The World’s Gaming Capitals Explored

As a planet, we’re obsessive when it comes to gaming. Think of all the pastimes we know and love, and within those you’ll find playing video games, enjoying sports, spinning slots, partaking in bingo, and so many more. Our downtime is jam-packed with gaming. Let’s see the world’s gaming capitals explored.

Across the world, we’re all into many different forms of games, but what are the gaming capitals of the world?

From Asia to Europe to North America and beyond there are so many cities that are real hubs of gaming, but where are the very best, and where would you consider gaming capitals? We take a look at the places we’d name the world’s gaming capitals…

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The UK capital is one of the biggest cities in the world. If Las Vegas and New York are the cities that never sleep, London only ever has a quick nap, and there’s plenty going on when it comes to gaming each and every day.

That comes in all shapes and sizes. For the sports lovers, you’ll find Premier League football, cricket, tennis and rugby all played in the city, while an evening at the greyhounds can’t be beaten.

Then there’s the glamour of London’s elite casinos. Mayfair is packed with some of the most exclusive casinos on the planet, from the likes of The Ritz to the Clermont Club, Les Ambassadeurs and The Palm Beach Casino. It’s here you’ll find the gaming elite and the rich and famous enjoying a game of roulette and blackjack.

Of course, then there’s the great British tradition of bingo. There are tons of great bingo halls in London, as a bingo blog like this shows, highlighting some of the most beautiful and biggest in a number of posts. You’ll find them dotted around the city, and thousands of Londoners each and every week head out to enjoy them.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is all about the gambling and you’ll find around 30 different casinos on the Las Vegas Strip as well as dozens of others nearby. There are thousands upon thousands of gaming machines and tables to play at, with gaming to suit all budgets and needs.

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The likes of Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and many more have all become synonymous with the city all offering casino games, as well as plenty of more entertainment when you need a break from the gaming. There’s shopping to enjoy, incredible bars and restaurants, and a number of world-class music acts playing every evening.

In more recent times, Las Vegas has started to welcome Esports, with the Luxor home to the HyperX Esports Arena, a 30,000 square-foot multi-level arena with daily gaming competitions.

Sport is also being welcomed in the city too, with an NFL and NHL team now located in the city, so if you love gaming of a sports variety, but prefer to watch, Sin City has you covered on that front too.


Nicknamed the Las Vegas of the East, Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China, and whilst gambling is illegal in China, it is legal in Macau, and sees people from all over the country flock there to enjoy a spin of the reels or roulette wheels.

Once a Portuguese colony, it’s a beautiful city that combines the old with the new. Much of the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, while head to the other side of the city centre and you’ll think you’ve landed in Vegas, with bright lights, huge hotel casino resorts, and tons of entertainment.

There are 41 casinos overall in Macau, many of which you will also find on the Las Vegas Strip, such as The Venetian, Wynn Macau, the MGM and a number more. The vast majority of these are open 24 hours and like Vegas have shows each evening, huge shopping malls, and dozens of other attractions.

Macau hosts a number of gaming events, including Esports, as well as being the home to the Macau Grand Prix, a Formula Three event that is one of the most exciting on the circuit.

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New York

Start spreading the news, New York is also a real capital of gaming, in a similar sense to London, only bigger and better. The Big Apple doesn’t have any casinos in the city, although there are around 15 in the state, largely at race tracks or on Native American land. However, when it comes to fun and games outside of gambling, New York cannot be beaten.

Whether you’re a lover of video games, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football or any other sport, you’ll find it in New York. Some of the world’s most renowned sports teams have a home in New York, while the city also has some of the most exciting lazer tag venues, bowling alleys, and more.

Of course, if you do fancy a gamble, Atlantic City in New Jersey is the place to head. Many New Yorkers make the two hour drive south at the weekend to enjoy the casinos there, and if you’re in New York, the AC is certainly worth a visit.


For some futuristic fun, Tokyo is where it’s at. While most forms of gambling in Japan are illegal, when it comes to video gaming, Tokyo is well and truly the capital.

Walk down the streets of Tokyo and you’ll find tons of arcades allowing you to play video games with all the latest tech, and many games and gadgets that have yet to really make it to the western world. For video game enthusiasts there are organised tours you can do, taking in all the best arcades and video games cafes in the city, and in many cases they can even be tailored to match your gaming needs, with many cafes and arcades even specialising in specific genres.

There’s also plenty of sport going on in Japan. Of course, there’s Sumo which you can watch, and even try out with masterclasses, while baseball and soccer are also popular in Tokyo.

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