What to Wear to Fast Food Interview for Teenagers

What to wear to fast food interview is one of the first questions that pop in your head once you get the interview call. The need to look proper before going for an interview is something we all know. The way you have dressed can make or break the chances of getting hired. Hence, we understand why what to wear to a fast food interview would be your concern!

Fast food restaurants mostly attract teenagers more than others. They find it a nice way to keep themselves busy and earn just enough to get some pocket money to keep themselves going.

For others, it might also be a source of high income. For that reason, while hiring for any role here, employers do not expect the employee to know a lot about the fast food or restaurant sectors.

But what they want the employees to have is confidence and a good dress sense. And why not, since you do not learn a huge list about restaurants, the least you could do is dress the part, right?

Therefore, dressing just the right part before you go in front of your employer is something that you should keep in mind. While you do not want to be over-dressed, you also do not want to be under-dressed. The fact that you are responsible and mature enough for the role to be yours should reflect through your attire.

Hence, if what to wear to a fast food interview is what you wish to know, read on to know more.

Why is dressing properly for a fast food interview important

Before we get to know what to wear for a fast food interview, it is important to know the reason behind considering dressing properly so important.

An interviewer notices what a candidate walks in to interview is what they have worn. Any candidate’s clothes mark the first impression on his way before the actual interview begins.

As we already know, the saying goes, ‘first impression is the last impression,’ we do not want to wear something odd to the interview.

Your image largely depends on your choice of clothes. The interviewer would notice everything from how you do your hair, attire, and shoes you choose to wear. And that is why dressing properly before you appear for the interview is a must.

As far as fast food interviews are concerned, the employers do not want you to dress extremely formally wearing a suit and a tie. But, they do not also want to show up in jeans or corporate skirts.

But then how would you know what to wear to an interview for fast food restaurants, you wonder? Do your part and research. Go through the profile of the company you are applying for.

Google them up, search them on social media, and look at how the employees or the managers have dressed. It all should be on your checklist, from how they have tied their hair to what they are wearing to the kinds of shoes they have chosen to match.

Make the checklist ready and choose something on those lines to wear for the interview, and you are good to go.

What to wear to fast food interview

What to wear to fast food interview?

Well, to begin, there is no rule on what to wear to fast food interview. However, there are certain tips and tricks on what you should keep in mind before appearing for the fast food interview. Let us have a look at what those tips and tricks are:

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Dress casual

There are high chances of you wearing a t-shirt or a shirt with the company’s logo once you get hired for the job. Hence, the best thing to wear for the interview would be business casuals.

You definitely wouldn’t want to dress extremely formally and wear a suit and a tie. This would give the interviewer an impression that you are way too qualified for the job. And we are sure you do not want that to happen.

On the contrary, you would also not want to dress extremely casually. If you are thinking of wearing jeans or mini skirts, you must reconsider. The interviewer would not take your application seriously, and no matter how good your interview goes, they wouldn’t hire you.

Hence, the best option would be simple business casuals. Choose simple yet elegant colors to leave an impression. Do not even go near too bright and neon colors that make you look odd.

Ensure the dress is neat

When you learn what to wear to a job interview for a fast food restaurant, the next thing to know is to dress neatly. The prime factor that drives all restaurants, cafes, or the food industry, in general, is the fact that it is super clean. Hence, as an interviewee, you must keep in mind to look and keep yourself extremely clean.

Ensure that you wear light, eye-soothing clothes that do not look odd or weird. Iron the shirt and make sure that it is not wrinkled anywhere. The shirt sweater or pullover you choose to wear must be neat and free from stains. It should not smell bad or foul.

Along with keeping your dress clean, ensure that you also smell nice. Take a good bath and ensure that you have a positive vibe. Do not smoke just before entering the interview. This is because smoking causes a person to smell foul. However, do not also wear a lot of perfume because people are picky about perfumes. If they do not like how you smell, it can turn them off!

Whatever you wear or however you smell, ensure that you do not make any person uncomfortable.

What to wear to fast food interview

Tone it down

Some companies lie down strict rules on what employees can wear and what they can not. For others, they expect their employees to know what suits best for their workplace.

The food industry does not ask its employees to go overboard with their accessories or look. Remember to tone it down when you think of what I should wear to a fast food interview.

Do not wear heavy accessories such as huge earrings or a long necklace and appear for the interview. Tone the accessories down. It is best to go for something really small and simple that adds to the simplicity of the whole attire. For example, a really small and simple pendant or a small pair of the stud can do the part.

Look modest

The food industry is one of the most modest industries there is. The uniform is mostly a shirt or a t-shirt that contains the logo of the company you are working for. Hence, while appearing for the interview, remember to dress properly and modestly.

No matter how open-minded you are, wearing a plunging neckline or an extremely short skirt when you appear for the interview is just going to put you in a bad light. Therefore, remember to be presentable when you appear for the interview.

Ensure not to wear that hugs you and makes your curves shine. Ensure that your cleavage is not showing. The way you dress speaks largely about yourself and represents your personality.

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The interviewer must have faith in you that you would perform your job nicely. Hence, be presentable and grab attention in all the nice ways possible.

Fast food interview outfit dont’s

We have already talked about what to wear to fast food interview. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind to avoid during the interview. Let us have a look at what those are:

Do not wear a lot of makeup

We know that looking proper is one of the main criteria to follow when discussing what to wear to an interview teenager fast food. However, it is important to understand that looking proper does not mean wearing too much makeup. Looking proper might mean embracing the natural look to its best.

What you can do is wear a little bit of foundation and a little nude lipstick. However, do not wear a lot of foundation. Avoid contour, blush, eye shadows, highlighters to the best you can.

Wearing all these can make the interviewer consider you not so serious about the job. This is huge because of the workplace you are at. All of these looks would look nice in the fashion industry. But it is a no-no for the fast food sector.

Do not wear a lot of perfume

When you walk into a room, you know those people who fill the space with the scent of the perfume or the cologne they are wearing? We are to avoid just that when we appear for an interview. The one thing that we must think of keeping in mind when knowing what to wear to a fast food job interview is to dress the part.

Even though we are supposed to look and feel fresh, wearing a lot of cologne or perfume is not exactly what we are talking about here. Some people are intolerant towards the smell of strong cologne and perfume. Let us consider that your interviewee is one of them, and thus you would have to dress accordingly.

However, do not forget to shower properly and ensure that you do not smell bad. When you feel fresh from within, you would also not have to wear a lot of perfume to suppress any body odor. So that is a win-win, is it not?

Skip wearing anything too casual

The key is to dress, keeping business casual in mind. Never wear anything that has a hood. That is one of the most improper dresses to wear in an interview. It can make your interviewer feel that you do not wish to be seen and are not interested. Along with that, do not wear anything that you would generally wear while going out with your friends on an afternoon.

Go through your closet and find something slightly casual to wear. Do not wear anything too tight for you and hug your curves. At the same time, do not wear anything too loose for you. Maintain a balance between both and wear something that adds elegance to your complete look.

If you are searching for some tips on what to wear to a fast food interview, then here it is. You can go for a sweater or a buttoned shirt with formal pants if you are a man. Remember to avoid jeans the best you can. If you are a woman, you can use it for a polo t-shirt, a buttoned shirt, or a cardigan. Remember to avoid wearing anything that has a deep-cut neckline. Your dress should be formal and modest. Also, keep in mind to avoid wearing eye-catchy accessories.

What to wear to fast food interview

Final thoughts

No matter the job you are applying for, interviews can be scary. Dressing the part can fill you up with confidence and thus impress the interview. The first impression remains one of the most important things, and dressing properly makes or breaks it.

Hence, the next time you go for a fast food interview, do not forget to follow our tips and tricks.

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