What Do You Learn In A Interior Design Course?

What is Interior Design Course?

Interior design course is a discipline that employs scientific theories and concepts to come up with a unique artistic design aimed at enhancing the interiors of a residential or commercial structure including interiors for Industrial units, Aircraft, retail, hospitality, hospitals, etc. Interior designing involves an understanding of socio-cultural trends, architecture, construction, financials, the functionality required, blueprint of space, selecting furniture & furnishings, lighting fixtures, and colours, etc.

Learning you will gain in an Interior Designing Course:


    • Color Schemes: Some colours have a soothing, calming, and pleasant effect, while others colours may be stimulating. Awareness about colour psychology offers competencies in designing ambiance. Thus basis the use of colours, you learn to create a specific environment.
    • Understanding of Fabric: Knowledge of fabrics will assist you in deciding the kind of fabric required for varied purposes-curtains, table clothes, upholstery, towels, bedsheets, pillow covers, and so on.
    • Space Management: To make a small space look big, certain methods, products, and colours are used. Similarly, you can also design large spaces to look cozy, comfortable, and elegant. The usage and functionality of space showcase the mettle of interior designers.
  • Virtual Designing: Proficiency in computer and varied software will save you from the hassle of trial-and-error method since you will be able to access the efficacy of your designed interiors without finishing it. Using virtual designing, you will be able to check whether the design concept is fulfilling the requirements or not and accordingly take corrective actions.
  • Up to date with Trends: You will get competencies in the use of the latest tools and techniques along with knowledge of ensuing trends. In fact, being up to date with trends will always keep you relevant as per the market. You will be able to come up with innovative concepts and even will have a repository of solutions for diverse problems that the clients face and thus will contribute to enhancing your reputation
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Why Mumbai?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and has an ever-booming real estate industry. In addition, it is home to who’s who of not only the business world but also of the quintessential entertainment industry. Besides this, there are lots of corporate offices employing people from across the world. In short, Mumbai is a concrete jungle requiring opulence interiors, thus making it an ideal hub for a flourishing career in interior design.

Interior Design Colleges in Mumbai

Many colleges are offering courses in Interior Designing, but students should shortlist the college basis the following reasons:

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Campus Director:

The passion, proficiency, and experience of the Campus Director will ensure the successful running of the campus. If the director has good educational credentials along with experience in negotiating the challenges of the corporate life, then it mirrors the standard of education of that campus because he ensures that students not only gain from his wisdom but also, they are job-ready on graduating from that institute. In fact the Campus director is instrumental in guiding the college such that it ensures their students are not at par but way ahead of the competition posed by students of other colleges.

Student Learning & Development:

The curriculum must make sure comprehensive student development not only through education but also through guidance in both academic and non-academic matters. The education goes beyond bookish knowledge and integrates modern learning techniques including but not limited to experiential learning. The college must increase student’s capabilities by not only imparting special multi-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary skills but also offering a conducive environment as well as support by being non-judgmental.

Thus, students must make an informed decision and register for a fulfilling & stimulating career in Interior design.


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