How to master ACCA course 6 simple steps

Earning an ACCA course qualification on the first go requires more than just an understanding of the syllabus, but practical training and encountering real-life challenges that can make you confident to score the best.

Pursuing an ACCA course from London is a great way to get access to a wide range of accounting study materials and previous year’s questions that are enough to strengthen your mind a few months before your ACCA examination date.

Enrolling on a preparatory ACCA course is a smart way to prepare for all the 13 papers or module exams of ACCA and updating the right guidance that can push you closer to success!

This article holds a diverse range of strategies that you can follow to prepare for your ACCA examinations, especially those papers which are based on longer answers multiple-choice questions.

  • Thoroughly understand the aka learning guide

It is always suggested that you familiarise yourself with the study guide where the major sections of the ACCA syllabus are explained because beginning with the study guide can give you a boost to prepare for the examinations and analyse the common questions that examiners expect you to answer appropriately, with the right tone and explanation.

  • Read the information given in official textbooks
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This refers to the practice questions and formative texts of knowledge, along with exam-style answering techniques that you can find them the books of many official publishing houses, who are designed to publish notes specifically for ACCA aspirants and support international candidates’ overall ACCA preparation.

  • Strategically practise writing comprehensive answers

Keep your focus on the books that cover the mean syllables minutely, making sure that the text provided is in line with the syllabus of each ACCA exam set and reviewed by qualified examiners from across the world, thereby helping you gain a solid foundation of the exam questions based on practice papers and revision materials.

  • Recognise the variety of question forms

When getting a hook of the ACCA exam structure, you will also encounter the subject areas covered within each section and the number of questions allotted to each section ask questions during the examination – true or false, multiple response matching, multiple-choice questions and number entry.

  • Implement time management when revising
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ACCA examinations will give you 120 minutes to complete each session, which allows you to delegate a maximum of 2 minutes on average per question, based on which you can practise completing your answers on time before the actual test date arrives.

  • Go through all the resources available on the website

This includes people based pilot ACCA examination, specimen resources, examiners reports and ACCA interview questions.

Besides having a good understanding of the ACCA qualifications examination structure, professional ACCA courses offered in London will help you gain complete access to the comprehensive module information broadly, from the knowledge module to the skills module.

If you want to acquire a good foundation of all topics within the ACCA syllabus and make full use of the practical resources, delegated by ACCA official publishers and mentioned on the ACCA website, then apply for the course today to enlighten yourself about all relevant papers.


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