Best Dealers in American Made Alternators

When you buy your car, it does not harm if you get some basic mechanical understanding of what happens when it is in motion. Most of us believe that the car battery powers the entire electrical system from the radio to the flashlights, among others; however, this is the layman’s thinking. Technically, the vehicle battery provides the startup energy to the engines and keeps it running when the car isn’t in motion. On the other hand, an alternator is the central charging system in an automobile that supplies the electrical support to the headlights, the windscreen wipers, the radio system, and charges the battery in return. American made alternators are the best models you can gift yourself if you are looking for a replacement. Where can I get the best American made alternators? Worry no more! Mechman alternators are the best dealers in American made alternators plus any other automobile parts you need.

Mechman Alternators: The Best dealers in American made Alternators

If you are hunting for American made alternators, then the best plug is Mechman Alternators. They are dealers in a wide variety of automotive parts and also offer exceptional mechanical services. They can construct high output alternators ranging from 150a to 370a, with customizable applications to fit the customer’s needs. The Mechman American made alternators company exhibits their prowess in bolt-in high output alternator solutions to all vehicle types. Mechman was founded in 1978 and has had an excellent reputation internationally regarding automobile service provision. They ship their products globally and have a shipping policy that ensures their customers are free of fraud cases.

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Additionally, once you work with Mechman dealers, you got to enjoy their warranty offer; two years for automotive alternators and one year for marine alternators. Finally, working with the Mechman American made alternators dealers, customer satisfaction is their ruling slogan; hence they provide return policies. Once you purchase their products, you can return it for exchange if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

What is an Alternator?

An alternator is described as an electrical generator that generates electrical energy from mechanical energy in forming alternating currents. The alternator’s primary purpose is to provide electrical energy to power the car’s charging systems, including the battery, lighting system, and car radio. The alternator is found in the front part of the engines and is operated by the crankshaft converting the up & down piston movements into circular motion.

Parts of an Alternator

If your car breaks down, which is a common mechanical issue associated with automobiles, you will call professional mechanics to provide corrective measures. But you also beneficial that you know what is contained in the bonnet and how each part functions. The alternator has various features, each with its core function, which operates co-currently to produce the required energy to maintain the car’s electrical energy operation. The components of an alternator include:

  • The Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulators monitor the electrical power generated by the alternator. It regulates the level of voltage output and relays it to the battery. Additionally, the voltage regulator distributes the energy output to all car systems that require an electrical recharge.

  • The Diode Rectifier
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The rectifiers convert the alternating current produced by the alternator to direct currents, which is used to recharge the battery. The energy conversion to DC makes it suitable for use in the charging systems.

  • Stator and Rotor

The stator and rotor are the electricity-producing parts in the alternator. The rotor includes a cylindrical mass, which rotates with the pulley and belt system’s help inside the stator. The stator is composed of copper wiring coils outside the rotor and converts the magnetic energy produced by the rotor to electrical power.

  • The fan

The process of converting magnetic energy to electrical energy leads to lots of heat release. Naturally, the alternators are constructed from aluminum casing with vents for easy heat removal. However, additional cooling fans are available to improve the efficiency of the alternator and avoid overheating. The cooling fan could be externally fitted blades or internally installed based on the models of the alternator.


Car alternators provide the electrical energy required by all charging systems. After reading this article, you can tell how crucial an alternator is to any automobiles and requires close consideration. Incase to are looking to upgrade your old car alternator or replacing it; then you need to shop for an American made alternator from a trusted dealer. American made alternators are durable, robust, and relatively cost-effective. However, you have an assurance of its effectiveness when you got it from the best dealers in a town like the Mechman alternators.

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