Instagram Widget for Website – The Complete Guide


Instagram is the largest growing social media platform with over one billion active users, and the number is rapidly growing. Read on to know about the Instagram widget for a website-the complete guide.

Instagram is a vibrant platform with colorful, creative, and captivating content which easily attracts and engages customers on their platform. You can embed Instagram posts on your website directly from the Instagram embed code also, but you can only embed one post at a time.

Instagram is a growing social media platform with billions of active users, making it a profitable platform for businesses and brands.

For the last few years, Instagram businesses and brands are aggressively promoting their products and services through appealing images, videos, hashtag campaigns, and many more.

Now, when Instagram is also the largest producer of user-generated content, the Instagram content has also taken a shift to embellish website with vibrant and engaging content.

Thus, here comes the role of the Instagram widget to allure your website with the sparkling and creative content on the website.

In this blog, you are going to learn all about the Instagram widget, what it is, how it works, with a bonus of the best Instagram widget tools available on the internet.

What Is An Instagram Widget?

Beginning with understanding what the Instagram widget is, it can be defined as a tool to collect and embed Instagram posts on the website.

The Instagram widget provides a platform for the website owners to collect relevant Instagram feeds and integrate them on the website in a beautiful design.

You can embed Instagram posts on your website directly from the Instagram embed code also, but you can only embed one post at a time.

Thus, with the Instagram Widget tool, you can easily collect multiple Instagram posts and embed them on your website.

Moreover, the Instagram widget allows you to customize the Instagram feeds and beautifully showcase them on your website. With the help of the Instagram widget, you can enhance the visual appearance of your website.

If you want to display numerous or collage of Instagram posts, then the Instagram widget is the right tool to effectively and efficiently display creative Instagram content on your website.

Lastly, the Instagram widget will make the whole process of collection, curation, and embedding of multiple posts powerful that also align with your marketing purposes.

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Why Instagram Widget On Website?

Placing an Instagram widget on your website increases the visibility of your business through captivating Instagram content. Instagram widget is a highly potent tool to fetch and embed the Instagram feeds on your website.

Audience engagement on the website is the most crucial factor of every successful website. Thus Instagram posts enhance the website engagement factor for your business.

As you share your website content or blogs on the social media channels, embedding an Instagram widget on your website or blog introduces your website visitors to the interesting and enticing Instagram content on your website.

Instagram feeds help your customers to learn about your business or website from another angle. Instagram widget is a powerful tool that increases the website’s authenticity, credibility, and humanized content, which tremendously improves the customer connection and engagement on your website.

Saying that the Instagram widget enhances the user’s experience on your website, grab their attention, leverages social proof, and increases conversion rates if you are selling any products or services through your website.

If you are an eCommerce website, you must display Instagram posts on your website to build authenticity and trustworthiness.

Thus, to help you out with displaying these captivating Instagram posts, you can embed these Instagram feeds using the Instagram widget tool. Instagram widgets is a highly potent tool to fetch and embed the Instagram feeds on your website.

So here below are some of the powerful Instagram widget tools that you can choose to embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Unique Ways To Collect & Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

Depending on the tool you are using, you can integrate Instagram feeds on your website in various ways. Instagram is a popular social media platform for creative, innovative, and different formats of content like images, videos, reels, stories, GIFs, etc.

You can embed the Instagram content in various formats you want. To collect relevant and specific social media content on your website, you can use various ways to collect those particular Instagram posts and integrate them on your website.

Using the Instagram Widget (depending on what tool you are using), you can easily collect and embed Instagram feeds using the below-given options:

  • #hashtags: As millions of Instagram users post millions of posts daily while using hashtags in their posts, for which their product is related. Also, if you are running a hashtag campaign on Instagram, you can collect these hashtag campaign posts to embed on your website. Apart from your hashtag campaign, millions of people are sharing Instagram posts for your brand even without your hashtag campaign. So you can search for relatable hashtags to your brand or business, and collect those hashtag posts to embed in your website.
  • Handles: You can collect the Instagram posts from the particular handle or public account of users and display informative Instagram feeds on your website.
  • Mentions: As lots of people tag your Instagram account with a mention tag, it can be either with handle, location, etc., you can fetch or gather these mentioned posts to integrate on your website.
  • Keywords: If you are confused about what hashtags you use, then some Instagram widget tools allow you to collect Instagram posts through keywords, so you find a wide range of Instagram posts
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Best Instagram Widget For Website

Below are the four best Instagram widget tools for you that help you to easily and exquisitely display Instagram posts or feed on your website. Choose any of these tools to incorporate the process to embed and display Instagram content on your website.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is one of the most popular tools among marketers to diligently display Instagram feeds on the website.

It provides various features and functionalities to beautifully craft collected Instagram posts on the website to enhance and derive exceptional results for your business.


Tagembed offers smooth functioning to collect Instagram feeds using various connections like hashtags, handles, mentions, tags, etc. You will get multiple features to creatively embellish your Instagram feeds and embed them on the website without any need for typical expertise.


Elfsight offers an easy-to-use Instagram widget to effectively curate and embed Instagram feeds on the website. It is a responsive widget to showcase on the website, which means it ensures a speedy and compatible Instagram widget on the website.

You will also get complete hands-on to design your widget and embed it anywhere on your website to get maximum audience engagement.

Smash Balloon

Last but not least, Smash Balloon is another popular and industry-renowned tool that provides a high-end Instagram widget to embed on the website.

With the various themes and templates, you can use it to design your Instagram feeds in a single click, which also saves your time.

Wrapping Up

That’s it, I hope you find this precise guide useful and next time you will open this guide only to learn everything about the widget.

Start with using any of the above-mentioned tools and enhance your website’s visual presence with an alluring Instagram widget. This is a highly potent tool to fetch and embed Instagram feeds on your website.

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