Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level: The Best Male Sex Toys

Despite the fact that so much of mainstream sex toy marketing is geared towards women, studies have revealed that at least 1 in 5 men own a sex toy. While there might be significant stigma about men owning sex toys, they can be a great way to enhance your sex life, increase your sexual stamina and even help improve certain types of sexual dysfunction, such as erecticle dysfunction or premature ejaculation. And the sex toy market is saturated with male sex toys: penis toys, cock rings, prostate massagers, blowjob machines – even anal sex stimulators!

But what are the best male sex toys for your needs, and how on earth do we use them? Keep reading to find out!

Benefits of men using sex toys

Breaking the stigma

When it comes to using sex toys, men are certainly stigmatized more than women. This potentially explains why so many more women feel comfortable inviting sex toys into their bedroom – there are numerous examples in pop culture of female protagonists using and enjoying sex toys in a banal, normative fashion. If Chandler from Friends had casually talked about his fantastic new cock ring, or if Jim from The Office has boasted about the speed of his new prostate massager as if it were the most normal thing in the world, would men feel less reluctant about buying and using sex toys? Most likely. Men’s sexuality is often as heavily policed as female sexuality: heterosexual men who engage in anal play are typecast as feminine or told that they must be secretly gay, while men who engage in BDSM are told that their love of kink must stem from some kind of childhood abuse or trauma (thanks, 50 Shades of Grey!) As a result of this stigma, the choices of kinkplay and sex toys can sometimes feel limited for men. By using sex toys without shame, you can help break this stigma and enjoy all the orgasmic bliss that you want!

Increased stamina

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men, especially in younger men who are new to the world of sex. Sex toys can help you increase your stamina during sex, by allowing you to train with life-like fleshlights and replicas of vaginas or anuses. The lifelike feel of these toys will stimulate the same sensations of penetration, without the added pressure to last longer. Cock rings will also keep your penis harder for longer, helping you to build your overall endurance.

Explore new sensations

If you’ve never tried stimulating the prostate, using a P-spot sex toy is the best way to discover the joys of this little pleasure-spot in the body. Located in the anus, P-spot massagers find and stimulate the prostate, which can result in intense waves of pleasure throughout the pelvic area and perineum, especially when combined with oral sex with a partner (or a fleshlight, if you’re single.) A sex toy allows you to explore this super-sensitive erogenous zone according to your own rythmn and needs, without asking a partner to do it for you.

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Give your partner more orgasms

While investing in some high-quality penis toys is a great way to treat yourself to heightened sexual sensations and a better overall experience of masturbation, you might find that your partners also appreciate your toys when you use them together! For example, using a cock ring is going to make your penis much harder, rendering the penetrative sensations much more intense for your partner. If you opt for a vibrating cock ring, this is going to enhance the sensations even more and hopefully deliver intense, blended orgasms for you both. If you really want to treat your partner to a mind-blowing steamy sesh, you could even invest in a sleeve: these penis toys are worn on the exterior of the shaft, making it shaft bigger, longer or more textured.

So, What Are the Best Male Sex Toys?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, male sex toys and penis toys can enhance your sex life and take you to new, orgasmic heights. When picking out a male sex toy, it’s important to buy one that is adapted to your needs. If you’re in a relationship, a fleshlight is not ideal as it’s not the most optimal for couples use. Similarly a penis sleeve is not as optimal for masturbation. Check out our guide below to explore male sex toys:

Top 3 Penis Toys for Single Men

  • Fleshlights

Fleshlights are ideal for solo use, as these penis toys are designed to mimic vaginal or anal penetration – a great option if you’re single and missing the real thing. The interior of a fleshlight can be ridged or smooth depending on your personal preferences, and the toy will usually apply a bit of pressure to stimulate the penis and bring you to orgasm.

How to use a fleshlight?

To use a fleshlight, simply insert your penis (with plenty of lube!) and mimic thrusting, penetrative movements into the toy. Once you reach orgasm, make sure to thoroughly clean the toy according to its cleaning instructions.

  • Blowjob Machines

What man doesn’t love a bit of good oral sex? If you’re single or in a sexual dry spell, awaken your sexual senses with a blowjob machine! These high-tech penis toys are able to perfectly mimic the wet and wonderful sensations of oral sex, making them perfect for single men who are missing this part of intimacy.

How to use a blowjob machine?

Simply insert your penis into the “mouth” of the machine and use the toy to mimic suction motions on your penis: some blow job machines even have warming effects or sound effects, so customize the experience according to your desires!

  • Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers can be used solo or as a couple, but you might prefer to use it on your own when starting out: finding the P-spot and getting comfortable with anal penetration might be something you prefer to do alone, without pressure or embarrassment.

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How to use a prostate massager?

Lube up your toy and insert it slowly into the anus. Most prostate massagers are designed with a built-in curve or bulbed tip to help you hit the P-spot without too much hassle. If your prostate massager vibrates, this will add even more sensation and pleasure to the experience.

Top 3 Penis Toys for Couples

  • Cock ring

A cock ring is a great way to boost your endurance, increase your stamina and keep your penis harder for longer: your partner will love the fuller, enhanced penetrative sensations, and you will love the feeling of satisfying your partner. If you really want to treat your partner to extra sensations, opt for a vibrating cock ring.

How to use a cock ring?

Cock rings are simple to use: simply attach the ring to the base of your penis (not too tightly, especially if you’re a beginner) and use your penis as you would normally!

  • Penis Pump

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, investing in a penis pump can be a great way to save your sex life and get your old mojo back! Penis pumps are male sex toys, designed to increase bloodflow to the penis, making it larger, harder and girthier. Even if you don’t struggle with erectile dysfunction and instead simply want to enhance the size and feel of your penis, a penis pump is a great investment for mind-blowing sessions between the sheets.

How to use a penis pump?

To use a penis pump, place the toy’s tube over your penis after lubing up. Then, pump the air out of the tube and let your penis increase in size. When you’re fully erect, remove the tube and enjoy your newly-boosted penis!

  • Penis Sleeve

The final pick in our round-up of penis toys, penis sleeves are a great alternative to penis pumps if you prefer something less invasive. Penis sleeves work by adding either girth, texture or length to your penis. These toys are ideal for couples looking to try out new fantasies and reach new orgasmic heights in the bedroom.

How to wear a penis sleeve:

Penis sleeves are typically worn like condoms: simply pop it on your penis and do what you want! These toys are also ideal for those struggling with erectile dysfunction.


With so many high-quality, high-tech male sex toys on the market, there’s no use in letting social stigma stop you from enjoying all the pleasures that penis toys can offer. Men should take the time to explore male sex toys, find what they love and use it to enhace their sex life – whether they’re single or in a relationship.

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