Shawn Mendes Height Difference With Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes is probably one of the most famous pop singers right now. Even though he is famous, we still don’t know many things about his personal and professional life, such as Shawn Mendes height, his schooling, how he rose to fame, and much more.

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian songwriter and singer. In 2013 he gained a huge following on the video-sharing app Vine. He used to post a lot of song covers.

Furthermore, in 2014, Andrew Gertler, an artist manager, and Ziggy Chareton from Island Records A&R wanted Shawn to sign with their label, and he did it.

In the same year, Shawn released his first self-titled EP, and next year the debut with a studio album called “Handwritten.”

Moreover, “Handwritten” topped US Billboard 200, making him one of the 5 artists who debuted at no. 1 before turning 18. “Stitches” was the single from the album that reached number 1 in the UK and top 10 in Canada and the USA.

Early Life

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes was born on August 8, 1998, in Pickering at Ontario. His mother’s name is Karen Mendes, a real estate agent, and his father is Manuel Mendes, an entrepreneur who sells restaurant and bar supplies in their city.

Moreover, his mother is from Great Britain while his father is from Algarve in Portugal. He also has a younger sister whose name is Aaliyah Mendes. The Mendes siblings had a strict and religious upbringing.


Shawn graduated in 2016 from Pine Ridge Secondary School. In his school, he played football and ice hockey. Also, during high school, he joined the glee club and practiced his stage presence and acting. He played the role of Prince Charming in his school play.

When he was in high school, he even auditioned for the Disney Channel in Toronto.


From the very first debut album, “Handwritten,” the career of Shawn Mendes picked up! Let us quickly have a look into how it went ahead.

At the beginning

Sometime around summer 2014, the singer released the very first EP and named it “The Shawn Mendes.” To his surprise, it grabbed the fifth position in Billboard 200. After that came his song “Life of the Party,” which was in the 24th position of “Billboard 100”.

The excellence in his work made him the youngest in the league to entering the top 25 charts. Moreover, EP stood at rank 5 at Billboard 200.

The story behind Handwritten

With his debut LP, “Handwritten,” Mendes secured the position of being number 1 on Billboard. The lead single became a great hit, and the name “Stichtes” did not seem painful anymore!

The song ranked number 4 at “Billboard Hot 100”. The successfully growing singer made it to the list of top 10 singles at Hot 100.

Taylor Swift, with her amazing fanbase and popularity, added a little more to Mendes’ career. Shawn joined Swift during the 1989 Tour. It was also the time when he met the love of his life, Camila Cabello. Back then, Cabello was still a part of Fifth Harmony.

The singers collaborated for “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” It was a part of Mendes’ album and was released in 2015.


Shawn Mendes height

Illuminate album release

Shawn Mendes has a great marketing style along. He teased his fanbase with the sophomore effort and gave them jitters by dropping “Treat You Better”. The song was a part of the album Illuminate, which was his next big thing! With a rank at number 8 on “Billboard Hot 100,” there was no stopping for the bright lad.

Illuminate was a September 2016 release and instantly got on one of the top numbers at Billboard 200. He got a platinum certification, which was a huge honor. The next release was Mercy, and that went on receiving a double-platinum certification!

At the prestigious SNL (Saturday Night Live) television show, Mendes disclosed his world music tour. Moreover, the singer was all set for the Illuminate Deluxe version post receiving humongous success.

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The man released “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” in 2017. The song reached the charts of “Mainstream Top 40.” It was a surreal experience for the singer because he was the only one below the age of 20 to have three songs on the first rank at “Billboard Adult Pop Songs” in one year.

Mendes soon received several awards and accolades in 2017. Some of them included:

  • MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Best Artist
  • Best Song for There’s Holdin’ Me Back
  • Biggest Fans
  • Best Canadian Act

Shawn Mendes

It was exclusive of the singer to name an album by his own name in 2018. It was his third album and soon made hits with the number “Lost in Japan.”

Next was “In My Blood,” which was another song to be among “Billboard Adult Pop Songs.” This time, the singer broke his own record. He was the only one to have four number 1 singles on the charts below 20!


Exactly a year ago, Mendes told his fans about his upcoming album. The name of his fourth one was “Wonder,” and the first single was released in October 2020.

Even for this album. Mendes worked really hard with the promotions. However, his fanbase made sure he did not have to! The song ranked 18 at “US Billboard Hot 100” anyway!

Justin Bieber, yet another heartthrob of female music lovers, collaborated with Mendes last November. They released “Monster” together and ranked 8th on US Billboard Hot 100.

The duo also performed the song live together at the 2020 American Music Awards.

The studio album Wonder ranked number 1 in Canada and the US after its release on December 4.

Documentary Film

Mendes is one of the youngest musicians to have a documentary about his achievements. The exhibit came out on Netflix and recorded the singer’s growth within a span of 3 years.

Concert Film

Another thing to look for in Netflix is “Shawn Mendes: Live in Concert.” It was a performance he did at the Rogers Centre in September 2019.


Last December, Mendes performed at his concert “Wonder: The Experience.” He not only played the beautiful number but also shared insights about how he made the album. Later, he answered questions from his fans and followers.

Mendes and Mathew McConaughey had an interview together at “The Late Late Show.” The singer asked the actor several questions and performed his famous songs “Wonder” and “Dream” on TV for the first time!

Recently, Mendes worked with Tainy and shared insights into “Summer of Love” through Instagram and Twitter. The song will just be released and is already making headlines!

Musical Influences

Shawn Mendes has said he would describe his music genre as folk-pop and pop. His biggest musical influence is Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift.

While growing up, he has also listened to various reggae music such as Garth Brooks and Led Zeppelin. Also, country music due to his parents.

Furthermore, he said that John Mayer’s work inspired his 2nd album. His 3rd album was influenced by Kanye West, Daniel Caesar, Timberlake, and Kings of Leon.

In an interview with Rolling Stones, Shawn said that he likes to incorporate folk-pop, acoustic sound.

Modeling and Brand Ambassador

In 2016, Shawn signed the “Wilhelmina Models.” Next year in June, he walked the runway for the “Emporio Armani Spring 2018” in Milan, Italy.

Moreover, he was wearing a brand-new smartwatch by EA Connected at the show. Also, a promotional video showed before he walked for the runway.

Furthermore, on June 6, 2018, he is now the brand ambassador for the entire watch collection of “Fall Winter 2018 – 2019” by Emporio Armani. In 2018 July, photographers and paparazzi released photos of Shawn wearing the brand new “EA Connected Smartwatch.” The photos circulated all over social media.

On February 16, 2019, Shawn became the ambassador for Calvin Klein. He was a part of the “My Calvins campaign.”

Furthermore, Smile Direct Club” released an ad that shows the campaign between Shawn and the company at 61st Grammy Awards. The club’s main motto was to improve kids’ health overall and emotional and mental well-being.

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In early 2019, Shawn was in an ad for Emporio Armani’s new touchscreen smartwatch. Moreover, it was a black and white add an instrumental version of “In My Blood” was playing while Shawn was boxing.

In 2019 August, Shawn becomes the brand ambassador for a food chain based in Canada called “Tim Hortons.” He was featured in some commercials and on their beverage cups. Next month he had another partnership with the brand called “Roots Canada.”


In 2017 August, Shawn launched his fragrance line. The first release exhibits the “Shawn Mendes Signature.” It is a unisex perfume.

A year later, he launched his 2nd perfume called “Shawn Signature II.” There are two different bottles for these for men and women.

All Shawn Mendes Achievements

Shawn Mendes received a nomination for various awards and won many. He won “Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada awards (SOCAN)” 18 times, MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) 11 times.

Furthermore, he also won iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards (MMVA) 8 times, MTV Video Music Awards 2 times, American Music Awards (AMA) 3 times, Juno Awards 11 times, and BMI Awards 5 times.

He also received Allan Slaight Honour from the “Canada’s Walk of Fame.” Shawn Mendes was nominated 3 times for Grammy Awards.

Shawn Mendes Height – How Tall is Shawn Mendes?

At first, the information stated 6’1” (185 cm). But Shawn Mendes height actually is 6’2” (188 cm) as researched in 2017.

Some even said that Shawn Mendes height was 185 cm when he was only 16 years old.

Height Difference Between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been dating for a few years now, and they happily show off their romance on the camera. Even though their over-the-top PDA gained much attention in social media, the Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes height difference amuses people.

We know Shawn Mendes height, and he is extremely tall. But how tall is Camila? Well, the difference is a whole foot.

Furthermore, Shawn Mendes height is 6’2, and his girlfriend Camila’s is 5’2. Although when they are on the red carpet or posing for a photo, Camila puts her head on Shawn’s neck. But when they are walking, the difference between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes height is quite noticeable. However, one-foot differences make it perfect for the couple, as he can swiftly kiss her on the forehead and make sparks fly!

14 Fun Facts about Shawn Mendes

#1 He said that he is a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, and Lost. Moreover, he watches these shows religiously.

#2 Shawn said that he wants to collab with Eminem, Logic, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber.

#3 At the beginning of 2016, he was on the Forbes list of “30 under 30: Music”. He was only 17 years old at that time.

#4 Some of Shawn’s favorite foods are omelets, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and almonds. He also said that he really dislikes tomatoes.

#5 Every night, he tries to play his favorite game, “Boom Beach,” on the iPad.

#6 In 2014, Time magazine added him to the list of “25 most influential teens”.

#7 He can speak English only. However, he knows some Portuguese and Spanish.

#8 He said that he never posted his song covers to become popular; he did them for fun.

#9 After seeing some of Shawn’s videos, Ed Sheeran asked Shawn to have dinner in Los Angeles.

#10 He self-taught himself at the age of 14 how to play guitar. Shawn watched YouTube videos to learn it. Also, he can play the piano.

#11 Till 2017, he was living with his family in Pickering. Now he has his condo.

#12 Before he becomes a singer, he wanted to become an actor. That’s why he auditioned for Disney Channel.

#13 Within few months of posting on Vine, Shawn had more than a million subscribers. Also, each of his videos was getting millions of views.

#14 Before Shawn signed with Island Records; he was one of the members of the MagCon Tour. The other members of the MagCon were Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, Nash Grier, and Jack Johnson.

Final thoughts

Shawn Mendes is really popular from the young age of 17. He started posting his song covers on his Vine and gained a lot of followers.

Later, Island Records found him, and he signed with them. His first studio album “Handwritten,” debuted on Billboard. Later he has released 3 more studio albums.

His latest album, Wonder, came out in 2020 and its debut at no. 18 on the “US Billboard Hot 100”.

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