Morgan Wallen Net Worth, Singer Career, Controversies, and More

“Country Road’s Take me home” who hasn’t hummed this particular country song in their childhood or, in that case, adulthood? However, country songs don’t start or end with John Denver. Morgan Wallen is a country singer from America who is captivating his audience’s heart from worldwide. If you flow in the sea of melodies by listening to him sing, then why don’t you take a tour of Morgan Wallen net worth, his biography in a bit of detail?

Family of Morgan Wallen

The birthdate of Morgan Wallen is May 13, 1993. So, Morgan Wallen age in 2021 is 28 years.

Wallen stands at the height of 6 feet. Fans go crazy about Morgan Wallen height. He seems so tall and handsome.

Morgan hails from America; however, he makes the entire world beyond the national boundaries of the United States of America mesmerized when he takes up the mic and hums to the song he intends to sing.

His parents are Lesli and Tommy Wallen. They gave birth to this prodigal son in Sneedville, Tennessee.

Early dreams of Morgan Wallen

Wallen was engrossed in music from the very childhood. However, he didn’t opt for singing at his earliest age or started training as a vocalist. Instead, he began his lessons in violin and piano. It was not even on his wish list that he would become a singer in his later years.

His always dreamt of becoming a basketball player. After he was severely injured in the elbow when he was in college, he chose to go down the path of music.

This career would later soar up Morgan Wallen net worth to about 4 million US dollars in later days. So, if you convert Morgan Wallen’s net worth in Indian Rupees, it is around Rs. 32 Crores.


The Voice

Reality Shows usually make the promise that they will scourge the earth to unravel hidden talents.

What it does, in turn, is reveal the realities and miseries of the music industry as a by-product.

Morgan Wallen seemed to have enrolled for one such show much early.

At 20 years, he signed up in The Voice, an American reality show of music talent. On his first day, he was wearing a charming cardigan and a tie, and he gave his introduction while he stood on a Los Angeles stage.

Even then, he didn’t know that Morgan Wallen net worth would trend on the internet a few years later.

Wallen’s introduction in The Voice

Christopher Waltz, the famous actor, once said that passion is fruitless and is primarily a scam. When they are at their wit’s end, people choose something to utilize for their survival. Popularity then hops in as a matter of sheer luck and consistency.

Morgan Wallen’s case was no different. He introduced himself to be a town boy, having no clue what genre of music he wanted to pursue. Also, he didn’t know to get into the industry except using The Voice as a possible gateway.

On the first day, Shakira was one of “The Voice’s” celebrity judges. Listening to Wallen singing a huskier version of the song “Collide,” she commented that Wallen had a unique voice. However, he couldn’t stick to the show till its end. He enrolled in the sixth season of the show.

However, Morgan Wallen couldn’t compete till the finale. At first, He began as a member of the Usher’s team, and then he was a part of “Adam Levin’s team. But still, he couldn’t stick to the show till the end of the season.

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After few rounds, he got eliminated. However, unlike other times, he returned to his town with some industry connections and popularity that you earn by participating and competing in such a big show.

Singing career

In the years between 2016 and 2019, he signed up in some top singing and recording companies.

Atom Smash introduced Wallen to Paul Trust from Panacea Records. From there, he released the song “Spin You Around.” Wallen’s debut song, “The Way I Talk,” was released from Big Louds Record in 2016. His songwriter career also kick-started when he was the co-writer of “Preachin’ to the Choir,” released from A Thousand Horses.

Recording Industry Association of America certified this song as Gold on April 2021. He was also a part of “Dig your Roots” from Florida Georgia Line. Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Brian Kelly from Florida Georgia Line, and Morgan Wallen, co-authored the song “You make it easy” sung by Jason Aldean.

morgan wallen net worth

Albums and songs

Wallen’s first album was released in April 2018, named “If I know me.” “Up down” was his second album. He even did a music video of the song “The Way I Talk.”

July 30, 2018 marks the day of his release of the third single song from the album, a turning point for him, the famous song “Whiskey Glasses.”

Billboard ranked the song as the Top Hot Country Song and also Top Country Airplay Song. Country Airplay rated it to be the number 1 in 2019. Once again, in the year 2019, he became a part of the Florida George Line’s next song project, “Can’t Say I ain’t Country Tour.”

He became so famous by that time that even WWE RAW hosted him once in 2019.

The next song in 2019 was his single song “Chasing You.”

They released the song in the month of July. It ranked as number 5 in the charts of Billboard. His latest song was released in August 2020. The song “If I Know Me” got the topmost position in the Top Country Album’s Chart after running for 114 weeks which was a record in itself.

“Dangerous: The Double Album”

January 2021 is the month of the release of the album. “Dangerous: The Double Album” is the name of the album. After 1992 when The Chase of Garth Brook remained in the Canadian Chart for four consecutive weeks and the presence in the US chart for six weeks consecutively, Morgan Wallen’s double album “Dangerous” hit the records again in 2021.

Six of his songs star in the top ten songs listed in Hot Country Songs. The other five albums were “More than my hometown”‘, “Wasted on you,” “Warning,” “Sand in my boots,” “7 summers,” and “Somebody’s problems.” Interestingly, after the week he got embroiled in the controversy, the album “Dangerous” sales had an upward spike. As for 2021, Wallen stated that he might do a duo as part of his second album.


Wait. A controversy? Everything was running smoothly here. Where did this word jump in? If you want a little gossip on your plates, then here is a story waiting for you.

The Alabama controversy

Around October 2020, Wallen became famous among those who weren’t a top Country song fan.

Saturday Night Live’s Announcement that they are bringing in Wallen as their musical guest made him a sensation among the non-Country listener crowd. However, interestingly his popularity even increased when the show canceled the invitation.

A Tiktok Video recorded some of Morgan’s undesirable conduct of kissing different women. The video, which even went viral, was shot in an Alabama café.

In the Alabama café, he allegedly went against the social distancing rules of Covid. Allegedly, he kissed different women and attended a house party sang there.

SNL even postponed Wallen’s appearance regarding this issue, announced Wallen on October 7. However, on December 5, he did appear as a musical guest. He also appeared in some parody, which mimicked the controversy. This controversy led to many trending searches related to Morgan Wallen net worth.

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The TMZ controversy

This is not the end of the controversy.

On February 2 2021, a video was also published by TMZ where Wallen, while making an entry in his house along with his friends, was using the term “nigga”. However, following that, he apologized for making this racist comment.

Most unfortunate to Wallen, one of the most important record labels, Big Loud, and its partner Republic Records made an indefinite suspension of recording contracts with Morgan Wallen.

Consequently, iHeartRadio, Townsquare, Cumulus, Entercom, and Sirus XM Satellite Radio removed Wallen’s songs from their airplay in their stations. Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music even removed his promotional photographs along with his songs. However, after one week or so, Spotify re-added them.

He and his song Dangerous was also disqualified from attending the 56th annual Academy of Country Music Awards, as announced by the Academy of Country Music on February 3, 2021.

Seven days later, on February 10, in a video, he apologized again, and this time, he requested his fans to stop defending him. On the very day, Jason Isabelle, who originally sang “Cover Me Up,” stated about his donation of all royalties from Wallen’s cover of the song to the NAACP.

However, Morgan Wallen net worth wasn’t affected much by all these stirs. Also, public memory is short. Hence, his music remained hit and returned to the country radio with the release of his single “Sand in my boots” in August 2021.

morgan wallen net worth

Morgan Wallen marital status

Leaving aside this controversy, stuff hype about Morgan Wallen rarely seems to go down a downward spiral. His personal life is no mystery for apparent reasons. His present marital status is unmarried.

Previously, Katie Smith was his fiancé. They started dating in 2017. However, the relationship didn’t see a fruitful culmination.

Owing to some personal issues, they broke up. However, he has a son, “Indie” or Indigo Wilder, from his previous relationship with Katie Smith, born in 2020.

General information on Morgan Wallen

  • Nick Name- Morgan
  • Place of birth- USA, town- Sneedville in Tennesse
  • Birthdate- 13/05/1993
  • His age- 28
  • Wallen’s height- 6 feet or 183 cm
  • Weight of Morgan- 68 kg
  • Colour of Morgan’s eye- Blue
  • Colour of his hair- Light Brownish
  • Gender- Cis
  • Schooling- Gibbs High School
  • His religion- Christianity
  • His debut- single- The Way I Talk (2016), Album- If I Know Me (2018)
  • Nationality- American
  • Siblings- Ashlyn Wallen and Mikaela Wallen

Favorite things of Morgan Wallen

  • Actor- Unknown
  • Holiday spot- Miami
  • Actress- Unknown
  • Hue- Blue
  • Dish- Burger

Some lesser-known interesting stuff about Morgan Wallen

  • The Zodiac sign of Morgan Wallen is Taurus
  • “If I know Me” is his debut album
  • This song ran for almost 114 weeks in August in 2020 and also was the first in Top Country Albums Chart
  • Morgan Wallen is a firm believer in Roman Catholicism
  • Morgan has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram
  • Wallen has around 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channels which he owns himself.

Recently, Morgan Wallen is again on the news because Country Music Awards barred him from attending the ceremony. This happens even after his album gets the nomination this year. However, this young star has caught the heart of so many with his unique voice, as Shakira complemented correctly, that these issues don’t hold his fans back from following him.

The Morgan Wallen net worth has also not suffered a setback because of this. So, what are you even thinking? Sip in your drinks and tune in to Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses.”

Real Estate

The majority of his musical career has been successful for American singer Morgan Wallen. In addition to being at the pinnacle of his profession, Wallen has amassed numerous riches. He has a number of properties in America, including his home in Alabama and other places like Los Angeles.

Car Collection

Morgan Wallen is a well-known celebrity that owns a number of cars and amasses a stunning collection of them. Wallen has a range of cars in his collection, including a Chevrolet, a Dodge Challenger, and a Range Rover.

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