Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Timeshare Exit Company? Review 2023

When it comes to a timeshare exit company, you must have heard of Timeshare Compliance. Since 2012, this company has been a top timeshare exit company in Aliso Viejo and California. Being the oldest, this exit company has established a good working relationship with timeshare contract developers and professional attorneys. In return, the team of Timeshare Compliance is well aware of the tactics that may be required to terminate your contract.

Although it is amongst the legitimate businesses offering reliable escrow payment options and a secure security system. But before you hire this timeshare exit company, you have all rights to have honest Timeshare compliance reviews. Also, it comes with hollow promises to free you from unwanted contracts. As timeshare exit companies claim to terminate your agreement but run a predatory scam behind your back.

Who is Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance is a subsidiary company of Pandora Marketing LLC. Since 2012, Timeshare Compliance has served millions of clients and helped terminate unwanted timeshare contracts. Timeshare Compliance claims to have its own “Advocacy Group” to legally seek a refund or end the contract. Particularly this advocacy group helped those duped timeshare owners into signing contracts. But yes, this exit company is not a law firm. They are legal experts who work closely with attorneys to help clients terminate contracts, mortgage debt, or maintenance fees.

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Over the years, Timeshare compliance has earned Better Business Bureau ratings and Trustpilot ratings, making it one of the most trusted firms in the USA. The best thing about such timeshare exit companies is – they use escrow payment options for transactions. You can rest assured that your money is safe with Timeshare compliance and won’t be used elsewhere.

Timeshare Cancellation Working Process

Usually, after purchasing the timeshare contract, the next period is called the cooling-off period or recession period. While you are in this period, you can legally cancel your contract and get a full payment refund without penalty. But if you want effective and successful cancellation, you must first declare intent and deliver the contract to the original seller within your cooling off or recession period. If you go by this process, the chances of an easy cancellation and complete refund are high.

  • Investigate

Before canceling your contract, a client expert will talk to you about the reason for terminating your contract. An investor may ask the holder to send original documents through email.

  • Advocating
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The most crucial step of the timeshare cancellation process includes – Advocating the case. Attorneys or lawyers use various tactics to get you out unwanted timeshare contracts. For your convenience, we have listed a few parameters that lawyers use to judge your case and work accordingly.

  • Examining misleading statements of your contract timeshare contract
  • Negotiating a settlement with your timeshare resort developer
  • Recognizing deceptive sales tactics used to sell timeshare contracts and much more.

Your lawyer may use these tactics or some other combination of the above. However, the main motive behind examining these tactics is to get you out of an unwanted timeshare.

  • Abolish your purchase

Its next step is essential for you to examine the agreement thoroughly. Then follow the instructions given by your timeshare exit company and confirm a legitimate cancellation of your timeshare contract purchase.


With our comprehensive review, we can say that Timeshare Compliance is amongst the trustworthy exit companies. Also, we have not seen any traces of timeshare exit scams, but the only one that may come close to fraud is – the controversial lawsuit that Diamond Resorts, a prominent seller of a timeshare, filed.

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