Ryan Garcia Wife, Drea Celina, Cheated on During Pregnancy

Who doesn’t know about the famous superstar of the United States of America, Ryan Garcia! Born in 1998, he is just a 23-year-old lad who has taken the world by his awe. If you don’t know, you might need a regular dose of the sports world story. But even if you have a look at the entertainment news of the star world, you will also know Ryan Garcia due to his controversy with his wife. The Ryan Garcia story has hit the highlights of many news channels and websites. Here is why.

Ryan Garcia – the youngster superstar

Well, Ryan Garcia needs no introduction. Only at the age of 23, Alexander the Great conquered the world with his feats, and here we have the 21st-century wonder kids who conquer the world through their skills. Ryan Garcia has won the lightweight silver in the WBC championship. This has brought the American boxer international attention. But, the fans of Ryan Garcia, your superstar, have some shocking news to share with you.

We are well aware that Ryan Garcia’s present girlfriend is Drea Celine. The boxer isn’t vocal about his personal information and lives on any social media account. His posts usually are related the sports and his achievements and mostly the player’s professional life and accolades. He posts too little about his family or anything related to his domain. So, the fans get a little upset because they don’t get much information to gossip or hype about.

Ryan Garcia and Drea Celine relationship

However, his relationship with the media influencer Drea Celina is much well-known among his fans. Drea Celina or also known as Drea Celina Garcia, is Mexican in origin. Ryan Garcia himself has some Mexican origin. She, by profession, is a fitness freak and an expert, and a social media influencer. Their relationship had been quite personal. They don’t even post many pictures on their social media handles, unlike many stars whose Instagram account is like a daily diary of what they do and don’t.

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Also, both of them are the parents of two beautiful kids, Rylie Garcia and Bela Garcia. The elder one was born in 2019. She even has her personal Instagram handle, managed by her father, Ryan Garcia. The younger one, Bela, was born in 2020.

But not everything is very happy on this side.

Darcia and Trevejo meddles

Malu Trevejo seems to have been a bone in contention between the happy relationship of the Garcia-Celina duo. The paparazzi caught the acclaimed singer Trevejo in some intimate moments with Ryan Garcia.

Ryan Garcia fiancé was reportedly being cheated by Ryan Garcia by this even. Ryan Garcia and Malu Trevejo were dining together at a resturant. They were kissing, hugging, and holding hands in a restaurant.

The restaurant was an upscale Los Angeles N10 restaurant. Ryan Garcia was out with his friends when he was caught in these intimate moments with Malu Trevejo.

This is not the first time that Malu Trevejo has obtained the media limelight. The other time she was found in the headlines was when she arranged her 18th birthday party flouting all guidelines regarding Covid-19 at a well-known mansion in Los Angeles. This is the second time that the Cuban American famous singer got involved in a controversy. This created much stir because when this hit the media attention, Drea was pregnant with their second child in October 2020.

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However, both Trevejo and Garcia came to the social media handles with their testimony, and Trevejo shared her ignorance related to the relationship status of Drea and Ryan.

Drea Celina voices her anger over Instagram

Drea Celina, Ryan Garcia wife, didn’t keep mum about this whole incident. Immediately after this picture went viral on social media, she called out Ryan, exposing him directly to cheat on Ryan Garcia wife.

Drea has a long list of 128,000 followers on Instagram. She addresses this cheating incident to them on her Instagram handle. She was enraged that Ryan had been lying to her when she was only seven weeks due to her termination of pregnancy.

Most importantly, she was away from sharing time with her family when this photograph was out. Further, she said, Ryan said that he was busy with his fitness hacks when this incident took place.

Drea even pointed to Ryan’s consistent misbehavior, and he didn’t come to look at their first child Catherine Gomez who was sick after birth.

Well, here’s a heartbreaking line for both Ryan and Drea’s fans when the latter ended her vent post by calling her boyfriend Ryan Garcia a “horrible evil human.”

Ryan Garcia Wife, Drea Celina, Cheated on During Pregnancy

Garcia and Travejo responds

However, both Garcia and Travejo responded to this scandal. Travejo testified her ignorance. She claimed that Ryan never clarified their relationship status.

Garcia said that they were taking a break. He turned to some Instagram posts and said that both of them would remake their relationship. He also said that his and Malu’s visit to the restaurant was casual and on purely friendly terms.

Well, both sides’ stories tread on the same trajectory. The Ryan Garcia Malu Trevejo incident left a tiny scar on Ryan Garcia and Ryan Garcia wife. However, things cooled off much with the birth of Bela Garcia. Drea Garcia even shared on her Instagram that everything went back as it was. Thus, that’s a moment of rejoicing for our fans.

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