and minister faced severe charges and are still in jail, serving an eight-year sentence. During this incident, Lawrence Peterson was 59-years old, and Rev. John Wilson was 70-years old.

Peterson was also accused of lacing the women’s tea to make the situation more vulnerable for them. The incident took place in Keighley’s Liberty Pentecostal Church. The victims of this incident are still in mental trauma, as per some reports. Moreover, it was not the first assault incident for Lawrence Peterson for which he was facing charges.

Punishment for the criminals:

Earlier, his involvement in similar acts landed him in trouble several times. Besides, the majority of the time, he was responsible for abetting Rev. John Wilson for carrying out the assaults. Apart from both of these people, Mary Wilson, wife of Rev. John Wilson, was also facing allegations for abetment of sexual assault.

Well, she was another person responsible for provoking her husband of carrying out sexual crimes. Moreover, during most of the incidents, all of these three people were together on the scene. For earlier charges, Rev. Wilson was in jail for 21 years. It was against charges of assaulting six church women. On the other hand, his wife Mary was also serving a 22-month sentence of suspension.

Although the chief justice David Hatton QC was evident when he found that the main suspect of the crime scene was Wilson, Peterson was indeed guilty too. He was the one to provoke and lock victims up so that carrying out the assaults became easier. Once, Lawrence Peterson caught a newlywed woman and locked her up in a room with Wilson. Besides, he ensures that the woman’s husband remains outside the door, unable to enter the room during the whole act.

During the sentencing, Peterson was sent to jail for eight years based on provocation and infidelity charges. Moreover, he never held any senior position at religious institutes or perform activities such as ministries. However, his attorney Caroline Goodwill QC spoke positively, saying he was a simplistic and naïve person. The opponent attorney David McGonigal says that the victims of the incidents are still suffering from psychological issues.

The most shocking religious controversies of all time

This section will learn about some of the most shocking incidents that shook people to the core. What you will see below are some of the most popular scandals that left permanent scars on several people, especially the ones with strong religious beliefs. Moreover, these controversies all brought along severe repercussions too!

Fraud and rape scandal of Tammy Faye Bakker & Jim

Do you know about the term’ televangelism?’ Well, it is how pastors, priests, and similar people preach to people through broadcast media. The concept was first becoming popular during the 1950s when several high-profile preachers such as W.V. Grant and Rex Humbard became very successful. Moreover, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker became more successful and more prosperous than the former duo. They were running a PTL Club and a show called Praise the Lord during that time. Plus, the show became very successful and was running at the same pace for over a decade.

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When Jim and Tammy’s success was at the peak, there were allegations of raping Jessica Hahn against Jim Bakker. Hahn was his church secretary, and this was only the beginning of troubles for them. Soon, the Bakker’s fell into a more profound problem when there were allegations of embezzlement against them. According to sources, the Bakker’s were misusing PTL funds that were for Heritage USA theme park. While Jim got a jail term of 45 years, Faye left him too. However, Him Bakker did not serve in jail after only five years.

Motivations and Charity controversy of Mother Teresa

Indian-Albanian origin nun and missionary Mother Teresa was the founder of the Missionaries of Charity. This organization gets the credit for massive social work in India, including feeding the sick and poor and running hospices. However, after many years of her death in 2015, a Hindu leader and nationalist Mohan Bhagwat came into the limelight due to his opinions about the nun.

According to him, Mother Teresa always had an ulterior motive behind her charitable work. He was confident to comment that she was in India to spread Christianity. Therefore, whoever she was helping was the victim of forceful conversion. Another journalist and researcher Christopher Hutchens spoke of similar motives of Mother Teresa too. Besides, he talked about something that was even more shocking.

According to him, the nun’s motive was never to revive people from suffering and poverty. Instead, she was an advocate of the situation, and all that she was doing was fake. Apart from this, a lot of people spoke about Mother Teresa and her poor service. Despite so many allegations, the Vatican declared her a saint in 2016.

Boston sexual assault incident

If you have watched the 2015 film Spotlight, you may have the slightest idea of this incident. It is because the film was about the controversy and reports against the same. The story of the Boston incident first came out in public back in 2002 by the Boston Globe. According to the articles, there were allegations against several Catholic priests of sexually assaulting plaintiffs.

All of the heinous incidents were happening inside the Archdiocese of Boston. Moreover, some of the victims claimed that the abuse in their cases was going for several years from when they were children. After the revelation of the articles, more victims were gathering to support the allegations. The worst allegations were against the church itself. According to victims, the church authorities were well aware of all the incidents and were still trying to cover up the offenders. Moreover, the news was that the church was continually reappointing and promoting the same criminal pastors and priests to protect their reputation.

Sex scandal involving Jimmy Swaggart

During the 1980s, Jimmy Swaggert was a very popular priest and televangelist. He was also one of the ministers in The Assemblies of God or the Pentecostal Christian denomination. Soon after Swaggert became very successful, he was coming into the limelight for his deeds too. The final nail hit his coffin when his involvement in a sex scandal with a prostitute became public.

On the other hand, the church authorities took away his position and all his powers. Besides, what was even worse was that he could not practice any religious activities anymore, such as ordinances. Later, the man’s suffering was peaked when he publicly confessed about the incident to his wife in 1988. He was on public television while acknowledging that it was quite a boom for the Televangelist industry.

Final thoughts

While we started with a recent incident of Pastor David E Wilson, there was so much more that people were unaware of. Surprisingly, more such shocking incidents took place in the past. Unfortunately, similar experiences will happen in the future too, and it will continuously become difficult for us to trust people who lead our paths in life!

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