How not to lose yourself in the information noise

Agree, every day the human brain literally explodes from the information received. He constantly accepts and processes it, tries to filter it, leaving the most key moments in our memory. We certainly get tired of this. In addition, it affects not only physical but also mental health. Loading yourself with a constant stream of news, you should give yourself a break from the information noise . Today we’ll talk about this.

We have prepared for you a few rules that will help you deal with information noise.

Rule 1. Focus only on the most important- the information noise .

Each of us can limit the channels through which they, in the usual way, receive relevant information. We ourselves can choose a sufficient number of sources that will not fill our devices and heads with unnecessary spam. In some applications, we tend to accumulate so many publics that after some time there is simply no time to follow them all.

Discard the one that gets thousands of notifications in the first place. Do not be sorry, because if your hands did not get there earlier, they will not get it now either. This information you do not need, is not interesting. Leave only content that can be useful (like ICOholder, for example), and not just kill your time.

Now our main irritant is notifications. Agree, sometimes it is very distracting when you are trying to solve a difficult problem or something like that. Turn off notifications when you’re doing something that needs your attention.

Rule 3. Set an individual mode.

Have you ever heard of the fact that by repeating an action for a long time, it will become a habit? This is true, it works with sports, and with many other good habits. Try to read the news, conditionally, an hour a day. And you will soon notice that you began to have time to do more, moreover, less nervously. It may not work right away, but it’s worth trying and trying.

Rule 4. It is better not to read from a smartphone.

Since the Internet is now much more accessible than it was in the days when there were entire computer clubs, people just need to turn on the phone and find any meme, whatever, with the click of a few buttons. It’s easy, and we use it, why not. Only now we don’t notice how quickly time passes by viewing these memes, Facebook feeds and the like, try to reduce your “stay time” on your smartphone, and you will notice how the amount of free time increases. Yes, you may have a computer, but you must admit that it cannot always be under crayfish, like a phone, so we touched on the topic with it. As Carl Sanberg said, “Time is the coin of your life. You have only this coin, and only you have the right to determine what it should be spent on.

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Rule 5. Listen to yourself.

Try to monitor your body and thoughts as often as possible. If you want, and if possible, leave notes about your achievements. Watch for any of the following: signs of stress (this could be tension in different parts of the body – shoulders, legs; signs also include clenched jaws, trembling, restlessness, as well as a change in eating habits or sleep patterns, depressed mood. If you notice how tired your body is from the Internet – we advise you to take a break from it, take a break for yourself for a few days.

There is nothing wrong with missing a scandalous, noisy situation from the network, where a famous person said something or a dubious decision of the head of the city. Really important news you will learn from relatives, friends.

Some facts from the world of science

According to a survey on the My Life website, the following statistics can be seen: 56% of social network users read the news, only in order not to miss something important, the news itself, for all that, does not have to be interesting. In addition, according to a study by the American Psychological Association, more than half of people feel stress after watching their tape. What can cause this stress? A large amount of data, which is as follows: short texts and videos that interfere with concentration are distracting; negative political, economic news can also affect the mood. Yes, they cannot be avoided anywhere, even in our usual communication with people we know, but nevertheless, on the Internet you can accidentally stumble upon an event, and in communication you can avoid this topic.

In Irvine, the University of California conducted a study, which revealed that the human brain takes about 23 minutes to restore concentration after a person is distracted.

Is there any benefit from the Internet and how to extract it?

Of course, yes, and it lies, just the same, in its reasonable use, in and use for development. It doesn’t mean that you should forget about funny programs. No. Just approach everything with moderation and mind.

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We’ve put together a few more special rules for you that we’ve developed in case you’re trying to absorb more and more. information, but don’t feel different about it.

  • Set a goal for yourself. This will not only help you take your mind off unnecessary “knowledge”, but it will also become much easier to achieve something you want. If you have a specific goal, which is described by a detailed plan and sequence of actions, it will be much easier for you.
  • Plan your learning process. What we talked about above. Remove time planning and following it in a short time, you will notice a difference, progress.
  • Take care of yourself. We have already touched on the topic of stress above, and I would like to add that you value your health and treat yourself with respect. Health is more important than the internet. Go in for sports, fitness and the like. Replace viewing the same YouTube with listening to various literature, meditations.
  • Help comrades. You can also arrange with your friends to do something useful together (the same sport, different dance sections, and so on). So you will spend more time in society and, of course, less time on the Internet. Perhaps you can help another person with the same problem as you.
  • You can even make a bet on who can last the longest without social media. A difficult test for people of the 21st century, but this is how you test yourself and your strength. In addition, you will have the desire to win, an incentive to prove to yourself and your opponent that you are stronger than this addiction.


Try not to fill either your gadgets or your head with unnecessary information. Determine for yourself what is really important to you and think about it. Yes, the Internet is such a daily thing for us now that it is difficult to refuse it. But try to make time for something useful, thanks to which you will be distracted from the endless information noise.

We hope that our tips will be useful for you and you will use them. We wish you good luck in your studies and good health.

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