4 handy flower arranging tips from our flower stylists

Did you know that we spend an average of one month (!) a year on our smartphone? Quite shocking, but fortunately – especially in this day and age – we also owe a lot to our digital friend; make a video call with your niece, send a photo of your styled Christmas table to a friend or collect inspiration for your interior. So if you do check it out, you better make sure you get a dose of inspiration and motivation with a nice background! We have listed the most beautiful ones for you. In this article, you will know about 4 handy flower arranging tips from our flower stylists.

Do you dream of the perfect forest? We make it a reality! Bring your own bloomon masterpiece to life with the flower arranging tips from our flower stylists.

Ordered fresh flowers and received a bloomon bunch? The moment you take the flowers out of the packaging, it starts: the big styling feast. With each bunch we provide information with arranging tips that match the design received. And to make your bunch shine optimally, our flower stylists have listed some extra tips for you here.

Before you start

To enjoy your bunch of flowers for as long as possible, it is important to use a spotless vase. Check out our blog about how to clean the vase in a sustainable way. Then cut off 1 cm from the stem just before you put the flowers in the water. So, now the styling can begin…

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Tip 1: Get to know your flowers

Flowers and branches stand out even better if you place them in the vase in a balanced way. So it’s good to first study your flowers carefully. What shapes and colors are there in your forest? Which stems are sturdy and which are more flexible? Take a close look at your flowers, which types do you recognize? This not only helps you with flower arranging, but is also a mindful activity!

Tip 2: The cross technique

Flower arranging is actually like art. You can’t go wrong. To give space to each flower, apply the cross technique while arranging. Ever built a teepee tent? Then you’ve come a long way. Place the first stem with the bottom against the bottom and let the rest of the stem lean against the top of the vase. Simply put: make sure the handle is angled. Then do this in a mirror image with the next stem, creating a cross. Turn your vase half a turn and place the next stems over the stems that are already in the vase. This creates a frame. Keep turning your vase and crisscrossing stems until they run out. Tip: alternate colors for a colorful effect.

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Tip 3: Remove excess leaves from the stem

Our flower stylists have already removed all the excess leaves from the stem before you receive your bunch of letterbox flowers as letterbox gifts. Depending on the vase you choose, determines whether you need to remove extra leafy green. As a rule, make sure that the chlorophyll does not extend below the rim of the vase. This also prevents your water from getting dirty faster. You can also remove more chlorophyll if you like.

Tip 4: Play with the composition

The secret to our iconic style? Make your forest look as natural as possible. Imagine what your flowers would look like in the wild: different heights and shapes. Not symmetrical, but always in balance. Create a playful look by alternating different heights in the vase, following the technique from the previous tip.

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