Never Have I Ever Sexually Questions: Best Game for Couples

Do you often play some dirty games with your partner? Well, if you have ever done it once, then you know for sure how it can spice up the relationship and bring a new romanticism. So, if you too want to try out something new with your partner, then start scrolling down! We have got for you the best ‘never have I ever sexually questions’ that will surely reignite the spark in your relationship. Hang in there, and you’ll know it all!

How to Play the “Never Have I Ever” Game?

Before we get into detail about how the never have I ever sexually questions will spice up your relationship, let us see how to play the game.

The basics of this game are easy, and you can learn it quickly. But before that, you will need to keep some candies or preferably beer shots handy. Each of the participants will need around 10 or more candies or shots!

Now let us see what the basic rules of the ‘Never have I ever’ game:

  1. Either one of you will have to place a statement saying something you’ve not done ever.
  2. Then, your partner will listen to the statement and think if he/she has done it or not.
  3. Finally, if your partner happens to ‘do’ the statement you made at some point, then he/she will have to take one shot or eat one candy.
  4. Once that is done, the game will take rounds.
  5. Finally, if any of you run short of the candies or shots, the opposite person will end up winning.

Many people like to answer questions at the same time. So, if you wish to play the game that way, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take small papercuts and write down the questions you want to say.
  2. Then, fold the papers and put all of them in a bowl.
  3. Alternatively, one of you take a piece of paper and read out the question.
  4. Once the question is read out, you and your partner can either say ‘I haven’t’ or if you ‘have’ drink a shot.
  5. If you or your partner has the most ‘have nots,’ you will win the game.

You can always add some spice into your game if you get tipsy. It is always a romantic and fun way to reignite your relationship.

20 Never Have I Ever Sexually Questions

You know well the rules of how to play the never have I ever game. So, let us see the best ‘never have I ever’ sexually questions to bring back the romanticism into your relationship:

Never have I ever got a lap dance

One of the most charming ‘never have I ever’ questions for couples is this. A lap dance is a romantic approach that will eventually give you a good time in bed. So, if you have never received a lap dance and yet wish to get it from your partner, mention this on your list.

Never have I ever done skinny dipping

Skinny dipping can be a great way to have a romantic time with your partner. So, if you wish to swim nude with your special one soon, start by placing this statement. He/she will indeed get the idea that you would want some skinny dipping soon.

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skinny dipping

Never have I ever tried sexting anyone

Talking over text messages is a great charm in a sexual relationship. So, you can very well try texting your beloved with sexy conversations. It will bring about making out over the text and keep you two boosted until you meet. You can consider this one of the best never have I ever sexually questions for your partner.

Never have I ever tried kissing anyone on the first date

Apart from having a sexual relationship, you must let your partner know that you are trustworthy. And kissing someone on the first date can be imposing, and it might make the opposite person more uncomfortable. So, you say this and be sure your partner will love the honest feeling and respect you have for the opposite person.

Never have I ever dated other people at the same time

This one is the best never have I ever questions for couples. It is crucial to remind your partner that you are in love with him/her wholly. And you do not have a place for any other person. It will show how truthful you are towards your relationship. If you also want to make your relationship strong, you must let your partner know that you feel deeply.

Never have I ever bought or had a Kama Sutra book

Kama Sutra owners indeed know how to make out on the bed. There are so many new postures and ways for you to try out. But if you admit it to your partner and let him/her know that you have never had a Kama Sutra, it will make your partner sure that your artist by nature. All the new things you try out on bed are your own ideas and not copied from any reference point.

Never have I ever told ‘I love you’ for the sake of it

One of the sexiest things you can convey to your partner is to tell him/her ‘I love you’ in the most passionate way. So, when you mention this is sure to make your partner go head over heels for you. That is because it will mean that you say you are in love with him/her from the bottom of your heart.

Never Have I Ever Sexually Questions

Never have I ever tried my hands on a flavored condom

One of the most never have I ever sexually questions is this. You can tell your boyfriend that you have never tried a flavored condom. So, it will mean that he can get your favorite flavor condom and try it on while having sex. So, if you eagerly want to try out some sex with a flavored condom, don’t miss out on this opportunity to let your boyfriend know about your thoughts.

Never have I ever tried faking an Orgasm

Orgasm is the ultimate climax of sexual intercourse. So, you must let your partner know that you are not faking an orgasm. More so, it gives your partner a fair chance to tell you that he/she has not ever faked an orgasm. You can consider this among the never have I ever sexually questions that define how satisfied you are with each other.

Never have I ever gotten a hickey

Hickeys are an integral part of your sexual activity. It spices up the relationship and brings about warmth and passion during intercourse. So, if your partner has never given you a hickey, this is a smart way to let him/her know. Once you get a hickey from your partner, you must consider this never have I ever questions for couples as one of the best ones.

Never have I ever tried having sex more than two times in a day

Being honest and blunt about everything that includes your sexual desires is the best thing in a relationship. If you admit your wishes, it makes things much clear and allows your partner to know what is on your mind. So, try admitting to the fact and check out what your partner responds. If he/she does not drink down that shot, be sure you are going to it more than twice in one day.

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Never have I ever watched porn with my partner

Watching someone having sex can imitate a much steamier intimacy in couples. When you watch another couple having steamy sexual intimacy, you are bound to indulge in it. So, if you have not watched porn and have any wish to watch it with your partner, place this question into your game. You will also see what your partner reveals and if he/she might be interested in doing something in the future.

Never Have I Ever Sexually Questions

Never have I ever seen my girlfriend wear lingerie as clothing

One of the best never have I ever sexually questions is there for you. So, you can smartly put it in front of your girlfriend that you wish to see her in lingerie as clothing in your intimate moments. And you can also consider this one as one of the never have I ever adults questions too. Add this to your list, and you’ll indeed be in for a surprise soon.

Never have I ever purchased a bra for a girlfriend

An honest and fair revelation from your boyfriend would be this statement. And you can get sure if your boyfriend buys a bra in the future, you will be the first person he will do it for. So, if you are a guy, go ahead and make this revelation. It will let your girl know that she will be the first to get a gift like this.

Never have I ever made out in the shower

Standing under the hot shower together with your partner can indeed be a mesmerizing experience. So, you can add this question and check out if your partner has ever done this before. And if he/she too has not done such an innovative intimate activity, try it out after your gaming session is over.

“Never Have I Ever” Game Modifications

Since you know so many never have I ever sexually questions, you can try out some variations. If you make minute changes in the game, it makes you and your partner more aroused. So, let us check out the simple changes you need to make your night super sexy:

Strip poker instead of shots

You can heat your game by trying out strip poker. Inside of using shots or candies, why not try stripping off one piece of your clothes. Your main goal is to make sure you ask questions that your partner starts to strip. But before you start, set a few rules. Keep the number of garments for each other the same.

You can try beginning with the one that was naked recently. Also, try making some dirty comments. Once you have started off the game, let your partner remove a part of their clothing, rather than drinking a shot. And finally, the person who gets to see their partner in their birthday suit is the winner.

Blindfold Kisses

Kissing is the best way to express your passion to your partner. So, why not start introducing it to your game night and make it super steamy.

First, choose if you or your partner is going to begin the game. Then you can blindfold the person asking the question. Finally, if the other person has not done anything, he/she does not get to kiss the blindfolded partner. But if the person has done it, he/she can kiss the blindfolded partner at any part of the body.

You can go ahead and kiss each other as many times you want to. Finally, if you wish to stop and indulge in something, go ahead! Both of you are the winner.

French kissing Session

Keep your lip balm at hand if you will play the never have I ever in this way. It is indeed going to do some more work! But the catch is if you end up laughing, you are disqualified. So, control your laughter.

Any of you can start with the never have I ever sexually questions. If the other person has done the deed, then he/she would have to French kiss the first player for around 20 seconds.

The catch lies here! If you are the one kissing, then you have to make sure you make your part start laughing. But if you tickle or joke, that does not count. Isn’t that fun?

Final Thoughts

Now that you so many never have I adult questions playing with your partner is going to fun. Be ready to have a steamy night with your partner that you might not have ever had. Also, try out these variations to give another dimension to the ‘never have I ever’ game. But always keep in mind to keep the entire game as a joke and have an intimate moment. Do not get serious or ask questions that might hurt the other person’s emotions. Once you are sure of that, be sure to have a romantic, intimate night!

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