What Do Gardner Denver Distributors Do?

People often wonder what products and services are provided by Gardner Denver distributors. As a worldwide manufacturing company, Gardner Denver serves the industrial needs of companies in a wide variety of ways.

Best known for manufacturing air compressors, nitrogen generators, and blowers, the Gardner Denver Company provides many other goods and services through their distributors. These distributors serve many diverse industries.

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Probably the most important service offered by Gardner Denver distributors is providing highly trained technicians to maintain and repair industrial compressors and blowers. The technicians can provide air audits to make sure that customers are getting the right product to work efficiently in their operation.

The technicians provided by the distributors are available 24/7 to keep companies up and running. Distributors also keep a huge inventory of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. When technicians maintain and repair equipment, they can quickly put their hands on replacement parts and maintenance oils.

Gardner Denver distributors also provide a web application called iConn that delivers several important services to industrial customers. The basic level of iConn provides a simple, detailed, overview of how the compressor system is operating. It helps customers find impending issues before they become a problem.

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The second level of iConn provides a preventative maintenance tool. It reminds customers that maintenance is required and can even schedule an appointment to perform the maintenance.

The highest level of iConn is the most comprehensive. Not only does it give data on compressor performance, but it also connects the customer to 24/7 service, the remote monitoring feature, and efficiency audits.

The iConn application is standard on all new machines. Luckily, they are also able to retrofit the application to older compressor installations.

iConn provides a platform for analyzing data on the use of the particular compressor or blower. This helps customers find ways to save money when using industrial air compressors and blowers.

The iConn application also can perform remote diagnostics. It can show customers how to best optimize their energy use. This, in turn, helps reduce costs for running compressors. The iConn application uses a web browser so that customers can monitor equipment at remote locations. It provides alarms and warnings to keep equipment from breaking down unexpectedly.

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Gardner Denver distributors also provide a warranty plan called Protect 5. This is basically an extended warranty that lasts for five years.


The Aerospace industry is one of the industries served by Gardner Denver distributors. These distributors can provide the ventilation systems in airplanes, nitrogen for military aircraft fuel systems, and thermal imaging.

Farming operations are another industry served by Gardner Denver distributors. Dairy farmers use air compressors to produce the vacuum used in automatic milking machines. Fishermen often use a central vacuum system at their work tables where they clean fish. Fish farmers frequently use a special side-channel blower to keep from losing expensive feed pellets when they are moved from place to place.

Another industry that distributors serve is the electronics industry. Blowers are used to drying electronic components and vacuums are used to get rid of dust.

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