Felt Hat Women: Tips to Maintain Them Properly

Hats are not only one of the best fashion accessories, but they are also limitless accessories that have been passed from generation to generation without losing popularity. The felt hats are made of high-quality materials. Despite being versatile and strong, they might get damaged due to various unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, you need to know the proper care and maintenance tips for your felt hats so that they don’t get damaged easily. When you take proper care of your Felt Hat Women, they will last longer and you can use them for many seasons.

During the winter, you need to know the proper tips to maintain your felt hats. Whether your felt hat is made of fur or wool, neglecting the care and maintenance process will ultimately cause structural problems in your hat. Here are great tips to maintain your felt hat.

What is the Primary Material of Your Felt Hat?

If you want to take good care of your hats and carry out a proper maintenance process of the felt hats, you need to know the materials of the hats as well as the fabrics. This way you can take the correct maintenance approach as per the specifications of the hat.

You should know that felt come with the following particularities:

  • It is not woven: Felt is one of the best textile materials that are made of hair fibers or wool. They might get entangled with water, heat, and even pressure. Therefore, it’s not important to weave it. This is the primary reason why felt doesn’t fray
  • Wool: This is one of the most common and best felts available in the market. As per the Shepherdsdream, wool is more expensive than other types of fabrics.
  • Pile: The finishing of the pile remains intact even after a couple of years. This is more resistant to water. Beaver, hare, and rabbit are some of the felt that comes within the pile.

Once you determine the characteristics of the felt hat, you can clean them easily. Many people forget to determine the characteristics of their felt hats and end up going for irrelevant maintenance methods. This might damage the felt hat.

Fur Felt

While purchasing the fur felt hats, keep in mind that not all fur felt hats are waterproof. On the other hand, some types of fur felt hats can be worn during little showers or rain without damaging the shape of the material.

Even if you purchase high-quality felt hat womens American Hat Makers, your hat will suffer from distortion if you wear them in heavy rain for a long time. Not to mention, constant exposure to water will also cause the hat to shrink over time. Make sure you let the fur felt hat dry naturally without applying any type of heat source.

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Apply soft brushes on your felt hat counterclockwise to remove dirt and other types of light marks. You can also spray waterproofing solutions on your hat for additional protection. However, make sure you test the solution before applying it to your fur felt hat.

Don’t leave your fur felt hats in excess hot temperature as it will make the leather sweatbands wrap or shrink.

Wool Felt- Felt Hat Women

Most manufacturers claim that wool felt hats are water-resistant and crushproof. However, they are capable of withstanding these elements for a certain period. To stay on the safe side and to protect your wool felt hat, it’s suggested to not wear them during rain. Additionally, don’t pack them in your luggage unless it’s required.

Wool fade, shrink and lose their original shape over time if they are treated harshly. Additionally, the repairing process of the fur felt hats is also much trickier.

The care and maintenance process of the wool felt hats is the same as the fur felt hats. But while cleaning the wool felt hats, consider using a sticky lint-roller. As wool generates more static than the other materials, the roller can easily remove animal hair and stubborn dirt.

Cleaning the Felt Hat Women

The time of the year is characterized by rain, wind, cold, high, and low temperatures. These natural elements can highly damage the materials of fabrics of the felt hat. Therefore, it’s extremely important to know the proper ways to keep them intact. This way you can use them without having any problem. Keep in mind that you can neither wash the felt hats by hand nor try to wash them in the washing machine.

If you want to retain the original look and shape of your felt hat, it’s important to brush your hats daily so that the surface doesn’t accumulate dirt or debris. Make sure you wash the hat with a soft brush in an anti-clockwise direction as per the direction of the hair. Start from the brim and work your way towards the crown.

Which Brush Is Perfect to Clean the Felt Hat Women?

There are various specific brushes for the felt hats. Choosing the wrong brush will cause damage to the surface of the hats. Make sure you use a curve soft brush and specially designed to clean the hats.

If you happen to have multiple types of felt hats, it’s essential to use two different brushes. Use one brush for the dark felt hats and another one for the light felt hats. This is the best way to separate them from each other.

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If you’re afraid of deforming the felt hat, consider using a lint roller as it is extremely effective.

What Will Happen if the Felt Hats Get Wet?

During the rainy season, if you’re planning to wear your felt hat while it’s raining outside, make sure you remove the excess water from your hat. While drying the hats, consider using a large pitcher or hat shaper so that you can prevent the brim from being crushed. This way you can also prevent the hat from shrinking.

If you smell odors from your felt hat, use the steam from the iron. Bring your hat close to the iron and throw the steam outside and inside the hat. Don’t forget to make smaller movements while steaming it.

The Secret to Cleaning a Felt Hat Women

Eliminate free soil with a cap brush. Try not to utilize a nylon brush, as the fibers might be excessively rough for the fragile felt of the cap. For a light-shaded cap, utilize a brush with light fibers, and for hazier caps, utilize more obscure fibers, and brush it tenderly counter-clockwise with little movements. Standard brushing will draw out cap life. Dust the cap with a sodden fabric, yet ensure it isn’t excessively wet. To eliminate fluff and hair, wipe the cap delicately with a piece of tacky tape. For smircesh and stains, utilize an extraordinarily figured out cap more clean. For an oil stain, rub a little cornstarch into the stain and afterward forget about it.

Felt Hat Care Tips

There are a few stages you can take to broaden the existence of your felt cap. Assist the cap with keeping its shape by taking care of it by the edge rather than the crown. Ensure your hands are spotless! Assuming that your felt cap gets wet, let it dry normally. Utilizing a warmer or hair dryer may make the cap shrivel or become contorted. Try not to leave the cap in a hot vehicle, as hotness and daylight can cause blurring and contracting. Assuming the sweatband gets slick or wet, flip it down and allow it normally to dry. Following these tips will keep your felt cap looking incredible for a really long time!


These are the tips you need to remember to care for your felt hats. Remember that felt hats are designed to last for years. If you take proper care of them, they will undoubtedly last longer. If you want high-quality felt hats, make sure you contact us today.

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