Tops Marketing Strategies For YouTube 2021

If you are considering doing video marketing on YouTube, you need a strategy. Many YouTubers (companies included) Create a channel and start uploading content without having a clear plan. The result is that they spend a lot of time and effort without achieving the results they seek. This does not happen to you. You have to know what your goals are and how YouTube can help you achieve them. In this article, we explain to you in detail how the Marketing Strategies For YouTube start with the customer journey through the conversion funnel.

Typically, users are not ready to convert the first time they hear about us but go through different phases, from identifying a need for the first time to deciding on a specific product or service.

To visualize this, marketers usually use the conversion funnel as a representation, which consists of three phases:

TOFU phase or “top or the funnel”: in this first stage, the user has detected that he needs and is looking for how to solve it but does not yet have a concrete solution in mind. For example, let’s imagine our product is a recipe app; perhaps we are interested in users who are searching on Google for things like “how to cook better and more varied.”

MOFU phase or “middle of the funnel”: in the middle part of the funnel, the user is clearer about what he wants and evaluates different options. If we think about the previous example, this person already knows that they want to download an application and is trying to decide which one best suits their needs.

BOFU phase or “bottom of the funnel”: this is the final phase when the user has already assessed their options and is still interested in you. Therefore, we only have to close the final conversion.

To plan the YouTube strategy correctly, you have to know that depending on the phase of the conversion funnel in which a user is, it will be necessary to offer them a different type of content. In the first phases, we will seek to create more general content that answers your questions about the need raised. The closer we get to conversion, the more we can talk about our specific product.

In general, video content is more suitable for the early stages (MOFU and especially TOFU), but it is also possible to use it in the final stage of the funnel. Below we have included ten examples of strategies that cover all these needs.

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Marketing strategies for YouTube:

1) Ad spots

On YouTube, spots no longer have to be limited to 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Your channel is the ideal place to run the extended version of your ads and tell your audience a story.

We use spots in the TOFU phase because they are very suitable to publicize your brand and attract the attention of an audience that does not know you yet. Originality and creativity are your allies to get content that impacts and, with a bit of luck, it may go viral.

2) Tutorials

When a user is presented with a new need, they may not know very well where to start. The video tutorials are a very useful resource to guide you little by little on this path and position ourselves as a trusted brand.

Keep in mind that today YouTube is the second most popular search engine (only behind Google). Many users resort to it to search for this type of content, so you are interested in working very well on the SEO of your tutorials.

3) Training, courses or webinars

The pieces of training are the next step after the tutorials, where we go more deeply into how to solve a specific need, and therefore we capture users who want to know more about that topic.

For example, Cyberclick based courses offer webinars that are issued privately through our YouTube channel, like this on how to design your digital marketing plan for 2020. This format helps us to be more in contact with the audience and to be able to solve their doubts and questions live.

4) Brand vlogs

A few years ago, we lived through the heyday of blogging, which completely changed the way brands communicate with their audiences. And now it’s the turn of vlogs, which allow you to show your brand in a simple, close way and that connects a lot with the audience. Vlogs are a very good resource to make yourself known among users who are starting the purchase process.

5) Highlight videos

The videos of highlights are a kind of “computer graphics video,” which graphically represent content to be compelling and easy to understand. Therefore, they help us to communicate complex concepts quickly and efficiently, and because they are very useful, they are easy for users to share. Actually there are many tools there to save us much time for making these kind of videos. FlexClip is one of the best tools for making youtube videos because it is web browser based with various stunning templates.

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6) User-generated content

In the end, the best way to get along with users is to show them people like them. The content generated by other users helps them connect with the brand and understand how they could incorporate their products and services into their day-to-day lives. Additionally, using user-created content helps us build community (as creators feel heard, recognized, and valued) and reduces the need to produce our own videos, saving time and resources.

7) Branded content

The branded content is to create content linked to a brand that allows you to connect to that brand with the consumer. It is focused on brand values ​​(not products and services) and seeks to create conversation and awareness around it.

To create unforgettable brand content, you must appeal to your emotions and tell stories. And for this, video is a great format since it manages to quickly connect with our emotional side and transmit many things in a short time.

8) Questions and answers about your product or service

As users progress through the conversion funnel and get to know your product or service better, it is normal that doubts arise. And they sure ask you the same questions over and over again. Why not help answer them with a video that clears your doubts forever?

9) Client interviews

In the MOFU phase, the user is evaluating different options, so it is very important to convey that they can trust us. A good way to do this is through the stories of people like him or her, who have already used our products and services. These types of videos are not too expensive to produce, and they easily connect with the audience.

10) Coupons or discounts offered by influencers

The user has already walked the conversion funnel with us and is almost ready to buy. To encourage you to take the last step, coupons and discounts are a proven strategy. And thanks to influencer marketing, you can present them in a different way and explain their advantages in detail. The influencer brings social proof to the product and can also show step by step how to use it, making indecisive users see what it could bring them.

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