Do Cats Have Periods – How to Take Care of Your Feline Friend?

Do cats have periods? Is that what you’ve been searching for all this while? Well, being a cat owner, it is natural to have such questions in your mind about your pet! And to solve all your queries and concerns to take care of your lovable furball during the tough days, we are here to help! Here, we will highlight on cat period symptoms, how to take care, and what risks that come along with it! Start scrolling down, and you will be completely ready to look after your pet during its most vulnerable time!

Do cats have periods?

Just as female mammals, even cats have physical changes in their bodies, where they prepare themselves for birth. However, when humans have this cycle, it is known as ‘menstruation.’ But when cats have periods, it is known as ‘estrus.’

Also, it is essential for you to know that when a female cat goes through her estrus, it is also said she is in a heat cycle. At this stage, the cat is receptive hormonally for reproduction and intercourse.

Usually, cats tend to have their periods during their late kittenhood. So, if you do not want her to get pregnant or find it difficult to raise the kittens, you can opt for spaying.

Knowing more about heat cycles in cats

You will find cats to fall into the category of polyestrous animals. That implies that the heat cycle will happen during the fertile years periodically. Usually, you will notice the cycles begin when the cat is around four months of age. And it tends to continue unless the cat is spayed or bred.

You will find the heat cycles to last for several days in cats. However, it can also last for around two weeks. Also, it can repeat every two or three weeks. You may wonder at this stage that the female cat always seems to have her periods. In fact, this makes vets try spaying early to avoid such situations.

Now that we have answered your question, ‘do cats have periods,’ let us discuss their cat period symptoms. When your cute furball pet is on her heat, you will see her in extreme pain. Your pet might howl loudly, call you several times, which will make you realize that she is in extreme pain. However, howling can also be to call the cat’s male counterpart. So, not always will it mean your pet is in pain.

Do Cats Have Periods

Heat cycle timings are crucial

You now know ‘do cats have periods or not,’ so it is also essential you know about their heat cycle timings.

As the spring arrives, you will see your cute pet in her extreme sexual prime that marks the beginning of the heat cycle. As the days go longer and the sunlight and warmth intensify, the furry queen gets herself into action.

You will notice this heat cycle lasts for around one week or ten days. If your furry pet is not pregnant during this phase, she may go back to her heat cycle again. However, if your female cat gets pregnant during the first phase, she will go back to her heat cycle again after her kittens are born, which is usually after eight weeks.

But there is another crucial thing about cats. In case your cats have periods and do not get pregnant, but feel they have conceived, which is known as a false pregnancy, they may go back to their heat after four or six weeks.

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What does cat period look like?

When you are searching for ‘do cats have periods, it is natural you would want to enquire what it looks like! Well, let us tell you that, cat period is different from what female humans have. Humans shed off their uterus lining when they have periods, which leads to vaginal bleeding. But it is different in the case of cats!

Cats must not bleed when they have their heat cycle. It is a common phenomenon. If you see your cat bleeding, it is vital that you visit the vet as soon as possible.

Humans get cramping and pain during their periods every month. Are you wondering do cats get period cramps? Well, they do not experience cramps but do howl and seek attention all the time during their heat cycle. In fact, the release of certain hormones makes the cat keen towards mating and will want to stay close to their male counterparts often. Your furry pet might want you to rub her back and stroke her up and down. Also, you may find your pet to lose out on her appetite during this period.

You will also see her licking her genitals during her periods. Plus, you may notice your pet running outdoors often, which is quite normal during this period.

Cat period symptoms

When your female cat pet is not spayed, she will eventually go to her fertile period at one point in her life. It can also occur when she is in her old age. When the female cat goes through hormonal changes, the cats get themselves prepared for breeding. So, if you wish to notice cat period symptoms, check out the ways below:

Displaying affection

Since you are enquiring ‘do cats have periods, you must be eager to know the ways you can determine they are in that phase. So, always keep in mind that displaying affection is one of the major ways of cats to tell you they are on their heat.

Cats are, in general, very affectionate. But during this time, they would not want to leave you at all. You may even find your cat rubbing herself against her stuffed toys, furniture, or other cats apart from you. It will give you a clear indication that she, at the moment, absolutely restless.

Extra grooming

One of the clear indications that show cats are on their heat, is when they are extremely conscious about their grooming. It is true that cats do not have bleeding as it happens in humans, but they constantly keep licking their genitals.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that licking the genitals might also mean your cat is having a urinary tract problem. So, it would be best if you did not only rely on that symptom, as leaving this untreated might become grave. If you see your cat exhibiting only this behavior, it will mean that she is indicating some other health problem.

Mating position and call

Your little furry queen can vocalize herself. She can vocal out her feelings and keep calling for many days until she mates. Many times, you may find your pet fantasizing about her mating position. Some of the symptoms you may notice are forelegs bent, rear quarters raising to show the perineum, tail raised, head down, and tail held towards one body side. And this posture is known as lordosis. Also, when your pet assumes it, you will see her rear legs rhythmically walking in one place.

Do Cats Have Periods

Marks her own territory

One of the major cat period symptoms is that cats mark their own territory. You will find this behavior quite similar to how male cats behave. It is like she may spray her space with urine to mark her own space. If you aren’t quite familiar, you may find this behavior alarming. However, once you are used to your pet’s heat, it won’t be difficult.

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Loses interest in food

You can count this behavior as quite similar to humans. Just as human females lose their appetite when they are in their periods, cats do the same. The female cat has so much playing on her mind, and all her body instincts move towards reproducing. So, she is not concerned about her food. However, keep monitoring the loss of appetite in your pet. That’s because if she is on her heat, she should get back her appetite within a week or two. But if it lasts more than that, it might be alarming signs of some other problem.

Feeling of escaping

Again, another very prominent cat period symptom is the feeling of escaping. It will be her natural instinct to run away and will look for any hole to escape. That’s because she is desperately in want of her partner to mate.

It is natural that you may not find your pet for a day or even a week during the heat cycle, at times, even more. So, if you don’t want your furry queen to escape, trap her at home and seal all routes of escape. You can try out different ways of play to divert your cat’s mind.

Prevent pregnancy

If you are a professional pedigreed cat breeder, then you can allow your cat to breed. But if you are a pet owner, it is best to try out all ways to avoid such a situation. You can try out spaying to prevent your cat from being pregnant. Also, you can avoid heat cycles that make your cat uncomfortable. More so, it will help you prevent any other reproductive problems as well.

Apart from spaying, you can also avoid your cat from going out during its heat cycle. But that is not something you would be able to carry on for long to prevent pregnancy. The drive your cat will go through during this phase will be intense. So, it is wise you try out spaying.

What to do when your cat is in heat?

Now haven’t we answered your question, ‘do cats have periods’? Well, we have, and you know well enough what their symptoms are and much more. So, if you haven’t yet spayed your furry queen or have no intention of trying it out, here are some ways to comfort your cat:

Brushings and petting

For cats, the best thing you can do for them is to give extra love and attention. They are attention seekers and love to get affection from their owners. Especially when they are on their heat cycle, try out some extra brushings and petting. It will comfort her tremendously. In that way, you will see how she comforts herself and releases her stress as well.

Give your pet a getaway

When your baby female pet is in her most vulnerable time, you have to give her the best of both. It is always best you brush and pet her when she wants it. Otherwise, it is always best to leave her if she is not in her best mood. Only make sure she has everything she needs, which is quiet and peaceful.

Give them playtime

When your cat is going through her heat cycle, try to extend her playtime. Let her play and cuddle with stuffed toys so that her mind is off other things.

Use home remedies to calm your cat’s heat

You can always use a heating pad to calm your cat. Otherwise, you can speak to a vet to prescribe your cat some herbal remedies.

Let your cat listen to calming music

Not only humans but cats also enjoy music. Some soothing melodies can calm your cat down and help her relax. More so, you will notice her howling vanishing in no time.

Be at your best patience when your cat is on heat

When your cat is on her heat, it is time you become calm. You may find your cat irritated, aggressive, and noisy, but it is always best to calm them. Handle them with a lot of patience, and you will surely see them calm down.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our article ‘do cats have periods,’ we hope you know everything to keep your cat in good care during her most vulnerable time. It is true that cats do not go through the same periods as humans do, but it is a difficult stage for them. So, follow all the cat period symptoms and tips to calm them. And you will see yourself handling your cat’s heat cycle in the best way.

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