Free Tarot Reading Celtic Cross – How Can It Work for You?

Tarot card reading has emerged tremendously. Everyone wants to know what is in store for them in the future. Many people love tarot reading so much that they may wish to start tarot reading professionally. Some do it for free as it’s their passion, and many professionals charge a handsome amount of money. Today we will focus our blog on free tarot reading Celtic cross and everything you need to know to start it. So, start scrolling down to know everything about the Celtic cross!

About Celtic Cross tarot spread

Before we tell you about the Celtic Cross tarot reading, it is essential you know everything about it.

Celtic cross is one of the most renowned and commonly used spreads used for a tarot reading. If you are just starting and want to try out free tarot reading, you must have heard about the Celtic cross since it is the most popular one!

But it is essential you keep in mind that this tarot spread happens to be one of the toughest as it is difficult to understand and try out a free tarot reading 10 card spread. There are 10 cards that require depth research and study.

So, if you wish you get deeper into free tarot reading Celtic Cross, it is essential you go through its meanings and details.

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Overview of free tarot reading Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross tarot reading has already been in use for more than a century. Arthur Edward Waite was the co-creator of the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck, which was released in 1911. He was the person who published his customized version of Celtic Cross.

However, before that, people thought Celtic Cross was developed in Europe. This conception was based because of the presence of stone pillars that has crosses on the top. Ireland was the place people saw this. The association of pagan ritual and Christianity says that the shape indicates a spiritual meaning.

Thus, Celtic Cross tarot reading is often associated with spiritual development and much more. You will see the general shape to be divided into two parts:

The Cross

You will find the cross to have the first six cards positioned in a cross shape. And the cards replicate the current problem, how it came up, and even what it might lead to.

The pillar

Here there are four cards that are placed from the bottom towards the top, just beside where the cross is. The pillar cards are supposed to provide additional information. All of which might influence your situation. You will find these cards to help you overcome a tough problem.

Celtic Cross spread meaning positions

Before you start free tarot reading Celtic Cross, learn about the tarot card meanings. It will help you be a potent tarot card reader. So, check out the following:

The sole cause of the matter

Usually, card 1 is related to the Querent. The sole cause of the matter and the main reason why you or any other person is trying out a tarot reading session. You will see what the problem is all about and how the person feels or sees the situation. It basically implies everything about the current situation. However, there can be some other situations as well.

The card might often imply that the problematic situation is for the person sitting for the tarot card reading session. However, it can also be someone close, a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a neighbor who the person is close to.

Addressing the situation

The moment the Querent agrees to the problem, the second card comes into question. Here you will be able to indicate the situation. Also, it is essential you keep in mind while performing a paid or free tarot reading Celtic cross session that here the person should have asked this question the card indicates, but they may not have. It is also possible that the person has already asked you the question after the first card. Card 2 indicates the solutions or the possibility of any obstacles that come across the person who is sitting for the tarot reading session.

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The base of the problem

Here the card indicates the various factors that are affecting the question. It can, in general, be the influence of a distant past. You can count this card as the base or foundation of the situation that you are assessing.

The immediate past

In this card, you will find the addressing of influences and events that are recent. You will find there is a close relation between card three and card 4. But it may vary also. For instance, card three might indicate the financial issue that you are facing. While card four can indicate a loss of a job or having a problem with cheating.

However, if the person you are doing the free tarot reading Celtic Cross session for has a positive situation, this card may reflect a happy incident. For example, they have won a lottery or met an old lost friend.

Outlook – short term

When you are on card number 5, you slightly get a sigh of relief. Are you wondering why? Well, that’s because it indicates that you will know what is going to happen in the recent future. In general, what is about to happen within a month or two. However, it is always best you keep in mind that these readings are an outline and not anything that will definitely happen as planned.

The card will indicate a situation that may unfold or develop based on the present things over a short time span.

State of the problem presently

When you are card number 6, you get an understanding of the influences of the situations. It indicates that whether the problem or situation you are in is going towards a solution or it remains stagnated. Also, it is best you keep in mind that you must not mix up the indications mentioned on card two and card 6. That is because card two will indicate only if you solve the problem or not. But when card 6 comes up, it tells you what the future situations are suggesting.

Free Tarot Reading Celtic Cross - How Can It Work for You?

External influences

When you are in a problem, good time, starting a new venture, or even going out of station, there are many things that relate to it. Apart from why you are in the situation, how you will handle the problem and how you solve it is the primary part. But that is not it! There are many more external influences that might preoccupy your mind and affect your mindset. So, when you are going through or trying out a free tarot reading Celtic Cross session, it is vital you know that the situation or problem will be taken care of from all angles.

Here you will know what your family or friends feel about the situation you are facing. Also, you may know if there are any more people who are in control of the situation apart from the Querent himself/herself. Even though they may not affect the outcome or the solution, but still these factors must be taken into consideration.

Inward influences

When you are on card number 8, you are talking about how the Querent is deeply feeling about the problem or situation—the way the Querent wants to resolve things. When you are talking about internal influences, you must bear in mind that it is the most vital part of a person. It plays a significant role in the behaviors and actions of the situation.

If you are the one who is trying out the free tarot reading Celtic cross session, then you can compare card 8 with card 1. The moment you are comparing, you may see the conflicts and contrasts between them. There can also be a situation where the Querent’s mind himself/herself is playing against each other. You never know how a subconscious mind works. For instance, if the Querent is dating a married woman who has a problematic marriage, he may be madly in love with the woman. But he/she may also want the lady to solve their marriage problem.

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Fears and Hopes

Card numbers eight and 9 are quite similar to each other. We hope and fear at the same time. Since it’s always conflicting, it is tough to know how to go about the situation. For instance, this may be a situation where a person has been juggling with the husband and lover. She might want her husband to be aware of the affair and leave her, where she will be free from her responsibilities. On the other hand, she may be worried and scared of his knowledge about the affair. Both are parts of the same situation that a person thinks in his/her heart. One is hope, and the other is fear. Both these go hand in hand and play skillfully in a person’s mind.

The final outcome

Finally, when you are reading card number 10, you are revealing the final outcome of the problem. Here you will know what the solution in the long-run is going to be. In general, when you are on card 10, it is the joint accumulation of all the other nine cards that you have been dealing with for so long.

Card 10 is the final outcome that is expected to reflect in the following months or even a year. At this stage, if the card that is pulled out gives ambiguous or vague indications, the Querent can pull out two or more cards too. But they have to be looked at in the same position. Accumulation of all the cards will give you the perfect answer that you were looking for.

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Keep the free tarot reading Celtic Cross session real

Now you know how what the cards mean and how you have to deal with the Querent. But it is also essential that you bear in mind that being a tarot reader is not an easy task.

Simply pulling out cards and reading them may tell the Querent about an endeavor that may get success. However, it may imply that the result may not be the ideal thing for the entire life. At the beginning achieving what the person wanted was great, but it may not be the best decision for the entire life.

So, when you are reading tarot cards for a client, you have to bear in mind that everything may not end on a good note. We are not living in fairytale land; rather, it is real life. So, always keep things real for the client. Only then you are being true to your job and yourself.

Limitation of Damage

Being an optimist can fetch you the best results. If you are a tarot card reader, there are places where you have to be blunt and say it on the Querent’s face, but it is essential you try your best. When a client comes to you, they are expecting you bring out a solution so that they can deal with their problems.

So, it is essential you dig deep and find out the most of what you can for the client. It is true that you will not be able to change an outcome or the final result. However, there is no harm in trying hard. It will help your client to react to situations better and deal with them. More so, it will help your clients not to repeat the same mistakes and finally move in the best direction.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we are sure you have a clear idea about how the ten cards spread works, what each card means, and more. However, there is more research and study that you need to do to provide free tarot reading Celtic Cross sessions for someone.

Also, you can go through books and watch tutorials to learn more about tarot reading. If you wish to become a potent tarot card reader, an in-depth study is the most crucial thing. So, start your study today, and you will surely become a successful tarot card reader!

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