A Guide On How To Maintain PR After Approval In Australia: Top 5 Tips

So, after years of work and patience, you finally secured the highly valued Australian Permanent Residency. Now, the mind must be crowded with thoughts trying to maintain the residency altogether. Yes, losing the PR after approval is a possibility and it could happen to just about anyone who is not careful enough. Perhaps taking up trade courses in Australia could help with the process in some capacity.

Being careful is what takes precedence. You usually get a five-year travelling facility when you first obtain your PR. Travelling outside after these five years could mean losing your PR.

How To Maintain Permanent Residency In Australia?

  1. Don’t Leave Australia

Leaving Australia could mean losing the PR. If a person keeps travelling outside of Australia and has no intention of returning, then he or she will lose the PR. For example, if you left Australia to visit your family in the US but plan to live there from now on, then you will lose your PR. If travelling outside is necessary after the five-year period, it is advised to obtain citizenship before doing so.

  1. Do be Involved

It is also a good idea to maintain regular involvement with the local community in which you reside. Broadening your social circle and getting involved will complement an active life in Australia. Maintaining relationships with and within Australia is likely to help you maintain your PR.

  1. Take Up A PR Course
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You can take up a PR Course in Australia and benefit from the advice of trained professionals who have the answers to all your queries. This will make sure you don’t get stuck when managing the PR. Good professional advice is always helpful, especially when its about confusing matters such as maintaining the PR. It is understandable that most people wouldn’t know about maintaining it, this is exactly why asking and learning from a professional is one of the best things you can do if you’re feeling confused.

  1. Don’t Forget To Report

Complete these tasks regularly, and you will be okay. It is also good to report any changes in circumstances as they happen – minor or major ones. Maintaining your permanent residence in Australia is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and patience. However, you will find there are people who have managed to do just this and it is said that those who succeed are the ones who manage to follow these tips. Understanding what is not going to happen for you as well, means that you can take a deep breath and proceed with the task at hand. A PR Course would help you if you’re unsure about how certain things work or what happens in the future. It can even help you understand what happens when your PR gets revoked, which could be something that has happened to some other people too.

  1. Be Careful
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Just be careful as there are certain activities that you should avoid such as having a relationship with someone who is an Australian citizen. If you find your partner is also an Australian citizen, it would be best to get married and secure the PR. Producing children with such a person will also help you secure your residency. There is a lot of hard work involved in getting the PR, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So, make sure your effort is worthwhile before you take a risk and lose it all.

Maintain PR With Some Efforts

The application process to maintain permanent residency in Australia can require between 6 and 12 months depending on what documents are required by Immigration authorities. You could opt to take up Trade Courses in Sydney to pick up important skills which could further help you obtain and maintain your PR. Not directly but indirectly for sure.

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