What exams do I have to take to complete my ACCA qualification?

The coveted chartered accountancy qualification, ACCA requires students to complete 13 ACCA coursework examinations to become full-fledged ACCA members.

Although ACCA certification is not easy to obtain, choosing to prepare for your ACCA exams in Singapore can help you progress through the essential components and prepare for all 13 papers.

This article will help you learn about the different categories that the ACCA exam is divided into and how completing a preparatory accountancy course from Singapore can help you achieve your professional goals.

Foundation level exams

Students who lack a relevant professional qualification or undergraduate degree in accountancy must qualify for the following 9 papers, three knowledge level examinations, and six skills level examinations to be eligible for obtaining ACCA qualification.

Applied knowledge examinations

The subdivisions of this paper provide a broad introduction to accounting and finance and the latest techniques and practices implemented in the accounting sector:

  • Business and technology (BT): F1 examination
  • Management accounting (MA): F2 examination
  • Financial accounting (FA): F3 examination
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Applied skills examination

Exam structure of the security is divided into papers that can help you develop a strong sense of practical finance and understanding of accounting applications within a diversity of industrial sectors.

  • Corporate and business law (LW): F4 examination
  • Performance management (PM): F5 examination
  • Taxation (TX): F6 examination
  • Financial reporting (FR): F7 examination
  • Audit and assurance (AA): F8 examination
  • Financial management (FM): F9 examination

Strategic professional level

This advanced level of examination prepares accountancy aspirants for leadership positions of the future, allowing them to acquired industrial event skills that can help them flourish into managerial positions and learn to approach business issues from multiple perspectives.

  • Compulsory papers

Strategic business leader (SBL) P1 examination

Strategic business reporting (SBR) P2 examination

  • Optional or elective courses [any two]

Advanced financial management (AFM) P3 examination

Advanced performance management (APM) P4 examination

Advanced Taxation (ATX) P5 examination

Advanced audit and assurance (AAA) P6 examination

Ethics and professionals skills examination

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This paper consists of real-time case studies that help you understand real-world business situations better and develop a range of skills and abilities that can accelerate your employability as an ACCA graduate.

Preparing for this paper can boost the credibility of your ACCA candidature and enlighten you on the core aspects of accountancy.

The difficulty levels of each ACCA paper can vary considerably from one student to another, depending on the candidate’s area of interest, perception, and existing skill level.

Undergoing professional qualification in ACCA from Singapore can help you determine the passing percentage for each paper and the skills needed to be acquired to get a good grade.

Apply to the programme today and be prepared for the upcoming ACCA exam before anybody else!

The course is typically taught in modular order, where you’ll be allowed to appear for mock examinations for all the 13 papers, to get an idea about the real-time final ACCA examination.

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