4 Simple Strategies to be Happy

When you were young, you often had to face questions like: What are your future goals? What do you want to be? What do you want to achieve?

Our answers were different – I want to marry the love of my life. I want to have a successful career. I want to be the best. I want to be famous.

To be honest, we are all on the same journey. What we need to attain in our career and with our possessions is happiness. But what exactly is happiness? And do we need it? Our definition of happiness may differ. But we all know it is an indispensable ingredient in living our dream lives.

According to research, happiness starts to decline from the 20s and starts to swing upwards only after the 50s. Isn’t it quite shocking that what we are missing is our pursuit of happiness? Why are we unhappy in our good years?

To be honest, happiness is not a complex thing. Don’t wait for the right time to be happy. In this blog, we will talk about four strategies that you can follow along to be happy in your life. Let’s take a look!

A Different View on Happiness

Have you ever thought of what the number one factor that determines the level of happiness in your life is? It is the amount of tendency you put on the conditions of happiness. If you are confused about your definition of happiness, you are postponing it. Happiness has its own way.

We often fall into traps like if I had this amount of money/success/health, then I will be happy, only then I will be able to build a successful relationship and pursue my hobbies. With this thinking, you will fall behind and end up running behind one goal to another. We need to understand that happiness leads to success and not the other way around. We do not attract the things we want, but we attract the things that we have.

For instance, you may be thinking that I will be happy when I start earning ‘X’ amount of money. But according to research, this logic doesn’t work well. You have to remember that happiness is not your destination; it is the companion of your life. Concentrate on today. You have to feel happy at the moment.

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Ideal Conditions Do Not Exist

Life is a struggle with different variations that you have no control over. Do not let them control your happiness, or you will never be happy. There are always hurdles out there ruining the picture. There is no guarantee that when you achieve your dreams, you will be happy.

Happiness comes within. Your attitude can define it. The way you deal with the situations will determine the level of happiness. Learn to go with the flow and worry less about the future as it can ruin your present. Past and future only exist in thoughts.

Be mindful, open, and interactive. Look for the opportunities and aim to live boldly and wisely. Thinking outside the box won’t hurt you. Let your happiness come from you. And the more you spread it, the more you will be happy. Cheer at the moment.

Admire the Relationships

Our feelings and moods are affected by people in our surroundings and those we interact with daily. Our relationships with people play a vital role in our lives.

According to a research study on embodying emotion by Prof. Paula Niedenthal, “Like an acute sounding board, parts of our brain internally echo what others do and feel.” Surround yourself with happy people who think positively, you will catch the happiness bug. Even a good relationship with your co-workers and colleagues can help make you happy.

Then we have superficial relationships. They often fail to do the trick. It is because quality, stability, intimacy, and consistency also matter in a relationship. To live a happy life, admire the relationships you have with friends and family. Focus on building deep and meaningful relationships. Engage with your surroundings and spend time with like-minded people.

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Do What You Love

We spend about 30% of our lives at work, which incorporates 25 to 30 years in total. Our profession consumes a large chunk of our life. Therefore, it is logical to say that the amount of happiness influences our happiness at work.

According to research, 33.5% of people are deeply passionate about their work. And 18% of employees hate their jobs. So, what is the clear solution for this – find a work that is perfectly suitable for you, or else you will never be happy. Invest your time in finding the work you are passionate about. It won’t take a lifetime to find one.

But you need to understand the difference between monetary vs. ongoing unhappiness. Try to recognize what exactly it is that is causing you grief. Is it the job? Is it the job environment? Is it the communication gap? If you can address the causes, then take the necessary steps to handle the situation as it might be monetary. But if the situation is getting out of your way, it is better to quit for the sake of goodness as it might ruin your mental stability.

Be Grateful

It is the little things that matter the most in our lives. Simply being grateful for what you have can change your mood. Start acknowledging things you are grateful for. Keep an eye on the beautiful things in your life. With a little practice, you will become aware of all the positive happening in your life.


Happiness is about enjoying the little things bestowed upon you. To be happy, the only factor that you need to change is your attitude. How happy are you right now? Do you have the essential tools to manufacture your own happiness? All you need is to go out of your comfort zone. Try new hobbies. A little gratitude shift can change your life forever and can lead you towards everlasting happiness.

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